New Horoscopes for the Week of July 10 – 16

(Ilana Shafir – Mosaic Artist)

This week we’re increasingly under the influence of a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. Don’t be fooled by the “partial” part. This is a consequential eclipse intricately involved with Pluto, Eris (the female goddess of discord and violence) and an exact Saturn/Venus opposition. Relationships and balance are “front and center.” Capricorn and Cancer (Saturn and the Moon) dominate. Emotionally it’s intense. I’ll write more about the eclipse later this week.

Today we’re moving into a unpredictable and potentially disruptive Mars/Uranus square. Expect the unexpected. People have a hard time controlling their anger. There is tension between what you desire for yourself (Mars in Leo) and a lack of assurance that you will be able to culltivate and sustain something fundamental and stabilizing for the long haul (Uranus in Taurus) Foundations are rocked. What you really want and value – your number one priority – may be clarified.

Mars in Leo trines Chiron currently retrograding in the sign of Aries. This looks like the ability to use old pain to fuel determination or to manifest an original idea. It’s a beautiful aspect for artists seeking to express pain in ways that bypass the brain and alleviate the isolation associated with pain. It’s a great aspect for those who use art and play to heal (art thereapists).

What seems to be required this week is the ability to take a closer look at the games you play with yourself and others. It’s time to clarify and admit to exactly how you operate within the realm of relationships, how you might unwittingly promote imbalance, instability, or something that doesn’t align with what you actually want. Something more realistic may need to be considered. More or less effort may need to be expressed. Receptivity and hearing what’s being said may be critical.

Mars in Leo believes in the fairytale. Uranus in Taurus has a way of demanding (through something unexpected) that you keep your feet on the ground. According to Venus and Saturn (currently moving into an opposition) losing yourself in a relationship is destabilizing. Self-respect, self-discipline, boundaries and and high levels of personal awareness must be continually cultivated and maintained for anything resembling long term stabilty to materialize. Old relationship habits may need to be broken. (Palllas in Libra squaring Saturn in Capricorn).

The past always comes roaring back to life in the month of July. Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Ceres all moving in retrograde motion (combined wth two Eclipses this month) intensifies this year’s journey into the past. Apparently there’s value, especially now, in revisiting where we’ve been.

The North node is headed for a conjunction with Venus. This is a synchronous gift that moves us deeper into the meaning and purpose of our life. In the sign of Cancer it has a lot to do with how we relate to the past and what we’ve learned – most likely the hard way. (Saturn conjunct South Node oppoosing North Node).

The Sun trines Neptune today. Intuition is strong. Hidden motivations and actions are exposed. Endings are easy to put in play. Something that feels magical is highlighted.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
For Aries this is a time to cultivate the kind of expansion that allows you to draw on the past to expand your philosophical understanding, to distinguish between options that would be valuable and connected to your emerging life story and those that would not, and to remember what you love and where your talents lie. There is something important about the past creative work you’ve done (lovers you’ve had, children you’ve raised) that seems to be preparing you for a public role you’ll need to step into in December. This may involve teaching. In the meantime there’s lots of old, heavy karma hanging around your career sector that needs to be cleared. Betrayals, dark energies, and dashed hopes of family support may have left you in a place where there’s still lots of heaviness and healing work to be done. Chiron’s move into retrograde motion in your 1st house suggests a lack of confidence in your ability to be a pioneering force for good. The eclipse may clarify your area of expertise, remind you of past succeess, and clarify your current choices.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Uranus in Taurus is about accidentally unearthing a gold mine within yourself or among your possessions. For you this may come in the form of a valuable piece of information or something nurturing and loving that is conveyed to you by a partner or friend. Something clarifying – a new and different perspective or newly opened mind – brings into balance a future or relationship that otherwise appears bleak and pretty heavily restricted. Mars in the creative and loving sign of Leo (in the fourth house of home and family) triggers new personal freedoms that are contagious. You may be extra angry about your restricted future role – or you may be set free of it. Either way it looks dynamic, unexpected, and fortunate. Chiron in the sign of Aries in your 12th house of hidden things revives an old wound that involves a serious loss of confidence. You may still be living with that. It may be time to meditate to uncover the source of your wound and to disempower it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini’s most significant challenge is trusting intimacy and intimate partners. The eclipse brings more energy and life to a dilemma that is probably ongoing. If not – congratulations. Well-done! This is no small feat for someone who has been betrayed, figuratively dropped on her head, deceived, confused – or otherwise possessing very good reasons to be cautious, suspiscious, and witholding. Now is the time to evaluate where you stand with arguably the most significant challenge of this lifetime. My guess is that things are better than they used to be but there’s still work to be done to attain a level of balance that feels comfortable. A conversation or new information about something from the past might trigger sommething hidden or just outside your awareness. This could result in a rise in your anxiety level. It might bring to the surface an issue of importance that temporarily destabilizes you. But it increases your awareness of something critically important. You may be taken on a roller coaster ride of insecurity tthis week. But it’s likely you’ll be able to to latch onto the thing of value that stabilizes you

CANCER (June 21-July)
A new beginning is coalescing around your general style and approach to life. Something fresh and new may give you an opening to play a different kind of role within the realm of relationships. Your mom might be a catalyst to what is beginning to emerge. But you need to arrange for freeing yourself from something fear-based, financial, dark, undermining, or exploitative. It appears to be depleting your power or confidence in some way. Maybe a partner is figuratively forcing you into a corner. Maybe something painful from the past threatens to reignite destructive urges. Maybe it’s an overly cautious response that restricts your ability to be more giving and generous with what you have to offer. The eclipse brings things to a culmination. Anything imbalanced will be harder to sustain. A relationship may be severely stressed. Playing it down the middle might be tricky and stressful but there may be no good alternatives. Focus on giving more. You are especially blessed and fortunate at this time. You can afford to spread it around. But you can’t afford to leave yourself unprotected when you suspect something dark, potentially dangerous, or destructive is going on.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Something very fortunate – a clearer outline of your life’s central purpose – is coalescing behind the scenes. You can feel it but you can’t necessarily see it. It may be a product of your work to uncover and expose something dark, exploitative, cold, and powerful. Your sensitivity to what’s unseen is a huge asset. The impending eclipse might trigger an event that feels like a culmination or “tide-turning” event. A shocking public development involving land or something of timeless value could raise your profile, triggering anger, pride, and creative action. On a different note it may be relatively easy to address something destructive you’ve become addicted to. It’s probably an overwork issue, but not necessarily. It could be food, drink, your mom, a lover, or anything your driven to choose or consume. It’s time to be mmeticulously honest with yourself and to ask for help if you need it. It’s time to begin developing a level of self-mastery that enhances your magical powers.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
You’re at the end of the line in some regard – in a vulnerable “wash-out” phase caught somewhere between the end and the new beginning. You need extra care and extra protection at least until August 19th. Something powerful within is gestating. It requires quiet alone time to cultivate a possibility that will emerge, probably around that August 19th date. In the meatime make sure this “wash-out phase” does not wash away things of value you need to hang onto. A friend or friends from the past might be worth saving. A community cause to which you are devoted, and definitely dreams, hopes, and wishes need to be preserved and protected. But old feelings of undeservingness, cold, calculating lovers, and complicated relationships with children might need to be transformed. Old painful wounds resurface to clarify what you value most. It’s likely Uranus will trigger anger you’re most comfortable not expressing. Be honest about the source of your anger and let it wash-out with the rest of what you don’t need.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra is really good at attracting what they want through negotiation, kindness, peace-making gestures, and compromise. Physical beauty is often an advatage as well. But now is the time to consider what you desire and to do what you do best to get what you want. Sometimes Libra isn’t totally clear on what they want – other than a beautiful relationship and something more balanced. What Libra wants may be overwhelmed by an all-consuming focus on what their partner wants and what others need. Now is the time to clarify what you want – minus any partnership considerations. As an indivual what do you want that you could easily attract with your negotiating skills? It’s probably separate and apart from what you family wants for you, from old expectations you’ve been saddled with, and an old tendency to put too much pressure on yourself to succeed in the traditional sense. It’s time for you to infuse your soul into what you do and to pay more atention to goals that may be a departure from what you’ve previously done. It appears you don’t have much left to prove other than charting a life direction that is joy-filled and deeply satisfying.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Feelings expand beyond the range of what’s normal for you. They’re deep and complicated (no news here) conflicted, chaotic, and maybe overwhelming. It’s hard to sort things out and to keep everything straight. But there’s a lot at stake (your reputation maybe). It’s important to find your center of gravity amidst the flow of information, changing perspectives, opposing views, and maybe mixed motivations. It’s important to have a source of clarity, to identify what’s most important to you, to simplify and to remain meticulously honest about any games you’re playing – or the games being played around you. You can infuse some balance into the equation. Amidst all the incoming information you may have to dig deep to find the truth. You might have to investigate to uncover something you feel (something unnerving) but can’t substantiate. Structures that appear to support your feeelings may not be what they seem. Something unexpected from an unpredictably supportive partner triggers anger and action. But it might also inspire you to achieve what you most want to achieve. It could “put you on the map” so to speak.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Going back to go forward is hard for Sagittarians. They like moving ahead and their sense of identity revolves around growth and progress. It may feel like you’re in a holding pattern at the moment. But it could be more like a healing pattern that makes something adventurous in the near future (around August 11th) a possiblity. A review of future plans and possiblities with more consideration given to your life purpose, what you love (adventure), and relationship realities, is a balancing act. Sadge likes to overdo and she’s not patient. The Mars/Uranus square infuses a degree of uncertainty and freedom. Something clarifying or exciting is thrown into the mix. It might open doors to an area of adventurous expansion. Essentially you’re trying to find your home and to heal old wounds that encouraged you to be afraid to want what you actually wanted. So you’re behind the curve in that regard. You’ll be caught up by August 11th though, and begin to move with confidence in the direction of something more joyful, authentic, and aligned with what you actually want.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn has the option of giving someone a break, forgiving, granting them a pass, or being more sensitive to what would explain their shortcomings or evil ways. Something more flexible and kind within the realm of relationships could go a long way toward bringing you in from the cold and warming you up. Your father may be the one who needs a pardon whether or not he’s aware of it. But no one would benefit more than you if your able to grantt forgiveness in a multitude of subtle, and not so subtle ways. If your knees are painful, foregiveness may be the antidote. If your joints are stiff or deteriorating, extending mercy might coincide with physical improvements. A familiar quote “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill someone else” seems to apply. Do yourself a favor and find a way to foregive someone who probably doesn’t deserve it. You don’t have to announce it. You just have to feel it.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Taking a softer, kinder, gentler, more enjoyable, approach to your health and your work moves you back on track – or puts you “on track” for the first time. The “strict task-master” part of you needs to tone it down. The very fortunate Venus/North node conjunction is happening in your 6th house. You may discover that enjoying your work or relaxing into it improves the quality of what you produce while improving your health and overall quality of your life. Old habits, conditioning, and fears may have locked you into an approach to your responsibilities that is harsh, punishing, extreme, insensitive, and not as magical or efficient as it could be. What’s emphasized this week is your relationship to your routines. For your own sake, and the sake of those you may be attempting to heal, a deep, transformational, personal over-haul is in order. Old habits need to be broken. Perfection can no longer be the benchmark. Something kinder needs to replace it. Hopefully you won’t wait for a health or work crisis to initiate change. Like everything else in your life your relationship to your responsibilities is unique and probably the opposite of what you were conditioned to think it should be.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces are “the best” at melting into a romantic relationship, forgetting themselves, erasing all boundaries, and feeling uplifted and transported by the whole experience. They’re really good at attracting and imagining into being an ideal lover who cannot absorb thekind of love what they have to offer. A partner’s imperfections or inability to trust the “tsumanmi of love” they feel flowing in their direction can be disappointing. Be cautious of those who are reluctant to commit, those who set up and maintain barriers to deeper connections, and roadblocks to something transportive and transformational. (It is possbile you share the same sensitivites and fears) But something very fortunate in the area of love is now in play. An old love makes an appearance. A spark ignites. Synchronicity is a factor. The purpose of your life now is to create something magical within the realm of love – taking reality into consideration. Old, deeeply ingrained relationship habits present a challenge. Be meticulously honest about how much you (and another) can give and receive. Be open to exposing and sharing the truth.

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