Horoscopes for the Week of July 17th – 23rd

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With the culmination of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse yesterday, the past is essentially dead. A wash out phase takes hold for the next couple weeks. Being washed away are old restrictive loyalties, toxic attachments, secrets, guilt, and basically anything that’s outlived it’s purpose and usefulness.

Today (July 17th) Venus in Cancer aligns with the North Node. What’s held you back is fast dissolving into nothingness. Delays and excuses evaporate. It’s time to think about the future, what you desire, and how you will set in motion a new direction. Venus encourages progress in love, financial stabilization, wealth building, and a clarification of values.

A new kind of freeedom emerges that comes in the form of freedom from the past.

On Thursday Venus trines Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is oceanic. It can be a gentle “tsunami” that washes away all remnants of what once was – along with any toxicity that accompanies it.

On Friday Mercury (retrograde) backs out of Leo, returns to Cancer, and aligns with the Sun. We’re half way through a Mercury retrograde phase that began on July 7th and ends on July 31st. The Sun is illuminating. It clarifies and highlights information, soul cravings, and issues involving dependence, home, family, and security. The last time there was an illumination (or “this is it” moment) was on May 21st. More of what’s true emerges. More of “the story” is revealed and integrated.

Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn today. Restrictive, confining, authoritative relationships – possibly within the family – are in need of a correction and to be brought into balance. Work and worry may accompany “home/financial/clean-up the past” issues.

A restrictive relationship with yourself involving the repetition of old patters in relationships is in the process of being washed away. It’s wise to cooperate with that.

On Sunday Venus opposes retrograding Pluto. Relationships are complicated and seem disconnected from what’s most meaningful. Pluto is tenacious. He’ll hold on for the sake of holding on. Toxic tendencies, compulsive behavior, and old psychological conditioning continues to express in ways that seem increasingly outdated, ineffective, and somewhat desperate. It’s only a mmatter of time, though…

On Monday, July 22nd the Sun exits the sensitive, “past-oriented” sign of Cancer into the fiery, life enhancing, self-focused, sign of Leo. Expect some drama, entertainment – maybe something heart-warming and unexpectedly generous. Love afairs ignite. More joy is infused into your life as space is created.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The past is being washed away if you resist resisting. Something you used to aspire to – an old goal, definition of success, or public role may be losing steam. Or maybe it’s your approach to success that’s not as inspiring – or more importantly not as nourishing (or as much fun) as it needs to be. Being a successful recognized leader is important. But if you’re approach to your work feels fearful, depleting, or old it may be time for a change. Humor plays a big part in putting into perspective something that may be choking the life out of something could feel exciting. You might feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Maybe that’s not necessary. Maybe it’s not effective. More importantly maybe it’s not fun or personally enlivening. Look for an inuitive realization or message this week that highlights the truth about what would fill your life (and work) with more joy. Something important concerning what you desire most will be illuminated. Your creative imagination kicks into high gear when the Leo Sun enters your 5th house of love and uninhibited self-expression.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Your life’s central purpose – or the path that leads you in that direction may be coming into view. It looks like it revolves around around communication, conversations, and connections that nourish, support, and restore future possibilities. Expectations of a bleak or difficult future need to die a quick death. Your attention needs to be focused on recognizing the many opportunities that come your way to communicate an important truth, to reassure through words of support, to express love, to tell a story, and to protect what’s vulnerable to misinterpretation. You can repair broken connections through what you’re able to convey. It’s intuitively driven and heartfelt. The only advice I can offer is to make sure you stay focused on your central purpose. Outcomes are out of your hands. You do what you do because you can’t not do it and still contribute your gift to the world. There is no other reason that matters as much. The Leo Sun’s entrance into your 4th house of your home signifies it may be time to throw a party – and to be your most entertaining, heart-warming, generous self.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Something you’ve been trying to figure out remains vague and uncertain. Decisions are difficult as you’re aware that a level of clarity you need is just not there yet. This week that may change. Mercury retrograde moves back into sensitive, intuitive Cancer. During this reetrograde phase Mercury moves back and forth between Leo and Cancer. This combination implies your mind may be wrestling with something that involves children and nurturing, lovers and emotional security, family, the past, and a future that might provide a more unique opportunity for you to create something original and pioneering. This week Mercury conjuncts the Sun. There is something that illuminates a truth and clears up the confusion – to some extent. You may be provided with a crucial missing piece of the puzzle. Your perspective might change and self-assurance is enhanced. Your mind is on fire next Monday when the Leo Sun takes up residence in your 3rd house for a month.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Who are you at a deeper soul level? Do you know what your soul craves, what situations, relationships, actions, and places reflect your deepest desires? It’s a good question for you to be able to answer with a little more accuracy than you’ve previously been able to. Are you aware of the most influential personal myths and stories that shape your life? Do you understand the kind of relationship you have with yourself and the kind of partners who encourage you to play your most authentic role? Now is the perfect time to pay more attention to your deeper needs, to know who you are, and who you are not. You may be helped by the Sun’s conjunction to Mercury and newly illuminating informmation that could clarify what’s most important to you. That’s valuable imformation. What you value most is reflective of who you are. Let the past die a quick death especially as it applies to an old way of relating to yourself that can be destructive and unforgiving. Self discipline is good. Beating yourself up is not.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is approaching the end of a yearly “ending” phase. Over the past month something involving home, family, and the past has lost lots of steam. Things that were in motion but outdated or unfit to survive under emerging condititons have been tossed overboard leaving a clean, fertile space for something new and prominsing to take hold.. Something soulful that exists outside the realm of boundaries and structures (your imagination maybe) is being empowered. On July 22nd a new sense of clarity accompanies a rebirth and the official beginning of your personal new year. Expect a series of clarifications and some kind of personal victory that inspires you to achieve something more authenticallly representitive of your souls deepest longing and your life’s central purpose. For now if you’re focusing your energy on the future it’s all good.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A deep personal review is in progress. You may be having a talk with yourself about how it’s time to infuse your life with more fun, more laughing, entertaining friends, parties, playfulness, and ideas for what you want to cultivate and create. It may be time to start an artistic project as long as you keep it fun. It’s time to turn the music up and dance alot – to make jokes and lighten up. It’s time to remember how to play. Later this week you’ll be entering a final cleaning/clearing month long phase of that prepares you for a fresh new beginning. Eliminating what’s childish, self-involved, and arrogant is a given. More time spent in meditation can pay off. It seems there is something very closee to the surface of consciousness that will be illuminated this week. It’s an answer or clarification that involves a child/nurturing issues – or your inner child who seems to be asking for more of your attention. Expect your inner life to come to life in the form of something highly imaginative, loving, warm-hearted, and generous.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra is challenged to let go of old, crumbling, restrictive foundations. Embracing your life’s central purpose requires it. Aiming for a more nurturing, nourishing, supportive, and satifying direction or role within the public sphere is being cosmically supported. But it can’t easily manifest without an agreement from you to cut ties with a past that was restrictive and maybe emotionally brutal. This week you may attract the exact right opportunity for you. You may be attracting several opportunities that encourage you to do what your soul longs to do. These days you’re unusaully fortunate in that regard. If you suspect it’s all too easy and therefore not legitimate (or that you’re not worthy) old patterns and old foundations may be trying to hang on. Your “new normal” or new direction looks to be a very satisfying and supportive one. But you may have to overthrow an old approach to relationships with family, home, and the past to feel comfortable with what’s emerging. It’s wise to take responsibility for how you allow family members to treat you. You may need to inform them that the past is dead. And you may need to keep reminding yourself too.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
For Scorpio an old mindset may be in the process of being washed away. Old tendencies to restrict your “field of vision” to block out what seemed too harsh to accept (the truth) is dying a fast death if you can resist resisting. It’s a good thing. Your future options were limited by the filters and censors you used to keep yourself from being hurt and from acknowledging a painful truth. An open receptive mind makes the sky the limit in terms of your future and the expansive educational/
philosophical, inspirational opportunities coming your way. Your path is one that nourishes in ways that promote self-love, expansion, and adventure. To the extent you can feel confident recognizing, acknowledging, and dealing with truth you’re a force for freedom of expression and a protector of something vulnerable that must survive.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For Sagittarians the good news and the bad news is that there have been virtually no boundaries, outlines, or guard-rails to define what is possible for you in the future. The sky is the limit. You may have been “all over the map” considering various plans and options for expansion that might work. There is some chronic underlying restlessness. But nothing may have felt solid enough to pusue or to commit to. By now you may be wondering if anything that would feel more exciting, expansive, or interesting will actually materialize. This week you can expect some clarification regarding your approach to the future. An old way of making a living or providing for yourself is over. That is an important development. This week as the Sun aligns with Mercury in Cancer something is clarified regarding your future, your family, home, the past. Travel, foreign languages, legalities, publishing, and higher education enters into the mix. What has been formless and uncertain is beginning to take shape.There is hope and something adventureness on the horizon.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It’s important to find ways to physically express the love and passion you feel for another. It’s important to connect passion with love and to go out on a limb – to take some personal risk to experience something extraordinary and heartfelt – something life changing and healing beyond what can be put into words. Wounds from the past that may have left you overly protective of a vulnerability, distrusting, or resistant to connecting on deeeper levels, are losing steam along with the rest of a past that has become irrelevant and unnecessarily confining. Old wounds may have come back to life to remind you of what’s been left undone. The past is trying to die. With some compassion and gratitude escort it out the door. Allow for something new to emerge, for people to change, and for doors to open. The Sun’s move into the 8th house suggests new energy funneled in the direction of a major transformative healing experience. Something unusually creativee accompanies it.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Borrowing or creating trouble when it currently doesn’t exist, until you decide to create it, is a bad idea. That may not be something that’s unfamiliar to you though. In your 12th house of hidden things Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node “trouble-makers” are hanging out with not much to do as they become increasingly “washed-up” in the eclipse “wash-out phase.” You could energize or revive them and that would most likely result in something destructive, painful, or otherwise unnecessary. You could weave some complicated webs in your head to create chaos and mayhem where there doesn’t need to be any. Occupy your mind in other ways. Find a good book and learn something new. Focus on improving your health or healing skills. Notice how your work environment might give you the opportunity to step more fully into your life’s central purpose. Your life purpose has a lot to do with nurturing and supporting a deeper engagement with the soul. Build on that – and don’t poke the bear.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces connect with all kinds of strange transportive experiences pretty routinely. Synchronicity, inuitive knowing, brushes with demons and guides, alternate universes, ancient information, and distorted realities don’t feel foreign to your average Pisces (if there is such a thing). But this week you need to be prepared to have things kicked up a notch or two. It may be a wild ride even for someone as experienced in the surreal as you are. Because Saturn and Neptune continue to sextile each other you could harness something incredibly imaginative and bring it down to earth. You could manifest a vision, write a story, or open your mind to something that could not have been imagined in the past. If you’re an artist lock yourself in your studio for a week. What you’ve produce could be extraordinary. On a more practical note if someone needs to be foregiven and shown compassion just do it. It may never be easier or more powerful.

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