The Sagittarius Full Moon

(Cherie Dobie Artist)


Full Mooon’s are almost always about the need to create a better balance within the realm of relationships. And because of the way relationships work that involves achieving a more balanced relationship with yourself.

This is a Sagittarian full Moon so the need to set something or someone (yourself) free from the past is important.

Because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, his position and condition in the full Moon chart is critical.

Jupiter is now moving in retrograde motion in the sign of Sagittarius. And Neptune is undermining him. (Jupiter squares Neptune). Neptune tends to undermine expansion efforts in vague, invisible ways. A dissolution of freedom is implied when lies and misrepresentations make it difficult to get your facts straight. It’s hard to gain momentum. There’s a level of uncertainty involved. A crisis of faith might be the central issue.

Jupiter is currently involved in a four month long (April 9th-August 11th) review of future plans and issues involving education, publishing, travel, and foreign interests, etc. Issues involving your home, family, the past – and maybe the need to create the freedom to relocate is important.

Under this full Moon there’s a level of ease and flow involved in learning (languages especially) in connecting and tuning into the right “frequency,” method, or technique.

The atmosphere surrounding you may be intense. (Mars/Mercury opposing Saturn/Pluto.) A disruptive or disconnecting influence related to nature, the natural order of things, or your most natural way of being is pushing you to address something deeply entrenched and currently hiding in the dark recesses of your subconscious mind.

A Sadge Moon wants you to elevate your perspective so you can find meaning in a painful, disorienting separation.

There may be strains of the Persephone myth running through your life. (Full Moon on the Saturn/Ceres midpoint).

Ceres is defined by the archetypal myth associated with Persephone. I’ve abbreviated it:

Ceres was the goddess of harvest and fertility. She had one daughter, Persephone; Hades abducted Persephone, raped her, and imprisoned her in the underworld. Ceres was heartbroken and inconsolable. She mourned day and night. The earth became barren through her neglect; the winter season and its manifestation were a reflection of Cere’s emotional state of extreme depression during Persephone’s absence. Eventually Ceres worked out a (practical) compromise with Hades; Persephone was freed to spend half her time on earth and the other half in the the underworld. Ceres was credited with discovering agriculture, practical methods for ensuring the food supply, and the continuation of life through an alignment with natural (seasonal) cycles.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun is especially important. The Sun provides the quality of light that reflects off this Sagittarian full Moon.

“In the depths of the forest an exiled Druid king looks through ice-covered branches to the far reaches of the night sky.”

Ice-covered branches imply winter, darkness, dormancy, hibernation, death and silence. All non-essentials are stripped away in tthe winter. There’s the opportunity here to embrace a broader perspective that sees in external events the presence of the eternal archetypes. We can feel the connection to a timeless cycles, and know that whatever we’re experiencing predictably leads to a new season and the renewal of life. But we can’t skip winter.

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