New Horoscopes for the Week of June 5th – 11th**

On June 3rd the Moon was brand new at 12 degrees of Gemini. Whatever began on that day (something that remains a little unclear) now strives to take root and grow. Maybe it’s two things – or more. You could be sifting through many options and deciding where to direct your focus. Maybe you’re clarifying where your real passion lies as you cut through the noise to expose to the truth. Organizing a schedule that plays to your real strengths and passion is especially timely over the next couple weeks.

Yesterday at 4:04 PM Eastern time Mercury – Gemini’s “ruling” planet – progressed from the sign of Gemini into the sign of Cancer. Thoughts now revolve around issues of vulnerability and security. Dominating themes involve home and familly. The past comes to life. An important thread consitently woven through your entire life story may be revealed.

For most of the month of June the need to speak straight from the heart feels important. The masses are in the mood for something more personal and emotionally relevant. The power to connect, pursuade, and influence might involve a more intimate levels of sharing and communication.

It may be time to put into words something you’ve never verbalized. But it’s also time to be very discrimminating about when, where, and wth whom you choose confide.

On Thursday of this week Black Moon Lillith in Pisces trines Mercury in Cancer. The constrained, invisible, rejected woman is likely to have a compassionate “voice” (maybe many compassionate voices) speaking up for her. Or she finds it easier with the additional support of the trine to speak up for herself. We may feel more supported in speaking up for the part of ourself that’s traditionally been rejected.

On Friday Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus. A sudden flash of insight about timeless love, changing values, stable foundations, and what we can actually count on is clarifying in a way that creates new opportunity. Putting our thoughts into words could generate an interesting or lucrative opportunity. A spark of brilliance or interest is ignited.

There is a message about making adjustments to the past – an evolving story involving mothers, mothering, food, loss, pain, and redemption.

This week brings information that triggers a memory and re-opens an old wound – and triggers some healing.

On Saturday Venus changes from the grounded, earthy, sign of Taurus into the lighter, more versatile, flighty sign of Gemini. Gifts come in the form of twos – two pieces of good news, two interesting lovers, two promising options, and deeply satisfying conversations between two people who love each other- or begin to realize they do.

Stimulating collaborations can be successfully launched. Writers find it easier to write some of their “best stuff.” Listening to or witnessing something inspiring changes everything. It’s easier when Venus is in Gemini to make new connections (with others and yourself) and to benefit from those connections. It may also be easier to clarify what you value most and to arrange your priorities accordingly. Some financially beneficial news could materialize.

By Sunday there may be a let down if you don’t keep your rational mind and intuitve senses fully engaged. There’s a chance something deceptive will be involved in a scenario that looks a lot better than it actually is. If it feels a little off it probably is. Trust yourself and pump the brakes if necessary.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The Sun is energizing your 3rd house of communication, siblings, transportation, and short trips. It’s encouraging you to focus on something that opens your mind and sparks new interests. But Jupiter and Ceres retrograde oppose the Sun. There is a danger that you will revert to repeating yourself (and boring yourself) and making yourself smaller if you’re not committed to expanding and moving into a different space. Adding fuell to this fire is Mercury’s move into the sign of Cancer in your 4th house of the past. It may be time to change your perspective on the past, to take a different view, or to aim for a higher, more prominent position within the public realm – one that you’ve earned through hard work, persistence, and overcoming set-backs. By Sunday there may be something insidiously undermining that messes with a desire to keep your life expansive and interesting. It may be a hidden enemy or it may be you masquerading as a victim rather than the psychically powerful aritist and healer that you are. Keep things new and interesting. Pay close attention to when you may be repeating yourself – and stop.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The Sun is highlighting your 2nd house of stabilizing environments, self-worth, and net worth. Being energized as well is your 8th house of power, powerful transformations, and financial partnerships. A review of relationship roles is in progress. Conclusions may center around making amends for a time when you weren’t as wise, knowledgeable, kind, and generous as you are now. Helping others to learn what you’ve learned (the hard way) may be incredibly fulfilling and life changing. The undermining of a sense of safety or personal values may be coming from groups, friends, or the feeling that you need to adhere to social rules,standards and expectations. Mercury has just moved into your 3rd house of communication. A high degree of sensitivity is operational through all forms of communication, connection, and disconnections through June 28th. You’re hearing what’s being said and what’s not being said. Psychic sensitivity adds a whole new layer of complication – but also a whole new layer of personal power. If your sensing the truth don’t try to talk yourself out of it before considering it carefully.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This is the beginning of your solar New Year. Actually it began about 14 days ago. You may have felt energized and newly confident until yesterday when Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) moved into Cancer and your 2nd house of self-worth, financial stability, values, and priorities. Something more sensitive and emotional triggerred an environment of conflict or fear. The voice of a harsh or powerful authority from the past (maybe your own voice) was introduced to mess with the most solid and valuable parts of yourself. In the interest of moving closer to an unshakeable balanced state you might have a little more work to do. Fear must go and be replaced by a stronger faith in the goodness of the universe and it’s inclination to move you away from scarcity and into the world of abundance. Gaining mastery over your mind is important. So is letting go of any feeling that you don’t deserve to be financially stable and solid. Havee you read “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourrself?” It might interest you now.

CANCER (June 21-July)
There’s the indication that you’ll have a stronger than usual impact on any environment or relationship you engage with from now through July 2nd. It’s not a stong-arm impact. It’s more of a gentle, nurturing impact that is quiet but capable of moving mountains. Compassion is ignited by the Sun’s transit through your 12th house. You feel the pain of the collective and know how to explain it to the masses – or to the one person who really matters. You’re weilding a tremendous amount of power so it’s wise to think about what mountains you’d most like to move. The only things I can see that might undermine you would be a lack of faith in yourself, the feeling out-numbered or overwhelmed by the magnitude of the pain you want to extinguish, or a force that feels much stronger than you. In history one person has often made a epic difference. Their sesitivity and desire to change or alleviate something wrong overwhelmed their doubt and fear. I’m thinking thee same kind of selfless courage will inspire you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your dreams, hopes, wishes, and highest ideals are highlighted at this time of year, every year. It’s time to remember the dreams you have for yourself and your life and to situate them in the forefront of your mind. I would hazard a guess that being “a social force to be reckoned with” is part of your dream – being a central player in advancing compassionate community goals, the leader of “the cammpaign,” an unrpedictable “outsider,” the most knowledgeable person in the room (and the most entertaining). You may also be interested in helping others make their own dreams come true. But something has recently sensitized you to the propects of a loss, the thought of giving up, raising the white flag, becoming a victim of circumstances, or an injustice. Maybe it is time to give up if something nefarious or underhanded is undermining your dreams for your life. It’s time for some introspection and a closer look at what needs to be released before you start a new cycle that will begin on July 24th. Between now and then it’s time to forge a new and stronger emotional connection wtih yourself.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This is the time of year when a focus on goals, your highest aspirations, life direction, and professional life intensifies. What you know, what you can communicate effectively, and the capacity of your mind to move you toward success is emphasized. What’s different this year may be a higher than “normal” degree of sensitivity to groups, community projects, activism, and social conditions in general. As a fixer and healer you may find yourself relying more on your heart than your mind to heal what needs to be healed. Or maybe there’s a perfect synchronization between the two. In fact this shift may have a lot to do with advancing the purpose of your life. There is something potentially undermining to your success coming from the relationship sector of your chart. It may have to do with a lack of support, interest, power, or someone who feels threatened. You may need to expand your reach or to reconsider the possiblity of relocating to someplace foreign, or to integrate something foreign into your professional life. It is undeniable that you are being recognized for your expertise and leadership skills.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The Sun is fueling lots of light and airy energy into your 9th house of interesting kinds of expansioon, “things that are foreign,” and visions and expectations for the future. It appears you need lots of mental stimulation to keep yourself engaged and interested for the long term. Foreign travel is good but it could be better if your ability to communicate was expanded, improved, or more highly developed in some way. Now is a good time to address communication issues, habits, problems, or styles that keep your world smaller and less interesting that it might otherwise be. Learning a foreign language or becoming more fluent opens a whole new world of options. Opening your mind to foreign influences and new ideas seems important. Along those lines changing the people, places, and things you come in contact with on a daily basis ignites dormant passion. Change accompanied by expansion feels perfect.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Venus in your 7th house may be reflecting back to you (psychically or in reality) an environment of love – the kind of love that is stable, timeless, strong, and enduring. It is your job to actively engage with, protect, cultivate, and appreciate this kind of love. Scorrpio is usually busy weaving complicated webs in their heads. But in the interest of balance and not “veering off track,” now is a time to indulge, wish for, and nourish a gift (maybe in the form of a partner or potential partner) that is stable, reliably calm, simple, beautiful, and very comfortable with themselves. This may give you some direction when you’re trying to recognize and attract a partner who could provide you with thee balancee you need to more freely express yourself and your Scorpionic (healing/ transformational/truth-telling) characteristics. A Taurus partner is not flashy. In their purest form, there is nothing flimsy or insubstantial about them. Mars in the 9th house may be preparing you for the arrival or attainment of what you want. July 2nd seems like an important date. It is the day of a Cancer Solar eclipse. Something involving your life direction and highest aspiration could be profoundly influenced.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Ceres, the difficult and transformation mothering issue, trines Chiron this week. Being supported and healed is something affecting your entire style and approach to life and your roll within the realm of mothering relationships. Love you assummed wasn’t there may be revealed through a flash of insight, intuitive healing, or the resolution of old karma. Even if your mom has passed on it’s likely she’s motivated to heal a broken situation and might be funneling love, suport, and a clarification in your direction. A much needed review, change in perspective, or break with old patterns may be opening doors. Letting go or being reconnected is part of a process. It’s wise to be cautious this week. There’s lots of information being funneled into the relationship sector of your chart. Influencing relationships is something undermining that reflects a lack of power or sense of confusion regarding your home, family, or providing for your deeper needs. It pays to be alert and sensitive to what’s going on in your environment. Hidden enemies may be part of this picture. But Black Moon Lillith is defiant and taking back her power. Maybe you’ll feel that as a surge of power within yourself.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
There’s a lot of energy currently pouring into the sector of your life involving work, routines, health, and self-improvement.
And within the realm of communication, (making connections, organizing, and getting your facts straight), there may be some deceptive, undermining, influences. As the week progresses it’s good to check and double check, to take a closer look, and be mindful of your blind spot. What you can’t see may have something to do with wanting to avoid a clash with what you intuitvely know to be true – or a hidden lack of faith in your ability to to be psychically tuned in. An ongoing demolition of the current structure of your old role within relationships – and/or your entire style and approach to life – can feel exhausting. Despite your desire to control everything it appears you may be inching toward a more flexible, balanced, and fearless approach. Partners have a powerful influence over your progress. Something emotionally painful from the past (a relationship) tears the scab off an unhealed wound this week – and triggers it’s healing. Given your resistance to change, it seems you’ve come a long way. It may be time to give yourself more credit for personal progress.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There continues to be a major renovation project going on in the invisible (12th house) area of your life. The results of what’s being demolished and re-constructed behind the scenes and deep within your subconscious mind are reflected in your health status, work environment, and the level of mastery over your emotions you’ve been able to attain. It’s important to know that what’s going on beneath the surface is strenuous and energy-consuming. You may be tired when it seems you’ve done nothing. You’re (subconsciously) “doing” a lot. Internal struggles are being worked through. You may be flying blind but you’ll notice some things are getting better. To keep up with the behind-the-scenes renovtions it may be time to update your skills, your work situation, the services you provide, and your current health routines. Getting on the same page with yourself involves meditation, recognizing what your body needs and noticing how willing you are to provide it, especially if it involves relaxation, releasing control, changing routines, and letting go of a punishing schedule.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week you’ll be challenged to transcend something that’s been chronically confusing or frustrating. There’s been a separation or lingering uncertainty that’s had a depleting effect on your power to create what you want – or even know what you want. Too many moving parts, contradictions, and considerations tend to overwhelm and confuse. There may be a “voice of authority” or financial consideration that further complicates the notion of freeing yourself to give yourself what you need. Housing situations, familly issues, the elusive ability to establish anything permanent, and something deeply rooted in the past conspires to make this feel too complicated to unravel. This week you’re able to make the critical connection that clarifies your needs and maybe simplifies the equation. Your sense of personal power is likely to increase significantly. The relationship between you and your mom, you as a mom, or you as the part of a long lineage of women – may be pivotal.

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