Horoscopes for the Week of June 19th – 25th



Taking place just a couple weeks from now is a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. It seems to align with the recent full Moon in that it signifies breaking free of an old script, your inner critic, limitations, and the need to conform to internal or external standards. Standing up to inimidation or just ignoring it might be easier. You might slip into a more natural and powerful way of being.

This week the Sun transits from the busy, newsy, communicative, sign of Gemini into sensitve but very determined Cancer. Cancer enhances the homebody, protective urge, but not at the expense of moving forward. All cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries) are determined to make progress. Aries might be a little pushier, Libra more polite, Capricorn more competitive, and Cancer more adept at identifying the needs of a work in progress.

The Summer solstice and it’s sacred symbolism on June 21st brings us to a point of stillness followed by some new momentum or focus in a different direction. Increasingly longer nights coincide with deepening introspection and a closer connection to the soul. The cycle is reinforced and supported by Neptune’s turn into retrograde motion on Friday, the longest day of the year.

Neptune retrograde delves deeper to take a closer look at a dream, artistic urge, sacrifice, or loss in the past. The imagination (or suspicions) kick into high gear. We could easily become confused and ungrounded if we don’t take time regularly to be alone and to clear our energy field and the negativity we absorb. The dissolving influence of Neptune intensifies in retrograde motion. Generally we can say any planet in retrograde motion intensifies and consolidates it’s expression.

This week Saturn and Neptune form a sextile aspect one another increasing the odds of being able to materialize a dream or vision. Saturn/Neptune contacts enhance the imagination and give it formm. Artistic urges and visions can be skillfully focused to manifest a work of art. Sextile’s funnel opportunity in your direction. Your free to take advantage of the opportunity or not. No pressure.

Monday’s Sagittarius full Moon triggered emotional expansion and an awareness of the need to be free of the past. Neptune in a harsh angle to Jupiter continues to fuel uncertainty, a hesitant approach to committment, and avoiding locking yourself into anything permanent.

Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mars/Mercury in Cancer. This looks like ruthless intimidation and the desire to assert total control over sensitive information that might fuel conflict. Pluto likes to operate behind the scenes and out of sight – and to keep his true motivations hidden. But anger and resentment might spill over creating a snowball effect. On a personal level it’s hard to control spill-over from the subconscious mind. It’s hard to hide what we feel. And it’s harder to keep from expressing what been simmering for awhile.

Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters the final degree of Gemini. We’re on the cusp of a new phase within the bonds of marriage or within the bonds of family relationships. It’s time to move past some hesitancy to tell the truth, clear the air, or have the discussion about something from the past that continue to interfere or haunt you. The current timing couldn’t be better.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The Sun’s move into the sign of Cancer brings the past to life for the next four weeks. The Mercry/Mars opposition to Pluto gives you a chance to tell the truth about what continues to rattle around beneath the surface of consciousness. In fact you may be unable to stop an honest flow of information from the subconscious mind. This is a chance to break free of some form of intimidation that has kept you silent or in the dark. Home/family issues are highly energized. Your foundational base is shifting with the energy of the impending eclipse. An opportunity to manifest a vsion or ideal is in play. This may revolve around your ideal role within the public realm, being seen as an authority, and moving past the past to break into a realmm of success that’s been just beyond your reach. The fear factor diminishes as you become aware of a source of fear. Most likely it’s not real but something you’ve imagined for a long time was true.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You may be approaching the world and your life with a passion for what you’re realizing is the most valuable and honest thing within the realm of relationships. You may be about to initiate a role that feels natural, stabilizing, and exciting. Being the gift giver might capture the essence of who you are. But something involving mothering and the past is unresolved. In many ways you’ve moved on. But there remains a sticking point that could be undermining your future and your vision for what could be. It may involve love, secrets, old abuse, or the need to remove the “skunk” at an otherwise beautiful party. The Sun’s move into your 3rd house energizes communication and truth-telling. It involves the past and complicated nurturing issues. But over the next month you’ll have the flexibility, courage, and clarity to purify and nurture something that’s very important to you. Stabilize finances, financial partnerships, and trust yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This is the time of year when you come to life. A rebirth of confidence in your approach to life and relationships is in progress. Your role within the realm of relationships is brilliant, clarifying, and entertaining. It’s all about infusing more joy into your life through connections and communication. Gestating in the dark is a soulful move back toward your most natural, passionate, unorthodox, and rebellious way of being. Something behind the scenes is heating up and coming to life. You’re job is to protect the new growth and potential you sense has taken root. Even now the invisible “work in progress” can inform your work if you stay tuned in at deeper levels. Breaking free seems to be the dominant message. Your inner voice of ruthless authority, fear, and inflexibility may be opposing a courageous move back into your most natural and stabilizing way of being. Listen to any uncontrollable outbursts from yourself this week. Those are likely to reveal the truth of a situation that needs to be transformed so that an artistic vision to take hold.

CANCER (June 21-July)
A main source of energy (the Sun) is currently hovering on the cusp of your twelfth and first house. What has been gestating beneath the surface will burst out into the open this week (Friday). Happy Birthday!! There’s been a lot of interesting stuff going on behind the scenes and deep within. You may have sensed the truth about life, love, loss, and the flexibility or changing nature of connections. Some of this might have influenced your work, your health, your mother and mothering. Changing perspectives on the past is important. This week could be intense. A purge or purification may be necessary to bring relationships back into balance. An authoritative, controlling, inflexible, fearful partner or influence (maybe a side of yourself you’re blind to) is opposing your need to courageously speak the truth and to follow through with effective action. It may feel like a monumental strugglle to be able to express your life’s central purpose and your most natural way of being. Old relationship patterns you’ve inherited need to be understood so you can free yourself to manifest a vision that asserts a profound healing impact on the world.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your focus is about to change. You may be winding down an intense phase of busyness, socializing, communicating, negotiating, connecting, organizing, scheduling, and making it all work. It’s been stimulating and interesting but your brain might need a break. You’re about to enter the soulful, quiet, intospective, ending, releasing, phase of your yearly cycle. Every year during this June/July interim you review what you’ve done and where you’ve been, what you’ve accumulated and need to let go. It’s a “getting re-aquainted with yourself” time so that by July 21st your inner world is clean and clear and ready for a new beginning. It’s good to make time to be alone. It’s ok to turn down some invitations. Clearing your schedule and doing nothing – or doing things that reconnect you with yourself – is important. You’ll know at the end of July if you feel lighter and happier or if you still heavy as you attempt initiate a new cycle of growth. If you have any regrets consider the fact that compassion and forgivness is easier to offer and receive over the next month.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
As the Sun winds down it’s trek through the sign of Gemmni it’s time to tie up loose ends and to review your performance as it relates to achieving goals, success through ideas, communication, skill writings, and your public, leadership, service-oriented role. It may be time to reconnect wth yourself and to assess where you go from here. Some things get easier and some more challenging. The Sun’s move into Cancer for the next month generally feels more supportive and aligned with your desire to improve and to serve. But a personal struggle that involves love, control, inflexibility, authority and maybe (subtle) intimidation prevents you from speaking your truth and following through with the courageous action that aligns with a more natural version of yourself. Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters the final degree of Gemini. You’re on the cusp of a new phase within the bonds of a commitment and the nature of relationships to family and the past. It’s time to move past any hesitancy to tell the truth, clear the air, or to set yourself free. It’s a good time to have the discussion about something from the past that continues to restrict or sideline you. The current timing couldn’t be better.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A clarification of relationship patterns is triggered by a painful disconnection that might feel disorienting. Relationship patterns you’ve inherited are up for review. It might be important to clarify the truth about why relationships involve pain and how you might inadvertently “encourage” that through some old, distorted family patterns that feel comfortable, familiar, and tolerable. The impending solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer seems especially important for clarfying your life direction. The eclipse energy signifies breaking free of an old script, your inner critic, limitations, and the need to conform to internal or external standards that have nothing to do with who you are. Standing up to inimidation or just ignoring it might be you’re new way of being. You might be free in ways that allow you to slip into a more natural and powerful expression of your deisres. Pay attention to uncontrollable outbursts rooted in the dark recessees of your unconscious mind. Those are “pure gold” at a time when you really need to be clear about what you want and what you can no longer accommodate. Making a conscious choice about your life direction involves a rejection of the past, a refusal to be intimidated or controlled, freedom to tell the truth and follow through. Saturn/Neptune is presenting you with an opportunity to manifest your ideal.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This might be an intense or intensely productive week. Conflict might arise within the realm of your career, public role, or life direction. Undermining influences involve hidden motivations, intimidation, inflexible authorities, an attempt to quash dissent, and promote conformity. A future ideal or break for creative freedom is challenged. This can take the form of outer events and influences. Or it can be that you’re own commitment to (over) compromise, not ruffling feathers, and being your own worst critic is creating an internall battle. The Sun’s move into your 9th house of freedom and the future gives you the energy you need to spread your wings and expand beyond past realities. You might be tying up loose ends involving financial partnerships and trust/mmistrust issues as you prepare to expand. You have two more days to finish up and wind down before your focus changes. The impending solar eclipse (July 2nd) sets you free to be more optimistic and aligns you closer to your most natural way of being. In meditation ask for information about relationship patterns that undermine you and cause pain.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Look to be very focused and dialed in today especially if you’re involved in creating a work of art. Neptunes turn into retrograde motion connects you at deeper levels to the source of creation, inspiration, beauty, truth, and the big picture. You may be waging a battle with your inner critic, thoughts that diminish your power, distractions, and lies that sidetrack and undermine you. The “fiancial/stabilizing/partnership/trusting” realm of of your life is highly charged at unconscious levels. If you blurt out something that surprises you, feel unable to control your fear, suspect someone may be cheating you out of your fair share, endangering your long-termm stability, and leaving you powerless, it’s time to confront and have the discussion. There’s probably something there but it might not be what you think. It might be related to a past ecperience you never resolved. There’s lots of hope for disconnecting from the past. The Sun is moving from the 7th house of relationships into the 8th house of persoanl transformations. It might be time to consider a deep dive into the subconscious mind through hypnosis, reiki, past life regressions, psychics, altrnative healers, tarot, astrology, or whatever feels like the kind of support you need to release what continues to have a hold on you. You’ll thrive (artistically) in deeper realms that are free of old toxic stuff.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorns are usually not defined as especially creative and artistic. In fact it’s kind of the opposite. The closest they come to “artistry” is to support (financially and otherwise) an artist they love. But this week is an exception. You’re dialed-in and connected to sources of inspiration that allow you to come up with something imaginative and inventive. This can be intergrated into a prolem solving framework or new recipe for success. Maybe it’s something patent-able. Maybe it’s something that solves a scheduling or organizational problem. Spend some time alone and see what rises to the surface of awareness. The Sun is winding down it’s trek through your 6th house of self-improvement, assignments, and responsibilities. Officially the 6th house is where we work on improving ourself – integrating all the aspects of ourself into one fine-tuned specimen, finally prepared to enter the realm of relationships. You’re beter prepared to function smoothly within a committed relationship than you were a month ago And your much better than you were at your last birthday. This is also a time when you move from a relatively introverted way of being to something more social and extroverted. It’s a personal debut.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Now is not the time to push the envelope even though you’re on a roll and have worked yourself into realms of abundance. An embarassment of riches in the form of love, security, timeless connection, and gifts of immeasurable value has been bestowed upon you. Your tendency is to keep striving for the future. But the more meaningful challenge is to feel what it feels like to be deeply satisfied – to savor what you’ve built and what others have contributed. You might have more on your list of “wants” but you’re in a good place. The Sun has been energizing your 5th house of playfulness, creativity, and love. Cultivating the interests you have and the things you love brings more joy. Being around kids is advised – for their sake and your own. As the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer you’re more oriented toward providing a service, being respnsible, taking caree of your health, developing skills, being competent, and engaging in some kind of kind of self-improvement project that involves writing, speaking, learning, and healing. Identifying what you love and integrating it into a service you provide is easier for you than most – especially now.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week Neptune’s move into retrograde motion takes you into the deeper, quieter, more inspiring and solitary realms you crave. Who knows what you’ll extract from the abundance of riches found deep within. Whatever you choose to bring to the surface can be transformed into a work of art – maybe a masterpiece. Your imagination is expansive and you now have the discipline and focus to manifest a vision, dream, or something you’ve imagined. Sometimes ideas just float in and out and it’s all entertaining and interesting. Now you can be dialed-in for as long as it takes to create what you want to create. A phase involving connections with home, family, and the past is winding down. The Cancer Sun moves into your 5th house of love. The past might be defined as meeting a lover who seems familiar. Ot reconnecting with an old love. Pisces and Cancers are good friends. Cancer energy supports Pisces and vice versa. A surge of confidence is implied. You might be considering ending a commmitment or bringing it into the next phase. Something more playful, creative, and joy-filled, mmight be headed in your direction. The impending eclipse in Cancer sets you free of old restricted possibilities. Your love/creative life is free to take off – especially after July 2nd.

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