Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of 6/26 – 7/2

Total Solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer at 10 degrees Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019.

A solar Eclipse is a supercharged new Moon – a supercharged new beginning. In the sign of Cancer it’s about home, family, nurturing, emotions, vulnerability, protection and feeling secure. A wake-up call or revelation concerning something that has become unbalanced is likely to grab your attention.

Capricorn (the ability to put emotions on hold to accomplish the goal) is the counterbalance to Cancer. A lopsided development involving the Cancer and Capricorn energies has emerged over time. Adjustments need to be made.

The impending eclipse basically looks really nice – refreshing and joyful. The revival of passion and an inner connection to the soul is indicated by a sextile between Vesta in Taurus (the sacred flame) and the New Moon Eclipse. Something that sparks passion is central to this promising new beginning. It’s likely to revolve around love, beauty, the arts, (music specifically) and an emotional breakthrough/healing.

Eclipses involve changes in the arrangement of energy – changes that determine for the length of time from one eclipse to the next what is possible. Under a new eclipse what had previously been impossible becommes possible with the introduction of new and different kinds of energy connections. And what was previously possible may no longer be. The new “framework” within which we will be operating after the eclipse requires adjustments to both emerging possibilities and doors that are beginning to close.

This eclipse is aligned with an eclipse that occurred June 21st, 2001. Things became unbalanced then (both personally and socially) leaving you in a vulnerable position. A lack of realism or caution might have landed you in a place where your sense of security was threatened. Intensity, dishonesty, obsessiveness, and fear undermined your sense of safety, security, and support.

The United States was seriously challenged about 2 1/2 months after that June 21st, 2001 when it was still under the influence of that eclipse. The World Trade Center (the hommeland) was attacked. Some would say the U.S. still hasn’t recovered. The current eclipse and corresponding energy shifts could further the healing process.

Saturn and the South Node (both retrograde) sextile Neptune. This indicates a return to the past that creates a new opportunity to manifest your dreams and your vision for what could be. It’s a very artistic planetary combination amplified by the eclipse, that gives you the discipline you need to manifest whatever you can imagine.

It’s an aspect of compassion where it’s possible to create images and art focused on alleviating pain.

The Saturn/Neptune midpoint falls at 18 degrees of Aquarius – the sign of activism, truth-telling, and rebellion in the name of social justice.

The Sabian symbol for the 18th degree – “An ominous silence falls as the uninvited guest at a masquerade party prepares to unmask. From outside comes a rumble of thunder.”

Mercury (the messenger) is sandwiched between Mars (courage) and Juno (commitment) in the childlike sign of Leo. It’s hard to interpret this any other way than the need to speak out courageously to protect children and the vulnerable child within.

Venus in Gemini is angular and very strong in this eclipse chart. She symbolizes a gifted mind, a gift for communicating effectively, a gift for transporting the hearts and minds of the masses from one place to another through words, images, symbols, lyrics, sounds, film, art, technology, etc.

Venus is balance and Gemini is the brain and nervous system. This could be interpreted as bringing into balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain (imagination and problem-solving). It could also be related to the importance of protecting the brain and nervous system from the trauma of child separation.

A reunification and a deeper connection to your soul is possible under the the impending eclipse.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is in a 7-8 year phase of being highly sensitized to pain – through 2017. The desire to heal (and to suffer) is now intricately intertwined in your essential style and approach to life. I’m guessing Aries are becoming adept at using pain to fuel ideas, develop breakthroughs, to introduce something original and pioneering into the mix. The pain of separation may be especially acute under this eclipse. A healing focus on children, childhood pain, mothering and separation is likely. An expanding mothering/nurturing influence (or global influence) is fueling a grand trine that infuses a healthy dose of love, ease, and renewal into your life. An imbalance that may be revealed under this eclipse involves the need to be successful, organized, focused, responsible, disciplined, and knowledgable vs. the need to be able to respond to soul needs and instinctive leanings. To your advantage, the energy shift of the eclipse is likely to bring these two forces into balance for a more satisfying and valuable experience.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The energy shifts under this eclipse are likely to be revealing and to bring into balance concerns and fears about the future – with something more comfortable, secure, and in the here and now. The eclipse in Cancer also brings in elements of from the past. Maybe you’ll be entering the timeless flow often associated with lucid dreaming. Seamless connections are indicated within the areas of your life associated with spiritual transcendence, the painful transformations that enhance your power, and the feeling of being connected to your home (spiritual home). An event that you interpreted as unfortunate (a separation probably) set you free in ways you needed to be set free. Issues involving mothering and the value of family presented a real challenge. It’s time to relax into something easier. Accepting the limits of your power has made you more powerful. Expect to feel revived and refreshed.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It is likely you’re in possession of a talent or resource that could be very valuable to you. But you seem to be ignoring it, forgetting you own it, or under-estimating its value. While you focus on fear and the challenge involved in keeping things from falling apart you may be missing something important. Chances are when you take inventory you’ll recognize what it is you’re missing. You’ll have an emotional connection with it. Maybe it will move you closer to your soul’s true calling. The energy shift that occurs under the impending Cancer Solar Eclipse moves you into an easy, flowing, loving, trine. A courageous connection and commitment to playfulness, combined with a commitment to healing the pain of the world, combined with the optimistic “mothering” of a relationships that once seemed impossible, throws you onto the fast, transcendent, track.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Under this eclipse an imbalance may be revealed that requires some adjustment. Playing the warm and nurturing role you want to play within the realm of relationships may feel restricted or restricting. But a few adjustments to the energy shifts of this eclipse could open doors and present exciting new possibilities. Chiron in your 10th house indicates that your highest goal might be to heal in groundbreaking ways. Serving the public as a reliever of the pain of separation triggers a commitment to speaking honestly and courageously. Your work can now involve the creation of timeless beauty to provide for something more comforting, soul-connecting, and natural. Generating wealth through creativity and a commitment to truth is easier as a result of impending energy shifts and adjustments. A passion for beauty and talent, for attracting solid friends, and supporters is enhanced by the eclipse.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Eclipse shifts shake up the hidden, private, deeper aspects of your life. Shifts may be reflected in the nature of your work. Something easier and more joy-filled is indicated. Your psychic abilities increase though I’m not sure you’ll trust those enough to actually make them useful. But you are moving in the direction of a higher level of operation within the work place. Something more inspired is indicated. The eclipse is likely to promote balance where some kind of lopsidedness is residing – overdoing in one area to compensate for under-doing in another. That will be fixed if you let it be. It is likely you’ll be moving onto an “ease and flow” track through some combination of ongoing commitment to making things fun whenever possible, attempts to ease the pain of those who feel confined and less than, and the cultivation of love and optimism wherever you go. It’s your approach to life that is about to be rewarded in uplifting ways.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Virgo’s insistence on accounting for all the details involved in manifesting a big vision tends to keep her vision rather small and uninspired. It’s time to change that. You don’t have to figure out how the universe is going to make your bigger, more inspired vision happen. That’s not your job. You’re out of your lane when you try to figure out how to manifest your vision. Your job is to cultivate a vision that actually feels exciting, ignites passion, and reconnects you with your soul’s central purpose. Your primary responsibility is to clarify for the universe what you really want – not to settle for some down-sized version of it. The energy shifts of this eclipse might move you into an expanded space where you feel freer to dream big. Painful transformations have increased your power. Finishing up your mothering responsibilities might have freed you to express an artistic talent that’s been placed on hold for awhile. Creative ideas are swirling around in your head. It’s time to do something with those.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
An imbalance may be revealed that involves home, family, restrictions, competitiveness and living up to expectations – and the desire to play a more nurturing role in your relationship to the public. You might crave something softer, gentler, more nourishing and kind. Infusing your soul into your work and into the goals you set for yourself is reinforced. What looks especially promising (and joyful) is some courageous action that involves creativity, playful groups, community activism, children, and showcasing your leadership talent. This involves nurturing communication and mothering issues as well as healing the pain of a relationship separation. A passion for transforming, strengtthening, and stabilizing is connected to an expansion of your reach, expressions of love, and comforting foreign influences. Your most natural and promising public role involves mothering and the infusion of light into cold, dark places.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Disciplining your mind, your communication, and organizing the facts moves you in the direction of a future that looks secure and more interesting. An imbalance will be revealed to you under this eclipse but basically the expansion of joy in your life is “a given.” A bold, courageous, leadership role might put you in the spotlight in ways that enhance your sense of self-worth. This may have to do with a protective mothering role, experiences from the past, and the initiation of a new method or service that seeks to heal. It all comes together a little after the eclipse. Your reputation is enhanced and the infusion of your soul into a work can feel incredibly meaningful and exhilerating. But Scorpio is centrally involved. This implies that complications, intrigue, secret enemies, and dark motivations are probably at play. For Scorpio that might just make it all more interesting.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The impending eclipse encourages you to shine a light on the truth and to infuse dark places with hope. You may need to strike a better balance between the discipline involved in managing your resources wisely and a dependency on the safety net that partners, an inheritance, and the invisible “money gods” might provide. It’s likely you’re imagining your ideal future home or a form of serivce that feeds your soul. There might be more you can do to ensure your dream materializes. Feeling deserving and fortifying your sense of self-worth is important. The truth is you’re being presented with an opportunity to express and alleviate pain through artistry, compassion, and the imaginative capacity to will something healing into being. On a personal level this may involve an infusion of fiery passion, and a playful romance that heals old pain. It’s important that you have the time, discipline, and freedom to create something you’re not sure you can. This might be a prove yourself to yourself moment.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Revelations of an imbalance might involve the role you want to play in relationships vs. the role your partner needs you to play within the realm of relationships. Your contribution might involve an abundance of caution, a financial focus, and the past when something warmer, more secure, and forward thinking needs to be cultivated. There is love, actual joy, and ease coming from a combination of influences under this eclipse. For you that involves a combination of hidden or invisible mothering influences, a deeper soul connection to the past, a commitment to courageous actions and speech, and protecting others from the pain of a separation from home, family, and roots. Energy shifts may turn the tide on something you consider destructive and inevitable. There is the hint of a reward for compassion and the courage to confront a dark and destructive force. A soul-connected Capricorn is a powerhouse force for good.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This eclipse falls in your 6th house of work and health. Something fortunate is going on in that area of your life. The eclipse may reveal an imbalance that continues to exist within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. If you feel guilty when you’re not working or punish yourself for not strictly adhering to a nutritious eating plan, the shifting energy of the eclipse is likely to move you back toward the healthy middle. Your subconscious mind is filled with slave-driving, depressing, impressions and fear. But it’s also the source of your strength and self-discipline. It’s a blessing and a curse. A meditation practice is especially critical for you. There is a developing grand trine involving the expansive mothering of groups (and the masses,) the ability to address the pain of narrow perspectives, and something very promising a new ofering or method that can update and reconnect you with a more soulful approach to your work.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This eclipse reveals to you and brings into balance an area of lopsidedness. It promotes balance where some kind of imbalance has become comfortable – overdoing in one area to compensate for under-doing in another. The imbalance is likely to involve a tendency to avoid rejection by playing it safe, trying to guess what masses want, and giving it to them. That may have nothing to do with your most original and valuable contribution. In fact it may be distorting it. Artistically it’s time to set yourself free. You’re at a peak – the heights of your artistic abilities under this eclipse. It’s time to get back to being you so you can count on being able to get into that creative groove where things become easier. A grand trine pulls in your early successes when you were just inspired to nurture the public and and not so cautious. It pulls in your commitment to communicating in courageous, creative ways, and your desire to prove your worth on a larger stage. A few minor adjustments move you back into your creative power and back into generating a healthy income that’s fed by your artistic soul and something uniquely original.

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