Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 3:45 PM PDT and 6:45 PM EDT

This New Moon is the focal Point of a Yod configuration involving Ceres in Sagittarius (abundant nurturance and nourishment) and Pallas in Libra (habitual relationship patterns and strategies). This New Moon is also a piece of the “sextile portion” of another Yod whose focal point IS Pallas in Libra. It’s a little complicated but the bottom line take way is that this specific new emotional beginning, symbolized by the Taurus New Moon, is intricately involved in unraveling old, emotional relationship strategies and patterns. We know this because Pallas is moving in retrograde motion.

Pallas is the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts (craftiness), weaving, and war. She’s an intriguing blend of both masculine and feminine traits and she’s all about strategizing. She is rarely without an intelligent, well thought out plan. And unlike the gods of her era she’s modest and chaste. She rules the realm of politics and the type of political activism that is strategically targeted.

Palllas became a prominent “player” in our lives on Nov.5th of 2018. At that time she was beginning to raise our awareness of a few (serious) problems involving the nature of our relationship with ourselves and others.

On Feb 19th she moved into retrograde motion signaling a time to reconsider, re-invent, re-imagine, and undo old relationships or relationship approaches.

On May 31st of this year the unraveling and re-invention will be complete as Pallas slips back into direct motion.

And from June 1st until August 26th 2019 a new, more effective or different approach is solidified.

From an emotional standpoint new beginnings under any Taurus Moon center around issues of stability, permanence, and wise choices based on a wealth of experience. A calmer, more aware, richly sensual, “savoring” approach to life moves you in a more satisfying direction.

Doing what you love begins to feel more important. You may start to place a higher premium on the way you live your life from day-to-day. Values and priorities are re-arranged. A deep sense of gratitude for the resources you have in your possession may emerge.

Venus (currently placed in Aries) rules the sign of Taurus. Under this New Moon she’s “squared” (challenged) by Saturn and the South Node in the realistic sign of Capricorn. Essentially we have to let go of a strategy that involves controlling everything and everybody. We’re freed to change our focus in the direction of controlling ourselves. Either we bend or we break. It feels like the wise but rather harsh mandate Saturn’s famous for.

And then there’s Pluto – an even harsher, more intense influence – challenging the mind to purge itself of anything that limits a more creative engagement with life. A focus on manifesting something you desire that fully embodies your life’s purpose is the goal.

Pluto’s additional mandate is that we change the nature of how we communicate. It may be time to listen more and talk less. Most likely this involves a deeper engagement with yourself – getting to the root of an entrenched fear that makes you afraid to hear something that could undermine your personality. Something may be out of alignment. And only a face to face meeting with the truth can trigger a closer or seamless alignment.

The New Moon falls on the midpoint between Chiron and Mars – the healer (or healing influence) that is direct and truthful. She doesn’t mince words or otherwise filter or sweeten the remedy. She tends to hit you over the head with it in a way that wakes you up to what you previously could not (or would not) recognize. The need to get on with a healing phase seems hard to ignore.

New Moons promote a deeper integration of body and soul, heart and mind, purpose and feeling, past, present, and future. Whenever Taurus is prominent the vehicle for the promotion of integration often involves the power of music.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon:

“A scraggly magician in a top hat. He opens his black bag and plays some strange music on an Indian flute, whereupon a snake rises from the bag.” This symbol can imply producing something unusual or magical from one’s “bag of tricks; tapping into an unusual talent of potency and playing with it to discover its potential; getting people (yourself) to look beyond their usual frame of reference; seizing people’s imagination and taking them for a magic carpet ride; tapping into the primitive subconscious wisdom of the psyche; using the imagination as a way of accessing occult truths, control and manipulation of sexual energies; the power of sexual encounters to renew one’s vitality or to drain it; sublimating erotic energy in art (strange beauty); diving into the subconscious and emerging with a new solution.”

The following are short, more specific interpretations for you by sign placement. Consider reading the horoscope for your moon sign. For me that always feels more accurate under a lunation. Might just be me.

Aries – Rising in your 2nd house of “surviving through effective management of resources” the New Moon signals a time to move deeper into yourself to discover more resources – hidden treasures. A move from the superficial into the depths seems important. Uprooting the weeds (throwing some things away) gives more light to the “sprouts” that are showing real promise. Trust is a quality that needs to cultivated.

Taurus – Rising in your fist house of your style and approach, this new Moon invites a physical makeover to promote the solidification of your new role within the realm the relationships. Trusting a new approach to assist you in finely crafting the life you want while enhancing the feelings you want to feel is highlighted and supported.

Gemini – Rising in the mysterious 12th house is a new beginning centering around tuning into a deeper frequency and expressing it in a way that heals. Gaining greater mastery over your power to perform magic along the course of providing a service, doing your work, or attending to your health is symbolized.

Cancer – Rising in your receptive 11th house (the house of friends, allies, your social life, and cherished dreams) is a new beginning and a new chapter. A deeper dive and willingness to contemplate the meaning and nature of love allows you to pinpoint what you may be missing. What may need to be cultivated is a more trusting approach to love and lovers.

Leo – Rising in your 10th house of your current life direction and career is the possibility or solidification of a new role. This may require you to let go of the past, to create a different kind of foundation for your changing role in the world. At root is the necessity to re-align who you’ve become in the public realm with who you think you are in the private realm It may be time to newly define yourself to yourself.

Virgo – A new beginning involves your future (legal, publishing, philosophical and educational matters), expansion, and aligning your mind with more adventurous possibilities. Pluto and Saturn are asking you to let of old patterns of thought, to open your mind to the having what you actually want vs. what you think you can have. It’s time to envision (and eventually manifest) a more satisfying future for yourself.

Libra – A new beginning involves your 8th house of intense transformational healing and the willingness to think in terms of what has always felt taboo or impossible for you to wrap your arms around. A deeper dive into “forbidden” sexual realms could be very healing. Moving beyond your comfort zone allows new possibilities to manifest. Your physical body and the entire sensual realm of existence has the ability to bring you back to life.

Scorpio – A new beginning for you involves dealing with complicated situations, people, and relationships in a new way. The role you play in relationship to others is upgraded or enhanced in some way. Your physical body, initial impact, or desire to pioneer something new enhances your ability to persuade and influence. You may move yourself into a zone that feels peaceful and natural – and begin to master the art of staying there.

Sagittarius – A new beginning in your sixth house of health, well-being, and moving more efficiently in the direction you want to go involves a new and different (more intense) focus and more relaxed routine. Calming deeper levels of anxiety involves meditative strategies and regularly losing yourself in the creative process. Essentially you’re crafting a new method for realizing your dreams and you may believe it will work – and so it will.

Capricorn – A new beginning in your fifth house of joy, love, and creative self-expression involves social consciousness,the public good, and group efforts. It may be easier to eliminate or move on from ineffective strategies you’ve used in the past as something fresh and new is thrown into the mix. You could be feeling more enthused, confident, and empowered in a fight to preserve something of lasting value.

Aquarius – Aquarius experiences a new beginning in the 4th house which defines the foundation of your personality. Something new is being introduced at the foundational level, as an error in thinking (especially regarding your future) is eliminated. You may have become aware of bad habits and patterns of thought and are now free to implement the needed adjustments. You may have found a secret formula that makes navigating through life easier.

Pisces – Pisces experiences a new emotional beginning in the third solar house of the mind. A new idea is introduced that upends old, stable, ineffective thought patterns. Through the elimination of laziness or stubbornness – through opening your mind to new information – you may have stumbled upon something that enhances your life and your ability to create what you desire.

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