Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of May 15th – 21st


This Scorpio full Moon is a culmination of the Taurus New Moon lunar cycle begann on May 4th. That new Moon represented the beginning of an emotional unraveling related to solidified relationship patterns and strategies. An awareness that we could not sustain that pattern was presented. But it didn’t entirely sink in. What we could grasp was just the tip of the iceberg.

This Scorpio full Moon takes us deeper into the source of the problem (most likelly not what we assummed) and focuses us on a deeper level of transformational healing.

We’ll likely be traveling through some mysterious, intriguing, complicated, or painful inner territory. A dawning awareness that problematic patterns have deeep roots brings us face to face with subconscious entanglements. An off-handed comment, some new information, a disturbing feeling, or event triggers the need for deeper investigation, disruption, and re-stabillization.

We may need to find a way to access the most mysterious, intriguing (frightening), and powerful levels of our being. A more intense, committed focus is required. Old beliefs need to be clarified. Deeper truths need to be accessed.

In this Scorpio full Moon chart the Sun and Mercury are aligned. Old agreements are ended, connections aree broken, and we’re taking steps to release ourselves from the same kind of thinking or action that lead us to the same (disempowering) conclusions.

But Scorpio is unforgiving. It’s likely the plot (our life) will stay the same if we simply swap out the old “players and venues” for new ones. The entire storyline of our life needs to move in a different, more believable direction.

Venus forms an easy sextile to Mars. An opportunity arises because you take action to review, adjust, or undo the past – your relationship with your mom, your family, and an old “inheritance” that no longer serves you well. Sifting through what’s fake and clearing the decks of distortions allows you to finally attract what you want and need.

The real stunner is that Venus conjoins Uranus on the same day the Full Moon culminates. A lunation gives extra power to any planet or planetary configuration. A stand alone Venus/Uranus conjunction is powerful all by itself. But Venus/Uranus is super powerful, unexpected, final, and usually the last word on the subject.

Uranus is into “clean breaks.” The chance you’ll affect a deep change then go back to renegotiate is unlikely. Uranus doesn’t look back. He’s future oriented and keeps moving forward. He likes being free and moving in accelerated motion.

Adding to the significance Venus rules Taurus – a key player under this lunation. Taurus is the one who started all of this.

What is likely to occur is a (stunning) revelation that updates and clarifies your perception of what is real and what is not. A clarification can feel like an emotional earthquake that changes almost everything – on subtle, invisible levels.

Venus symbolizes money, relationships, what you value, what you love, and what you attract. Old habits and old sources of security begin to fall away.

This full Moon stimulates something deeply liberating through an invisible but profound disruption (Black Moon Lillith is responsible. She’s now operating in obscurity in the sign of Pisces.)

Intensity of feeling continues to build over the next few days. A lot of complicated “stuff” will take a while to fully integrate. This lunation is potentially super-empowering. Essentially you’re being freed to formulate a vision for the future based on the truth of who you are, what you value most, and a liberated capacity to love.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The nature of your environment becomes very important under this full Moon. To set yourself free at deeper levels you need to deliberately surround yourself with the kind of healing, facilitating, freeing influences that put you in touch with what you value most. I love experimentation. But this is not the time for that. This is the time for a well-thought-out plan to create an environment that frees you to develop your talents and to become who you want to be. Now is the time to make things easier for yourself by aligning with an inner rhythm and surrounding yourself with those who align with the same rhythm. The image I’m getting is a beautiful, fire lit, dancing ritual where you’re effortlessly carried along a very promising trajectory by virtue of the fact that you’ve carefully created or chosen to step into the most empowering environment for you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A stunning end to a life lived in exile – a time when you were separated from yourself, essentially living in a no-man’s land – is over. Something has changed or is about to. Something is being liberated through a surrendering act. A realization that your relationship with yourself (self-love) is possible and that now is the time for a reunion with yourseelf is cause for celebration. So many underlying misunderstandings, hidden motives, frightening imaginings, and nefarious, undermining influences would be reason for anyone to want to disengage from themselves. But this marks the end of a cycle of “wandering around in the wilderness half awake and half alive.” A cycle that might have begun in April of 2011 is coming to a close. It marks the end of a period of anger or fear that could be resolving in the best possible ways. It’s hard to think of something more important (or more sacred) than coming back into yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Under a powerful Scorpio full Moon influence (and Venus/Uranus conjunction) the question becomes how can I most efficiently and effectively heal what ails me, set myself free of old “muck” that lingers beneath the surface, and get myself moving in a direction I love? The answer is by surrounding yourself with as much of the kind of artistic beauty you crave as possible. Or maybe you don’t crave it. Or you might think this cure sounds way too simple for the complicated nature of your problems. But simplification and beauty does seem to be the answer. Because Venus and Uranus are transiting through your all-encompassing twelfth house flooding your brain with a “tsumanmi of artistic beauty” is advised – not just a touch here and there. The object is to overwhelm the entangled mess of complications with something that lifts you beyond the realm of compulsive thought and problem solving and into a realm that is healed by the heart. Bypass your brain and go straight to heart stimulating beauty. As cures go this is a really pleasurable, timeely, and effective one for you.

CANCER (June 21-July)
What neeeds to be liberated under this Scorpio new Moon appears to be your ability to set the record straight for others who may (or may not) be recptive to it. Another’s receptivity doesn’t matter. Neither does their capability of taking yor words to heart. What matters is that you don’t continue to hide or restrain your opinions, your perspectives, and your voice. Something needs to be simplified, to be made real, to hit home in a way that enables change and a stunning or sudden liberation from old illusions. Your mom may need to be liberated from an old love illusion – or an error in thought that needs to be untangled or unraveled. Sometimes Uranus emboldens a roll reversal. Maybe you’ve inherited an illusion about the nature of love and once you hear yourself speak the truth in a group setting, an internal liberation takes hold. Speaking up is important. You have something simple, powerful, and potentially very liberating to say.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Something especially fertile and very promising is gestating just beneath the surface of your consciousness. The potential is rich for aligning what you want with what you attract. Your ability to succeed seeems to depend on a willingness to surrender something traditional, familiar, and comfortable – something that doesn’t jibe with who you are – in exchange for the freedom to move into your most authentic self. Your foundation was formed from a mixture of who you actually are at the the deepest levels of your being and a bunch of other “stuff” you inherited that doesn’t have much to do with who you are on a soulful level. Under this full Scorpio Moon it’s time to cut out what doesn’t belong, to eliminate what’s unnatural, and to reject the inherited parts that have nothing to do with what your soul craves. It’s time to shut out the noise and spend more time alone. A reunification with yourself is possible. A change in future plans, metthoods, or life direction moves you deeper into your most authentic, liberated self.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Under this full Scorpio Moon, Black Moon Lillith is situated in an especially sensitive and powerful place for Virgo. She seeems to be rebelling against your “signature” way of being. If that resembles you tolerating something you don’t love, something safe versus adventurous, groundbreaking, or altogether bland and unexciting in relation to what you’d actually love, it’s time to embrace something different. Black Moon Lillith has a way of getting your attetion even though she’s operating beneath the surface of awareness. She’s letting you know in subtle, indirect ways that you need to do some deep house cleaning to remove what’s outdated and unnecessary. The traditional rules and standards you apply to yourself may need to be thrown out. Liberation from an old, way too demanding (or punishing) approach to life has outlived it’s usefulness. It may be necessary to disrupt old relationships. Your relationship with yourself is up for review. If what you’re considering behind the scenes is something way outside your usual way of being that feels right to me.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
An old, challenging phase is over as a new challenging phase begins. The war is over. The dust is settling. The natureee of your challenge is changing. Welcoming quiet alone time could feel risky or depressing. Inviting and welcoming change goes a long way to re-stabilizing and setting yourself on a more joy-filled path. Old psychological conditioning that allowed you to tolerate some pretty complicated and undermining entanglements is breaking apart. More light enters the tunnel as you begin to clarify the nature of the relatitonship you have with yourself. It looks contentious but maybe not for much longer. As you move forward it’s important to ask why you choose partners who are handicapped by old unresolved anger and fear and if that might be a part of yourself that needs attentioon. Whatever time you spend in self-reflection is time well spent. To te extent you’re able to to unleash the magnitude of your healing power and to focus it like a laser on yourself you win.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
In the bigger scheme something distracting and pretty trivial may have occupied your thoughts, entrapping you in a cycle of circular thinking, and diverting your attention from a much bigger, more consequential issue that needs to be addressed. Under this full Moon it is likely you receive some kind of enlightened, liberated understanding of what you value most – especially with regard to relationships and the relationship you have with yourself. You seem to be benefitting most from a Venus/Mars sextile that opens your mind to the possibility that what and who you attract is beginning to be more aligned with what you actually desire. A compulsive desire to control and complicate might need to be starved of your energy and attention. Getting out of your own head could be healing and very liberating.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagitttarians are usually a few steps ahead of the game so you may have already been thinking about the deeper nature of love, how you love, and what more you desire. How you can manifest a relationship that feels so deeply satisfying and in-sync that it’s capable of transporting you into a magical space and time is worth your consideration. Whether or not this is possible is partly out of your control – but not entirely. You need a way to penetrate beyond the walls, past the boundaries, and into closer contact with the true essence of yourself and another. You need some cooperation for sure. But what could go a long way to increasing your depth of satisfaction could be more love and less judgement. Moving into a space where no boundaries actually exist and getting comfortable with that space seems helpful. It’s time to meditate your way into what you crave and then your chances of actualize it are really good. It’s time to know there is a way and the possibilities are endless. It’s simpler than you might have imagined.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A good plan for Capricorn under this full Moon is to be ruthless as you eliminate from your “way of being” all the things that don’t fit with your ownknowledgee of who you you are and who you want to become. Capricorns are prone to be competitive. They keep track of where others land on their imaginary graph of success in comparison to where they land. This is the about the quickest and most effective way possible to lose your own footing and your grasp on the truth of who you are. All the money in the world does not make up for this kind of loss. Being honest about what fills your life with the most joy and entertaining the idea arranging your life in a way liberates you to move in your most joy-filled direction is a courageous, liberating choice for a Capricorn – and inevitably the best one they’ll ever make.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
In a word the mission for Aquarius under this full Moon is “recovery.” Sommething that’s yours was taken from you. Maybe it disappeared through some kind of deliberate manipulation, betrayl, or confusion. Maybe you leet it go too easily. In any case you’ve lived without a significant source of power and love for a very long time. And now it’s within your reach to take it back. Maybe a missing piece of an old story has been found. Maybe someone who had access to better information clarified and corrected your erroneous belief. Whatever it was that went missing created a lot of pain and a distortion in almost every area of your life. Things might change for the better very quickly if you can believe the truth and integrate it back into your life.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
As you feel the power of compassion a generous flow of wisdom coming to you (or from you) moving you into a natural rhythm or comfortable space that finally feels right. Your destined role in the world is being clarified for you. A maturational leap moves you into a place or a feeling you’ve been trying (maybe for years) to capture or locate. Sometimes you may have felt you were closing in on it – getting very close. But it always slipped through your fingers or otherwise seemed to evade your grasp. Now you may be experiencing what it feels like to be on the verge of living the deeply satisfying life you were destined to live. A level of comfort you haven’t previously felt may finally sink in. And it changes a lot of things in a more positive and soulful direction. It could feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It could feel like coming home to a place of real comfort.

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