Horoscopes for the Week of May 8th – 14th

The impending Scorpio full Moon influence (connected to the most recent May 4th Taurus new Moon) steadily intensifies as the Week progresses. Something stagnant and toxic, lurking in the dark, and hiding in the shadows needs to be revealed or clarified. The truth must be spoken. There is no shortage of nefarious activity. But a dark, transfromational culmination point is about to be reached. We have taken a feeling or suspicion as far as it can go without a change of course. A much-needed detoxification process is set in motion, a barrier is overwhelmed, a secret is laid bare.

Against that backdrop we receive some news that represents radical change, a radical break from the past, or a shocking truth. It’s probably related to something that occurred on April 22nd.

This week our mind and nervous system shifts into an enlightened or accelerated gear. Old habits of thinking and reacting can be permanently broken through focused efforts. If we’re asleep at the switch old ways of thinking may be shattered in haphazard, uncontrolled, uncomfortable ways.

Venus in Aries – the courageous, determined, risk-taking pioneer – meets with a few challenges to her current way of being. Venus is the gift giver, the one who is gifted with the ability to be first. Venus symbolizes our relationships to ourselves, others, money and resources. She’s running up against Pluto retrograding in Capricorn this week – a powerful force that demands she take her “game” to a deeper level.

A clean-up operation at deeper levels of your being is needed. A regular meditation schedule is suggested to access deeper layers of hidden talent and dysfunction. Backtracking over the past to finish, restore, or correct what has gone haywire is part of the picture. It’s a good time to unravel old thought distortions related to the accumulation of wealth, scarcity, unworthiness, shame, etc. Bringing your mind under control, learning something new, and total immersion in the creative process upgrades the structure of your mind, your life, and by extension life in general.

The bigger mandate seems to be putting your gifts to work in a more meaningful way. For example, being willing to take more risk to benefit those who are gifted but cannot express those gifts without a type of support you could offer. A profound sense of gratitude for the fact that gifted people exist in the world is a powerful act.

At the end of this week Venus will have moved into the final critical degree of Aries and Mars into the final critical degree of Gemini. They form a harmonious sextile to one another. This presents an opportunity to bring an end to a “way of being” that diminishes the power of thought to shape and manifest a vision for the future. It’s an opportunity to seamlessly align body and mind (through meditation or creative immersion) for the purpose of transcending old blockages to progress.

Over the weekend the Sun in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn. We’re able to focus on building wealth in some aspect of our lives.

The Sun in Taurus inconjuncts retrograding Jupiter in Sagittarius next Monday. This requires an adjustment to the way we define ourself to ourself – and revisions to the future we once had in mind for ourself. Something more expansive is possible. If expansion and more freedom doesn’t fit with your future plans or with your definition of who you are, a major adjustment must be made.

It’s helpful that the week ends with a trine aspect between the Sun and Pluto. Something may be handed to you (a message, a person, an influence, a reminder) that gives you access to deeper truths and greater power.

I’ll try to personalize all of this and highlight what’s most important for each sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars in Gemini hovers over an emotionally foundational “hot spot” for you this week. Thoughts that mess with your old emotional way of being, comfort level, and sense of security trigger the need for an ending. This may take the form of a locational move, a disconnection from past influences, a final (internal) resolution to your relationship with your family, inheritance, your mom, or a deeply entrenched definition of success. Mars is courage. As he teeters on the edge of a move into the sensitive sign of Cancer something needs to come to a close that may be hard for you to finalize. Mercury and Uranus traveling together might represent a final break or breakthrough that clarifies your relationship to your values, to the accumulation of wealth, managing your resources, and general thoughts related to a sense of worthiness. Closely monitoring your thoughts while closing the book on the past frees you to be in control and to succeed.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus in your 12th house of “beneath the surface realities” faces a challenge involving the future, open-mindedness, and your power to create and manifest a clear vision for the future. It is not “out of your hands” or beyond your capacity. It is your primary responsibility. Something about your current belief system may be ripe for an expansive transformation – or some subtle but very powerful “tweaks.” A philosophy of life and approach to life may be overturned or invalidated by a radical clarification. My “cure-all” recommendation for the week is the initiation or adherence to a regular schedule of meditation. It’s the only reliable thing I know of (that and complete creative immersion) that can can give you the kind of access you need to the subconscious mind – the 95% of your brain that controls habits, patterns, and automatic reactions. There is gold beneath the surface. Venus in your solar 12th house is making it relatively easy for Taurus (and Libra) to access and uproot distorting influences.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mars in Gemini hovers over the 2nd house cusp indicating that it’s time to bring to a close (or into the next phase) a style and approach to life rooted in your ongoing evolution of thought. Integral to the transition appears to be a clean break from old thought forms and ideas regarding the power of thought. The body may comme into play in surprising ways that allow you to connect the dots. A dream, symbolic image, meditative trance, or deliberate exploration of the subconscious mind may have brought you face-to-face with a truth that radically changes your health or how you do the work that you do – the methods you use, and the extent of what you believe is possible. An old strategy may be undermined. You may be about to move into an upgraded version of your power to heal. To enhance power any work with groups needs to address “below the surface” realities at progressively deeper levels.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Mars hovers for a while over a hot spot in your solar chart. The feeling of being on the verge of a rebirth may be strong. Maybe you feel betwixt and between worlds – one foot in the subconscious, imaginative, “I can’t believe this” world, the other sensing an emerging new reality. As old relationship assumptions and habits continue to unravel something is clarified regarding where you belong. It may complicate or bring to the surface a love affair, your ability to be receptive to love, or issues involving childhood or a child. Your ability to work behind the scenes and deep within the subconscious mind to change your life is at a high point. Venus in ground-breaking, risk-taking Aries is being challenged by Pluto to take a deeper dive into the meaning of marriage, commitment, balance, and compromise. Ceres the caring influence is receptive to setting you free of an old form of abuse. Kindness and self-care feels like a promising point of focus.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in your 10th house of success is highlighting and energizing your success and ability to move in the direction of accomplishing your ultimate aim. A radical realization may be coming into view, though. I’m not sure what this entails but it may have something to do with your thoughts on the nature of success – what it means, the price you’re willing to pay, and what needs to be transformed in order for you to remain aligned with your foundational strength. An impending full Moon brings to a culmination a challenge to transform the basis of how you ultimately prevail. It runs deep beneath the surface of the conscious mind into the subconscious. Mars hovers over the cusp between your 11th and 12th solar houses. Translation: On a creative, social, or community level a strategy, action plan, or time for effective response is about to expire. At root may be some nefarious activity. But it’s not time to let go. It’s time to take your strategy behind the scenes, to investigate, to focus in, and to meditate on creating a vision for what you want to see develop. The North Node in your 12th house indicates that regular stimulation of love and compassion for yourself and the larger community empowers you to achieve what could seem impossible.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Thoughts may undergo a radical change due to surprising or radical news, revelation, or realizations. Something related to a lie, betrayal, or cowardly act encourages you to energize a new vision for the future. Money, the physical body, survival, or values may be central in some way. But there is an ongoing mandate to unravel old habits within the realm of relationships – specifically your relationship to your sensual self, to your values, the accumulation of wealth, resources, and the nature of any financial relationship you’re participating in. It’s time to realize the power of an open mind to visualize into being what it is that excites you. It’s time to take the time to focus on the thoughts that run through your mind. Notice how many of those might be undermining to your objectives in some way – especially if they are accompanied by intense emotion.The impending full Moon in Scorpio is placed in your 3rd house of your current mindset. Therein lies the truth of what needs to be done to correct a course to align more closely with what you’d love to see materialize.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus in your seventh house of relationships is approaching an end point. Pallas, the asteroid of relationship patterns and strategies is currently moving in retrograde motion – a perfect time to unravel old relationship habits aren’t getting you where you want to be. A full Moon in the complicated and sometimes treacherous sign of Scorpio is about to culminate in your 2nd house of ownership, resources, financial stability, and values. The nature of financial partnerships and information may need to be closely scrutinized. A radical revelation or clarification may have changed your thoughts and ideas about throwing your lot in with another. Something radically empowering may be in the process of development. But it’s impossible to underestimate your need to unravel old patterns in any committed relationship situation. Habitual action springs from the subconscious mind. It’s time to find a way to access the subconscious and change it. Superficial change won’t do the trick. Adhering to a personal meditation regimen is my recommendation. There is a wealth of information residing deep within. For the sake of future relationships it’s time to dive in.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Emotionally there may be a lot going on this week especially for Scorpios and Taurus’s. An impending full Moon in Scorpio is the backdrop for the week. It’s effects will intensify as the week progresses. For you this may be related to your role within the realm of relationships – information, a recent revelation, or realization may have promoted some radical change in the way you see things, the way you see a partner, or the way you process information. Something new and revealing may be thrown into the mix. Mars is at the end of a (painful) cycle of transformation – possibly involving betrayal, lies, and the all the “creepiness” of the treacherous, soul-less underworld. Lots of adjustments may need to be made to keep the soul-less underworld from remaining alive and well in your mind. The Sun as a superior disinfectant will soon shed light on what needs to be cleaned up. By next Wednesday Mars will move into the realm of something fresh and expansive – caring and kind. Scorpios have a hard time letting go. Keeping my fingers crossed and feeling the pull of something freer. Creating and manifesting a beautiful (kind and caring) vision for the future aligns you more closely with yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Jupiter in retrograde motion continues to unravel old thoughts, ideas, information, and beliefs about the best way to be effective and to make the kind of impact you want to make in the world. Radical changes, open-mindedness, exposure to foreign ideas, new discoveries, and the power of the mind might require some adjustment to the way you define yourself to yourself. Something personally empowering (new knowledge maybe) is changing the nature of the methods you use to actualize your vision for yourself and the world. The Taurus Sun’s sextile to Neptune at the base of your chart gives you the opportunity to easily undermine something outdated and integrate a whole new foundation for success based on a new definition of who you are. It may take more time than I’m suggesting, but not much. The impending full Moon in Scorpio allows you to inform your work and self-improvement efforts with critical information from your subconscious mind. The power of this alignment takes you to a whole new level.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The south node (what you need to release) in your first house of your style and approach to life, how you make your impact, initiate new things, and enhance your effectiveness, is being challenged by Vesta in the courageous sign Aries. Vesta keeps your inner flame and soul alive. Capricorn’s adherence to something from the past threatens to extinguish her. That’s unthinkable. Venus is in conflict with powerful Pluto (the god of the underworld and subconscious mind) who also currently resides first house of your style and approach. Venus is encouraging you to go deeper to discover what is restricting your progress – or why it may be exhausting for you to sustain what you may insist on sustaining. A Venus/Pluto clash can result in a refusal to take the kind of risk or to demonstrate the kind of courage that may be necessary. Fear is the confining issue and rage may be the unfortunate result of a stalemate. Venus would assist you in uncovering the source of your fear if you agreed to cooperate even in small ways. The change required probably pales in comparison to the ongoing effort needed to sustain what needs to be released. Partners may be a source of encouragement. Meditate.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
New information, ideas, an interesting discovery, or revelation may be undermining (in a good way) your entire foundational base for success. What was once unclear may be clarified. A sense of exhilaration may be felt as you feel empowered to take more control over your life. What has been or is now in the process of being dismantled gives you more power and control over your life. A willingness to learn, to try something new, or to take the suggestion of an expert, is delivering rewards. This week the Sun’s sextile to Nessus, Black Moon Lillith, and Neptune allows you to clarify why you may have a difficult time accumulating wealth, feeling deserving, or unconflicted when you wish for more financial freedom and more of things you value most. Once you identify the problem you can uproot it. Social conditioning is being unraveled to allow you to pursue a new approach to creating and loving. To the extent you can spend regular scheduled time with your subconscious mind the acceleration and exhilaration continues.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A stark clarification or radical change within your 3rd house of your prevailing mindset is undergoing some radical change – or a break for freedom. A stubborn belief about your future may be dissolving. Something very healing with regard to your future and a new sense of balance may be triggered. The impending Scorpio full Moon is lighting up your 9th house of visionary creations. Old beliefs about what constitutes success or your highest goal in life may be unraveling. Most likely it’s being replaced by something more expansive, compassionate, and inclusive. In fact your entire approach to life may take on a more compassionate, tolerant tone. Black Moon Lillith may have something to do with this. She is sympathetic to the woman who does not follow the rules, the “other woman,” the angry woman, the powerless or rebellious woman. For the foreseeable future the nature of the energy you infuse into the world gives women permission to be what they’re not suppose to be according to traditional, confining, cultural standards. You have the power to infuse new life into those who have historically felt rejected and condemned. And you don’t have to do anything other than cultivate compassion within to infuse new life into those who need it most.

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