Libra Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of April 17th – 23rd

On Friday, April 19th at 4:12 AM PDT and 7:12 AM EDT there is a full Moon in the final 29th degree of Libra. Interestingly on March 20th a full Moon occurred at 0 Degrees of Libra. Whatever issues we were dealing with around March 20th come to a conclusion.

Libra energy seeks to move us in the direction of balance in all areas of life. But relationships are emphasized. Balancing thee scales, justice, fairness, and judgements all come into play. Our “blind side” – the piece of ourselves we tend to delegate to another or to project onto another, is highlighted.

If we want to see and understand this dynamic more clearly it becomes easier under a full Moon. Even if we don’t want to there’s a chance we’ll come face-to-face with the truth. Choices and decisions are emphasized.

This full Moon squares the north and south node. A fundamental or karmic choice may need to be made. It’s fairly simple. Will we push ourselves to move forward into the more adventurous unknown – or stick with what we know and feel comfortable with. Events (endings) are likely to arise that push us in one direction or the other. But ultimately we make the decision.

Juno, the asteroid of commitment that defines the nature of the “arrangements” involved in our relationship to a partner, a job, a cause, or a goal, are on the verge of change. Juno is also located at the 29th degree of its sign (Gemini) – and the full Moon trines this placement. So it becomes easier to change the nature of the game – especially if issues of justice, fairness, and balance are involved. In fact it appears that it might be very difficult or impossible to sustain the current “arrangement.”

Venus and Black Moon Lillith in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius respectively are placed in the 28th degrees of their signs. this is getting very close to the end point. A long, drawn out ending is almost over. A period of confusion and uncertainty within the realm of relationships is approaching the finish line. A beautiful vision is about ready to be put in motion.

Black Moon Lillith will appear to be toning down her extremes and characteristic disruptiveness but she’ll probably just be going underground for a while, working behind the scenes to expose what lies beneath, or contemplating when would be a “good” time to “come out.”

Emotionally we need to close the book on an important chapter that’s now over. Where we’ll go from here depends on our ability to act with courage and originality.

In other news Mercury moves into Aries (some kind of clarification today) and conjuncts Chiron on Friday. A discussion enlivens old wounds. The words are painful and clarifying. We may “get it” in terms of work that still needs too be done. A courageous approach works in your favor. Facing something you don’t want to face may be the theme.

The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on Saturday enlivening Uranus in Taurus. The fundamentals we’ve always counted on are changing. This could work to our advantage or against it – depending mostly on our attitude, perspective, and approach. You may notice your values and priorities are in an unsettled state – in flux.

Also on Saturday Venus enters the sign of Aries. This triggers a flow of courage, sexual attractiveness, and instinctual urges that work in your favor. Venus in Aries likes a good fight between lovers especially if it’s resolved in a passionate love-making session.

On that happy note have a great week, a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Easter…

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Venus’s move into your sign on Saturday bodes well for relationships of all kinds. This is the perfect time to say what you need to say – something you’ve been putting off because you lack courage or because you know it could hurt. Having the discussion could clear the air and advance you in the direction you want to go. Your old strategies or arrangements within the realm of relationships has run their course. Interestingly what’s ending may be a relationship with someone who has passed on or otherwise disappeared from your life long ago. But whatever you initiated over the past month now begins to solidify. Maybe you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards of your work as Venus (the gift giver) moves into your sign. It’s likely you’ve had lifetimes to hone your business skills, to delay gratification, or endure something punishing for the sake of an end goal. You can continue to move in that direction. But the full Moon suggests something more soothing, comfortable, and secure. Attention to your home, family, foundation, or the past replenishes your spirit maybe after lifetimes of neglect, abuse, and self-sacrifice. It’s time to re-balance the scales.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The Sun moves into Taurus this week enlivening something new that is beginning to replace something old. This may be about your entire approach to life, the way you initiate things, make an impact, or put your personal stamp on the world. Something easier may be replacing what was not effective. You may be resonating more closely with your most natural rhythms – a very powerful place to be for a Taurus to be. Inner peace replaces what was once obsessive, compulsive, or out of your control. Inner changes begin to manifest in the outer world. The choice you have to make involves communication awareness – being present in and savoring the moment. You can choose to nourish a perspective that has (or is beginning to) shifted your mindset into a new more energizing and uplifting gear. Or you can choose to exhaust and deplete yourself with worries about the future that are not under your control. It’s all about choosing something easier, kinder, and more nourishing through a change in perspective.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Along with the culmination of the full Moon, Mercury, your chart ruler, changes signs on Friday – from nebulous confusing Pisces into clarifying and maybe “in-your-face” Aires. Words can trigger old wounds related to feelings of not belonging or rejections in love. But despite the pain new doors are opening. This is your time of year to let go and clean house. Full Moons clear the path for new beginnings. This one clears a path for new beginnings in love and opens the door to an abundance of joy. The crucial choice this full Moon brings is the one that involves moving away from fear of losing control into a more trusting space (or environment) that resonates with your most natural rhythms. The kind of environment or foundation you construct for your life can now be a more nurturing and trusting – full of timeless connections to the past, age-old wisdom, and confidence that the universe is supportive if you’ll let it be. Moving more deeply into the tangled (terrifying) webs you weave in your head is familiar but depleting territory. Someone you run into along the course of your daily routine could be the one who ushers you through the most promising opened door

CANCER (June 21-July)
This full Moon falls in your fourth house of your home and family. Something is ending – an era defined by home and family or an old source of security and comfort. Maybe an old arrangement or agreement is over leaving the door open for a new and different approach to life. It appears to be time for nurturing your independence, for settling back into yourself after a while in the wilderness, for putting your own very personal stamp on the world, and for being more assertive. But the choice to be financially dependent, locked into a cold relationship, or restricted by the roles you’re obliged or expected to play is still there. It’s time to choose. An event may push the envelope. You may be on the verge of a deep dive into your personal underworld to uproot sources of decay and confusion involving old relationships. The door is opening for a rebirth. But for now it’s good to push things further, to refuse to over-compromise or to accept what feels unfair. Your power to infuse beauty into the world hangs in the balance.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is facing the “end of an era” with regard to communication and making emotional connections through communication. What’s old and repetitive is dying and will soon be replaced by something new. Venus’s move into the sign of Aries brings with her some exciting and challenging opportunities for growth and expansion that are easy to integrate. Your future may now (or very soon) feel unusually well supported. The Sun’s move into your 10th house enlivens and highlights career goals – and your highest aims for your life. But you have a choice to make that essentially involves moving forward into the adventurous unknown – or backward into a comfortable but confining space of competence. Your work is in need of nourishment. It may be time to get to know the invisible side of you, to spend more time listening to the small voice within, getting to know the magic that lingers just beneath the surface of your awareness, and finding ways to connect with nurturing sources during periods of quiet contemplation. Despite how competent you seem there may be something very shaky and depleting going on beneath the surface. Signs that you need to refuel may be conflict, emotional dis-connection, and disagreements about where we go from here.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The Sun’s move into the Sign of Taurus is a welcome support for Virgo’s exacting, incremental, fixing, perfecting, healing way of being. Making progress becomes easier. The world may begin to seem friendlier. (Taurus and Virgo are good friends). The full Moon and the Sun open doors to breakthroughs for Virgo. Relationship end points ignite the freedom to express the more authentic, unique, real, and rebellious parts of you – especially within the workplace or through your contact with sources of healing. The doors are opening. It’s time to choose whether to stay in a comfortable but depleting place of fear and restriction within the realm of love… or to move forward in a receptive way toward something or someone more exciting and loving. Depending on how self-punishing you’ve been in the past, a supportive group situation might be very nurturing for you. The right group could instill confidence and bring an important piece of your heart back to life.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
An old role within the realm of relationships is coming to a close and with it your entire style and approach to life. There are old patterns that are still operational, but those will be ready to fall away by May 31st. The Sun’s move into the 8th house highlights a period of transition and change, a clean break, and the uprooting of a deep source of relationship or financial stability. Anger surfaces as the Sun moves into the 7th house and hurtful words can feel wounding. A battle royale may be raging. Libra hates conflict but sometimes there is no other choice. Your choice seems to be a move away from something you essentially inherited – something restrictive, confining, cold, detached, ambitious, or heartless. You have been depleted and now it’s time to replenish. It appears nourishing for you to take on the role of the nourisher within the public realm. Something soulful needs to be integrated into your profession or into your highest goal for yourself. Finding ways to integrate what you love most into a public role may involve creating your own role. That feels like a life-enhancing choice.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The full Moon in Libra and the Sun’s move into Taurus and your 7th house double highlights the need for a return to balance. An unraveling process involving relationships and financial partnerships (values, money, and priorities) is about complete. A new emotional beginning is about to take hold. The most intense part may involve the need to re-empower yourself through a transformational process involving communication, connecting with the right financial partner or partners, and pursuing something you could really sink your teeth into. The end of an old arrangement or commitment opens the door to your future and something very promising. It is possible to keep playing old tapes in your head and to find reasons to avoid moving on. You could avoid taking responsibility for nourishing the depleted parts of yourself. But the universe eases you way once you to decide in favor of something less restrictive and more fun. It seems you may already have found it.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Black Moon Lillith in your third house of communication is trying to break free of some old restrictions within the realm of communication. Maybe you have half the story and the other half is hidden beneath the surface of consciousness. Maybe you can’t find the right words to explain what you perceive and know. Maybe others are impatient with your attempts to put into words something that transcends language. But it seems you may be frustrated and thinking in terms of extreme remedies. Hold on until Friday when things begin to clear up and important pieces of the puzzle are put in place. Then you’ll see the whole story and how it fits together. The sensitive new Moon in Libra takes a deep dive into your 12th house of things that are hidden and mysterious this week. That’s where you’ll find information you need if you’re still and quiet and listening for the small voice within. It’s a choice to choose something fearful within the financial realm or to obsess about it. But the alternative is better. The 8th house presents an opportunity to connect with an invisible teacher who can teach you new ways to perform magic. She’ll also provide you with a few short cuts just because you’ve agreed to move on.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This Week the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus igniting your 5th house of love, joy, kids, and the creation of environments that sustain life – on all levels. Savoring, indulging, relaxing, and taking it all in feels right. But there may be something bigger that involves saving the world – or a small piece of it. You may be up against a very solid and formidable destructive force. But it seems you have the means to start a powerful conversation that flows. Something otherwise dry, rehearsed, lacking in spontaneity and life, can be expressed through you in more fluid ways. Bypassing the brain and heading straight for the heart stimulates a breakthrough that cold facts and simply “being right” cannot. Now is the time to enliven something that’s more valuable and essential for the long haul. Now is the time to preserve and protect something irreplaceable. It may be time to rethink your entire approach in favor of seeing things through the eyes of the other. For the sake of your highest aim in life the full Moon and Taurus will open new doors.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
For the sake of beauty and moving through life in a truly elegant way it’s time to find a way to connect with more powerful sources of inner strength. Maybe you know how to do that. Maybe you’ll just have to experiment and/or wander around in the invisible world for a while asking for your source of strength to step forward and to allow you to make the connection you need. You may be moving through a time when your foundations are unsettled, your values are changing, what you once agreed to you no longer do. You want something different but you’re not sure what it is. You might want to move but you don’t know where to or when. The Sun’s move into the sign of Taurus and onto Uranus in Taurus creates some challenges for Aquarius. Basically it slows you down and forces you to focus on something fundamental, basic, and unexciting – like your physical body, financial stability, or savoring something simple. Moving through this phase without having your head explode will be an accomplishment. But moving through it with grace and elegance will be a long-lasting source of pride.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The build-up of planets in Pisces in your fist solar house has emphasized and pushed your saintly, self-sacrificing, universally loving qualities. Even when you’re tired and almost depleted you uphold high standards in the workplace and in your life. And even when nothing much is flowing back in your direction your level of devotion seems rock solid. I think this might be a test of your strength to persevere. The Sun’s move into Taurus is somewhat of a relief. It’s more supportive of Pisces in general and creates some opportunities and openings that can feel pretty interesting. At the beginning of July when Venus moves into the sign of Cancer I suspect that things will start flowing back to you in appreciation for all you’ve given, what you’ve endured, and the standards you’ve upheld regarding the quality of your work, and for your genuine, kind-hearted goodness.

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