Horoscopes for the Week of April 24th – 30th

Today Pluto stations retrograde. Pluto is in charge of deep transformational change. He takes us into the underworld, to places we never wanted to go, exposing us to experiences we never wanted to have, while separating us from something we could never imagine being without.

The process essentially involves dying to an old, confining way of life and being reborn into the freedom we need to pursue our life’s purpose. This process has been ongoing in the sign of Capricorn since 2008.

Pluto in Capricorn tends to undermine and change the supportive structures we’ve come to rely on. Deep within the subconscious mind we’re convinced our survival depends on the stable structures that support us. In retrograde motion Pluto is determined to destroy a confining misperception or toxic element of your life.

In retrograde motion the excavation process intensifies. Pluto penetrates into deeper layers of our being to uproot what is no longer necessary. He turns us inside out. Our initial reaction may be to more intensely resist. But Pluto does what he has to do to get your attention. He’ll wear you down and render you powerless to control the course of events. Time is on his side. Pluto is a slow mover with laser focus and he won’t be leaving the sign of Capricorn for good until 2025.

Pluto wants to make you more powerful by getting rid of the false “fronts” and cultural trappings that have made something disrespectful, beneath you, and disconnected from your life purpose seem tolerable. It’s a wise strategy to work with rather than against him.

Moving into a state of non-resistance (meditation) and asking how you can be a cooperative partner during this retrograde phase seems well worth your time. Cleaning and clearing your space, throwing stuff out, undergoing a physical detoxification process, or voluntarily giving up some control are a few ways you could signal a willingness to change. Maybe it won’t take a devastating “fall from grace” or loss for you to transform.

But the interesting thing about Pluto is that when he’s done with you you won’t know for sure if you want to kill him or thank him. Essentially he’ll re-introduced you to a truer version of yourself – and you’ll notice that she’s pretty amazing.

Through the weekend Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. A lack of clarity regarding your next best move is indicated. Something undermines your desire to connect or to feel that you know anything for certain. You may be overwhelmed with too much information, too many options, decisions, choices, etc. Your confidence or courage may be waning at an inopportune time. Even if all the information appears to be “in order” it’s likely to be an important piece missing, lost, or purposefully being hidden. Take some extra caution when signing documents.

The antidote to the confusion and disorganization of information is to take action that may involve arguing the facts to promote a selfless cause – or to advantage a disadvantaged group. Pisces energy (like any energy) can be channeled in several different ways. Expressing empathy, support, and kindness, when you feel weak and ineffective yourself is a good way to change the game.

On April 30th Mercury sextiles Mars. Nothing especially dramatic will hit you over the head. But if you’re quiet and receptive you’ll notice your mind generating some very pioneering and original ideas that can be used to promote the connections you desire. Maybe you’ll be introduced to someone who wants to help you put your ideas in motion – and knows how to do it. Maybe something (or someone) very adventurous encourages you to learn more. A sparkling conversation promotes a connection.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Pluto is moving in reverse and intensifying his transformative impact where success, your chosen life direction, and your highest aims for yourself reside. Some degree of unworthiness or is being unearthed and uprooted. That works in your favor obviously. Find ways to cooperate with the process. One might be to change your location. Another might be to allow yourself to question whether or not you might like to change course, to reverse a past career decision, or deconstruct what you’ve built. The amount of energy you put into succeeding may be more effective if you spend more time feathering your nest and nurturing your home, family, roots, or those who feel like family. Nourishing something foundational may be key to your success. Some old pain may have been revived over the past week but also a devotion to a pioneering or original idea that may spur new action. The promise of some new, critical connection is made because you trusted your idea.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You may be receiving some guidance that encourages you to rely on past experience to generate some renewed faith in yourself. There are probably many examples from the past where you suffered a painful loss or came to the conclusion that you had to release something or someone critically important to you. At this point you appear to be fairly indestructible – a real force to be reckoned with. There is little that could throw you off your game. But this week confusing and undermining influences are giving it a try. A threat to the financial balance between partners is indicated. And you’re being challenged to release a toxic belief buried under many layers of denial. It’s about fear, the future, and maybe the expectation that what you need to survive and thrive will be withheld. Pluto is doubling down on her efforts to set you free. And Black Moon Lillith gives you permission to express your “badass” self in an authoritative way – to make sure your dreams are realized no matter what anyone thinks.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Faith in your ability to sustain a loving committed relationship may have taken a hit in the past. But what you did to turn things around or to set yourself free seems relevant now. You may be receiving some divine messages about where to go from here that relates to some past decision. A confusing or undermining influence messes with your confidence when it comes to pioneering actions you can take based on what you know. But Pluto is intensifying his efforts to pry away something you might insist on keeping. It has something to do with ownership, financial commitment, power, stability, and the values you share with another. It pays to review what you may still be holding onto that feeds a toxic or stressful situation. From a practical standpoint you’re most effective when your goal is peace of mind. A life enhancing dream or idea fuels some effective effort to mange your resources wisely.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The practical things you’ve done to take care of your physical body, to be successful in life, to expand your options, discipline your self-improvement efforts, and sharpen your skills may be newly relevant. A “tried and true” formula or familiar strategy can be replicated under current circumstances. Doubts about the future may be messing with your confidence or what you know to be true. You may not be sure of anything these days since the rug may have been pulled out from under you. Pluto is encouraging you to let go of something that has always defined the nature of relationships for you – or the role you “must” play within the realm of relationships. Something fairly profound may have changed the nature of the game for the purpose of setting you free. Old restrictions and structures may begin to feel meaningless. What you were “destined to inherit” may be off the table. You’re free to make a clean break from a group or ongoing love affair – or to “do love differently.” What once seemed inevitable is no longer – even if you insist I’m betting on Pluto to land you in a better place.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Pluto is doubling down on his efforts to unravel and set free the restricted, fearful, punishing, over-burdened process you may use to navigate through life. A heavy weight has been placed on your shoulders and you may have (unconsciously) insisted it stay there. In some way it may feel familiar and comfortable. By cultural standards it may appear to be working well for you. But it’s time to consider the price you may be paying for perpetuating an outdated formula. Physical problems are warning signs that something needs to change. Something about the nature of work and success may have been inherited. But your free to reject that inheritance. Your current path seems to be an emotional need for alone time, to be reminded of a time when someone was willing to protect the most sensitive, caring, vulnerable parts of who you were. That responsibility is yours now and it seems pretty impossible to accomplish without some fundamental change and willingness to release the past. Your home environment may be impacted. Something about travel, foreign influences, legalities, publishing, and expansion encourages action. A loving action holds within itself tremendous power. You need to be able to offer lots of loving actions to create the kind of life you want.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Creating the kind of life you want involves a transformational process aimed at love. That process has just move into an intensified stage where Pluto will be digging deep to find the source of something restrictive and fearful.This appears to involve past life patterns, lots of fear, and some feeling of being unworthy. Pluto’s aim is to set you free. Whether this is easy or hard depends to some extent on how much you’re willing to cooperate. Something from the past becomes newly relevant with regarding freedom from what you may have inherited you from your mom or home life. The inheritance may have involved the assumption that lots of pain would accompany love. And so you may have set out to find someone who would deliver those goods. It sounds crazy but it’s a process attached to some logic – flawed logic. Black Moon Lillith is on the cusp of causing some real trouble that could work in your favor relationship-wise. Abandoning, disappearing, throwing in the towel, or refusing to do what you’ve always done may be part of the picture. There’s lots of doubt. Confidence may be lagging a bit. But it seems that the Mercury/Mars sextile at the end of the week creates an important opportunity. Consider acting on it.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Pluto intensifies his efforts to release you from a painful, punishing past you may have inherited and chose to align with. A kinder, gentler, more caring and supportive life direction seems to be the path forward. Creating the kind of lifestyle you want involves a unique, authentic, exciting approach to love and romance. Black Moon Lillith is broadcasting a sense of urgency with regard to your ability to rebel against anything that has encouraged or continues to encourage you to fit in, or toe the line. You are a unique leader and an outsider. Embracing that role increases your power to attract what you want. This week you may be unsure of what you want. Mars and Neptune collide. Confidence re: the future wanes a bit. But a dynamic someone sparks an idea that creates an opportunity to act for the sake of your future – to act effectively in the legal, ethical, educative, or publishing realms. A change in beliefs and the nature of your future in a very positive direction is possible.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio’s are very familiar with Pluto. Constant churning transformation at every level is ongoing. But the level currently being targeted is the integrity of your nervous system, the nature of your mindset, your ability to unleash the safety restraints that keep you from telling yourself the truth, to update old beliefs, ideas, and the stories you’re currently telling yourself about yourself. It’s time to open your mind in ways you haven’t previously been able to. A free flow of ideas without judgement would be nice – less stressful. Black Moon Lillith is on the verge of a rebellious breakthrough with regard to family, roots, and the past. It seems important that you let this happen. It is your ticket into the realm of being able to create the kind of life you want. A clean break from past relationships – or some new freedom within relationships – is now possible. Neptune is confusing but also elevating your intuition in ways that can guide your actions. By the end of the week an idea related to initiating something pioneering is empowered and can be acted upon.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Black Moon Lillith is a highly energized player in your life at the moment. She’s the notorious female “badass” who rebels against what’s not right for her, what’s not exciting, interesting, original, new, and different. She demands the right to change her mind, to try new things, to quit when she feels like it and to defy the rules and judgments people try to pin on her. She challenges the status quo through her example. She continually revises and updates her story. She’s in your face, in your space, doing what she can do to break through blockages and encourage progress. She may be protesting in the streets. But basically her life is a statement of protest. I suggest you give yourself more freedom before your head explodes. Pluto is doing his best to free you of the constraints that come in the form of outdated values and priorities, a lack of trust, and an inability to move into your own life’s rhythm. Also fear of scarcity and change. At the moment you are a living breathing change agent. Embrace it as you move on from the past.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It’s time to fully grow into what you’ve been striving to become and it’s time to do it in an unapologetic way. It’s ok to take the next step, to embrace who you’re now capable of being in a celebratory way. The long climb, the struggle to gain your footing, to be a legitimate player within your field, is over. You’re there. So it’s frustrating to see you hesitate to take the final step in the direction of true freedom. Pluto may come down hard on you if you continue to resist being a little more showy and open and a lot less confined and restricted. Delaying the next step is unnecessary. Your current approach is deeply ingrained for a reason. But the reason is long gone. Now you risk demonstrating to the world a dry, repetitive, disconnected, and irrelevant performance that makes connection and warmth difficult. Something more surprising and stunningly honest could warm things up. Just beneath the surface of awareness your guides may be trying to teach you that adventurousness and expansion is good and so are the inevitable mistakes you’ll make along the way.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Pluto is operating beneath the surface to undo something that may be especially hard to identify. A release or demolition of the old structures you’ve been building to support your life since 1991 requires an absence of resistance. This is best accomplished (I think) through meditation or some other method that puts you in a relaxed trusting state. Other than removing the tendency to hold on there’s not a whole lot you can do to directly influence the process. But indirectly there’s a lot you can do. Making sure your physical body stays as clean as possible through some kind of detoxification process is helpful. Eating nourishing food and maintaining a disciplined approach to healthy habits is important. It seems you’ve already made all the connections you need to set yourself on the right course. Maybe since 1991 you’ve honed a skill or had some experience in un-creating and re-creating the kind of life you wanted. It may have taken some effort and real sacrifice to arrive in a better place. But you know how to do it. You’ve probably done it before. Now may be the time to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to create what you want now.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pluto is coming down extra hard on Pisces (as he is for all signs) for the next five months for the purpose of setting us free, For Pisces that means less hiding, pretending, projecting false facades that convey a degree of confidence that’s not really there. Pisces aren’t fake. They’re protective for good reason. They have no natural boundaries that could serve as a protective shield. But Pluto is essentially saying it’s time to come out from behind the mask and find a way to express yourself authentically. It’s time to risk living with more vulnerability for the sake of being free to express your real self to the world. The very fortunate side effect is an ability to be more receptive to love and potential lovers who are deeply nourishing. This is a hard assignment but none of us will have it easy over the next five months. Resist the urge to fall into the role of the victim. It’s another inauthentic mask that can push love further away. Black Moon Lillith in all her rebellious glory is on the cusp of a breakthrough for you. She’s making her presence known. You may find yourself saying “no” more often and meaning it. Your life may take on an edgy, “don’t mess with me” tone. This should be interesting.

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