Aries New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of April 3rd – 9th


The impending new Moon is the newest new Moon of the year. New Moons are distinguished by the absence of light. Under every new Moon our instincts are turned up a notch. We’re “flying blind” and sensing something new is about to be introduced. We can’t see what’s taking shape but the rest of our senses kick into high gear to fill in the blanks. We’re operating in the realm of something less civilized and more primal.

We can’t assume we’re safe. We’re relying on instinct for our next best move. We’re tuned in, a little on edge, and more alert. Very temporarily we’re taken back into survival mode. But even without a new Moon, Aries relies on instinct more than most – and tends to land on her feet.

Under this Aries new Moon current themes involve the newest of new beginnings, moving away from dependence toward greater independence, throwing off the “shackles”, reaping the rewards of hard work and tough decisions, and walking (or running) away from something that has become uninteresting and deadening.

This is not an easy new Moon. But it’s a liberating one. Leaving behind a complicated, dull, and limiting relationship may be necessary to keep ourselves emotionally alive. It may be time to demolish or uproot something that has run its course.

Saturn in Capricorn squares this new Aries Moon. What is demanded is more effort and focus in the direction of achieving new goals. Distinguishing between what is life enhancing and what is essentially a dead-end – and rejecting the latter – is wise. The courage to embrace a new beginning and a persistent devotion to pioneering new ideas while clearing a path for others to follow is highlighted.

New ideas and visions for the future require courageous action that organizes, connects, directly communicates, and remains aligned with both facts and instinctive knowing. A challenge is thrown in your direction. You can be defeated or you can fight to win. In some regard the challenge brings you back to life.

Aries encourages us to “get on with it.” A new beginning is taking shape and new possibilities and ideas are thrown into the mix. Mars in Gemini triggers the nervous system, sharpens thoughts, and influences your communication along the lines of something more forceful, honest, and direct.

It’s important to state or to admit to yourself what it is you desire and to push back against those who seek to undermine you. The nature of your mindset is “wide awake.” Curiosity intensifies. It’s important to be able to travel into regions of the mind you haven’t yet explored. It’s time to ask more interesting questions, to find more interesting answers, and to act on new ideas – as opposed to mulling them over till they die a slow death.

Black Moon Lillith in Aquarius supports experimentation, breaking the rules, rejecting norms, and causing chaos. She lost her patience with sameness and the status quo when she transited into the sign of Aquarius.

Something imaginative has the potential to be designed, organized, or crafted, into something of practical value. An impulse to feed, heal, and nurture flows in to support this new beginning.

Uranus is unsettling and disruptive. In the sign of Taurus he’ll upset long-standing relationships, financial security, and patterns that have hardened. He’ll stimulate progress and breakthroughs.

A deeply ingrained tendency to “prefer” something depleting and punishing over something nourishing must be dismantled. That’s been the message for a while but it intensifies under this new Moon. Notice the South node sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto.

Jupiter in Sagittarius supports a leap of faith. Pallas in Libra squaring the nodes brings your attention to old relationship habits and strategies you’ve chosen without much thought. This is a good time to replace something charming and compromising with something truthful, direct, and more self-reliant.

Interestingly this new Moon is a preview of the upcoming July 16th lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

At that time a decision or ending similar to the one you experienced in July of 2000 is fueled and begins to materialize over a period of a few months. The theme will feel familiar. But your response will most likely be of a “higher order” – the difference being that you may now refuse to act out of fear. A decision more respectful of what you’ve been through and who you’ve become is likely.

Putting your personal stamp on the world is important. It’s easier once you’ve cleared a path.

This new Moon falls on the fixed star Alpheratz. It’s a very positive and powerful royal influence. Alpheratz is placed on the head of Andromeda – the “chained princess.” It’s likely this new Moon will set her (you) free. Energy, honour, wealth, friendship, and business success is indicated. The achievement of emotional independence is of highest priority. It’s time to throw off the shackles. And it’s time to rely on yourself more to get what you want.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This new Moon may feel like a fire being lit from within. You may be projecting something exciting and a little dangerous that attracts those who need to be brought back to life – or warmed up a bit. Aries are the ones with the most power to portray to the world (in physical form) the meaning of this new Moon. Courage, fire, survival, something primal, very ancient, and deeply informed is triggered. The challenge you throw out to “whomever” is a risky one. It may involve uncovering what lies beneath – all the scariest stuff we imagine when we’re most vulnerable. You may know that the reward for moving yourself through a necessary emotional ordeal is liberation from fear. After that things are never quite the same – they’re better. You have the ability to independently set your own course in life. It’s very exciting and important for you to embody this process and maybe to be the enlivened, unshackled example of how great it feels to be alive, interested, newly engaged with a mind that’s on fire.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
All the action is happening for Taurus beneath the surface and behind the scenes. It’s as though you’re once again moving through a gestational phase. A new arrangement, new connections, and new preliminary inner design is in the process of formation. It seems you are preparing to be born again in a fresh, new, more enlightened and alive form. What’s being set in place is the foundation of a renewed self with new potential. You’re destined to be lighter, freer, more interested, more interesting, more fully engaged and alive. Something is being released that has kept you shackled to a life that may have felt heavily burdened by relationship disappointments, responsibilities, and the feeling that you had to sacrifice what you most desired. I don’t have much advice. It seems the gods are stepping in to make sure that a new arrangement is being set in place. You may soon notice things coming together and starting to work in your favor. There is an ease and flow that comes with a willingness to be open to change. That’s the challenge. You have to be flexible and open to a very healing kind of change. The rest just flows.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It seems you will be surrounded and supported by people – friends, allies, and fellow travelers – who bring you back to life in some essential way. They remind you – or otherwise stimulate within you – a feeling of being newly liberated, abundantly nourished, fresh, alive, and brimming with new potential. The new Moon is springtime itself and you may feel totally aligned with the energy. You are likely to receive some good news that further fires you up – maybe fueling a new interest or opportunity. Some hard work and focus is required. But the people you encounter this week are true gifts. They are integral to fueling your happiness, freedom and ability to expand and grow. They set you free in the ways you most need to be set free. Leave behind the intensity and mistrust and allow yourself to be nourished by those who belong to your tribe and love you.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancers are well-known for their tendency to lean in the direction of dependency, security, safety, comfort, and something well nourished. They are also “givers” in this regard. But under this new Moon I don’t see how that works for you. Your chart bends over backwards to suggest the need for something that may feel new and risky. Asserting your independence, challenging others to accommodate your need for a change, standing up for yourself, and refusing to be the provider of “everything comforting” might feel strange but necessary. Highly emphasized is your professional life, your relationship with the public, and your need to chart your own course. Old family relationship habits die hard. An old relationship with the past or with your mom might encourage you to retreat back into what feels comfortable. But it’s time to resist. Stand up for yourself and make your own way. Resist the urge to coddle yourself or others. You’re more useful now if your encourage yourself (and others) to rely on themselves. There are lots of ways to nurture. Encouraging self-reliance seems like the best way under this new Moon. You could lead by example and unexpectedly discover some personally exciting new potential and liberation in the process.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is great potential for new growth, expansion, and a re-invigorated, refreshing new faith in yourself. Your growth is being nurtured and supported by a lover, a child, a mother, or a creative project requiring “total immersion.” Love is central Education, publishing, legalities and the “need to get the word out” may be triggered by a social situation, cause, rebellion, or the need for reform. Someone more powerful, interesting, or courageous could align with you, your cause, or point of view – and advance the ball in your direction. What has been stagnant or delayed for a while comes back to life. New interest, courage faith, and optimism is fueled. A second try or renewed effort catches fire. Exert the effort needed to keep it going. What might have seemed like a lost cause is brought back to life. And with it your own enthusiasm for social justice, balance, and an equal shot for all concerned. Expect a new power and influence to have a lasting effect. Know that your “enemies” may not follow the basic rules of decency and fair play. Stay alert and ready.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mars in your 10th house is a desire for success, fame, fortune, attention, admiration and respect. You may desire to be noticed but you may not feel comfortable admitting to it. Virgo is a humble sign. But like every sign they desire to have what they want. Courage comes into play when you unapologetically state what you want and go after it. This may have been clarified recently. Under this new Moon you may be liberated from the shackles of having to pretend, hide, or tone down what you truly desire. Now is not the time to play it small. Now it the time to increase your power and influence and maybe your contact with the public. Now is the time to be clear about where your headed and what you expect. Saturn focuses you on accomplishing what you want to accomplish and releasing any remnants of un-deservingness and limitation. The north node in your 11th house encourages you to move in the direction of supportive friends, allies, and environments.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The new Moon in your 7th house of relationships opens the door to a courageous new beginning. Something less emotionally dependent and more self-reliant triggers a balancing effect, an infusion of new life, and something more expansive and interesting. Mars in Gemini in your 9th house triggers growth, independence, and faith – faith in yourself and in life. The south node in Capricorn is “sandwiched” between Saturn and Pluto demanding a break from the past and a willingness to be un-shackled. Venus in your 6th house of healing is a fortunate influence and a gift. She’ll create a beautiful healing flow and supportive communication. Foreign travel could be an interesting option. But legalities, publishing, expanding freedom, and renewed faith presents many opportunities to demonstrate self-reliance and a forceful insistence on getting what you want. Clinging to the past derails you. A new and different approach to life and love is now possible. The North Node in your 10th house guides you in a very fortunate new direction that may lead to a very fortunate new relationship.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Pallas in Libra in your 12th house of old relationship patterns is being seriously challenged by something undermining, inflexible, and maybe darkly motivated. There is a clash and a call to action that has the potential to change the nature of your “inner psychic arrangement” – and to change your life in some very positive ways. A deep attachment or refusal to be self-reliant is being seriously challenged. A dark or inflexible mindset feeds something that could be depleting your power to create the kind of life you want. The challenge is bring your mind back under your control as you renew and transform the nature of how you love, who you love, and how much energy you’re willing to expend to protect and continue to nourish something from the past. Venus in your 5th house of love and the north node in your 9th house of future possibilities (an abundance of opportunity) encourages you to open your mind to something different. It’s a challenge to let go of something you’ve become deeply attached to. Make sure you’re not holding on to protect yourself from something that feels scary. Truth is always the best medicine for Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Saturn defines the nature of your work. Under this new Moon it may be brought to your attention that you have outgrown an old set of values and priorities – those that have guided your life and your decisions for a long time. A renewal or rebirth is re-birth is suggested. You may be missing something. Your may be missing a lot. Sensitizing yourself to the beauty that surrounds you and savoring it presents new possibilities. But it may feel like hard work initially. Feeling more satisfied and content is the goal. It may be time to focus on listening more carefully or on being a more conscious observer. This new Moon opens a new door that elevates the importance of recognizing and appreciating rare beauty for the purpose of moving you into a whole new world of enjoyment and abundant nourishment. Savoring beauty is an especially powerful elixir for you. Under its spell you’re less likely to take fewer confusing detours in search of something more fulfilling. Endless searching may become a thing of the past. So might overeating and/or overdoing anything.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The new Moon in your 4th house suggests the idea of settling into and further developing a passion. Something old, rich in history, multilayered, and/or subtley complicated deserves your attention and a deeper level of engagement. It may be something simple that calls for closer examination and greater discrimination. There is something more to discover regarding the “finer points.” Something resembling pure truth and longevity may be what you’re seeking. Current responsibilities may prevent you from delving more deeply or being able to “sink your teeth into something that has always fascinated or confused you – a process maybe. This new Moon encourages you to indulge your curiosity and your need to understand inner workings and combinations. Find some time to use your steady focus and ability to concentrate to learn. In very fundamental ways it may bring you back to life and soothe your soul.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The new Moon in your 3rd house of communication and connecting highlights your interests and a new idea that may be worth pursuing. Maybe it’s not such a new idea but one you’ve put on the shelf for a while. Innovating or inventing something subtle yet practically useful (is a healing way) is the challenge. It requires an unwavering belief in yourself, self-reliance, and freedom from the kind of doubt that could undermines faith in yourself and your ideas. Uranus in your 4th house suggests the need for a fundamental change in the direction of valuing and pursuing something mysteriously powerful, highly refined, and difficult to pin down or prove beyond a doubt. You may need a partner who comes in the form of a “muse” to guide your work and to give you subtle hints and regular encouragement. You may also need to spend long hours working in isolation to create something that seems to embody your life’s purpose. You may need to enlist help from those who have passed on but left something behind that deeply resonates with your soul.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The new Moon in your second house of survival skills, assessing and appreciating the true value of things, and generating an income, focuses your exceptional ability to persuade and influence the most skeptical among us. Your power is intense and subtle. It’s a tricky thing to keep it all above-board, truthful, and aligned with a firm sense of integrity. You may need to persuade someone to undermine something that prevents a relationship from advancing. You may need to insist on something more practical, workable, and pure. But those you influence may not know what hit them. In a way we’re all at your mercy. You can sell anything you want to sell. You could increase your income though something resembling magic and more aligned with love. While you’re at it maybe you could find a way to undermine your own old relationship habits that encourage you to make things more complicated than they need to be. A simple, direct approach opens new doors and more interesting possibilities.

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