Relationship Readings

Relationship readings involve the comparison of two individual charts (synastry) and the creation and interpretation of a relationship chart – the couples chart. Astrology becomes very practical when applied to relationships.

For couples one of the most important and influential indicators is the location of the Moon in each indivual chart. It shows what someone needs in order to feel secure. This is very fundamental information. It’s critical especially if you share a home.

Couples do better when they’re aware and understand each other’s needs. They can be more objective and helpful if they understand why partners do what they do and feel how they feel.

During a relationship reading I look at all the planets in each individual’s chart, interpret what they mean and how they’ll most likely to be expressed.

When I compare the charts I look for indications of harmony, opportunity, conflict, or the need for major adjustments.

The following example might clarify:

If your partners Moon is in the earthy sign of Capricorn we know that in order to feel secure he’ll have to feel respected and admired for his accomplishments. He’ll tend to set high goals because he needs to feel challenged to succeed. Capricorn Moons are good at organization. They’re cautious, well-thought-out, deliberate, and they don’t take short cuts. They’re realistic and expect to have to do lots of complicated problem solving.

Capricorn Moon’s works harder than most. They’re good at compartmentalizing their emotions in order to stay focused on a goal. They do fear failure and scarcity. Financial stability is very important to them and they do what it takes to create wealth. It’s not usually a labor of love though. It’s often labor born of the fear of not succeeding. Being shown respect and admiration goes a long way to helping them feel secure. More than love (or at least as much as) a Capricorn Moon needs to feel respected within the realm of relationships.

If you’re living with a Capricorn Moon person it would feel pretty easy if your own Moon was placed in a compatible earth sign – Taurus or Virgo maybe. A nice flow would also be supported as well if your Moon was in Pisces or Scorpio. Naturally you would enhance each others sense of security and feel safe and comfortable in each other’s presence. You would probably like living togther and your idea of what makes a home a home would be very similar.

But if your Moon is placed in the sign of Aries, for example, your way of providing security for yourself would feel somewhat threatening to your Capricorn partner.

Unlike Capricorn an Aries Moon is impatient and follows her instincts. She doesn’t do a lot of research for her “next best move.” She has no time for that. Shee likes to initiate things that require courage and involve a fair degree of risk. She’s a trailblazer and pretty confident that she’ll land on her feet no matter what. Close calls get her blood flowing. (Capricorn breaks into a cold sweat with this kind of stuff.)

Aries Moons don’t shy away from conflict and attract their fair share of it. They’re warriors at heart and feels confident mixing it up. They’re competitive and sexually alive. Usually strong and and grounded in their physical body, this is critically important to their sense of emotional well-being.

The “relationship chart” is interpreted as though it belonged to one individual – the couple as one entity.

So what does the couple need in order to feel secure? We look to the placement of the Moon in the couple’s chart and proceed from there.

Relationship readings are usually fun and full of information you can use to make your relationship what you want it to be. Awareness and understanding is the key to change.

Relationship readings last an hour and a half. The cost is 425.00

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