New Horoscopes for the Week of March 13th – 19th*

Whenever the Sun and Mercury align in a conjoining aspect information is highlighted, clarified, revealed, brought to your attention, or the attention of the public. The last time this occurred was on January 29th when the Sun and Mercury aligned in the sign of Aquarius.

Mercury is now transiting in retrograde motion (Mar. 5th until Mar. 27th) and will once again (Thurs. March 14th) conjunct the Sun. This is a new beginning and a major clarification. An ongoing mystery begins to make sense as the official story continues to unravel. Missing pieces of information are discovered and revealed. The Sun shines light into the dark corners where information is hidden.

Look for a moment of clarity that may be connected to whatever occurred around Jan. 29th. At this moment Mercury in Pisces is about half way through its Pisces retrograde phase.

On Thursday Saturn in Capricorn trines Mars in Taurus. Taurus is patient and slow and works toward something settled, stabilized, and of significant value. Capricorn is hard-working and focused. Expect to be able to do some of your best work under this aspect – work you love most likely. Trines bring together two different kinds of compatible energies to create a harmony that feels especially supportive. In this case whatever you’re working on, or focused on, brings good results. Financial gains or something rewarding within the realm of relationships might feel satisfying, settling, and worthwhile.

The Sun and Mercury trine the North Node clarifying your current most promising direction or focus. Laid at your feet may be some undeniable validation coming in the form of instinctive knowing, intuition, synchronous events, or timely information. The North Node in the sign of Cancer – home, family, roots, security, and the past – craves your attention. Acknowledging and working through feelings while saying goodbye to old forms of coldness, discomfort, or unresponsiveness is facilitated. Something more sensitive and caring is welcomed into your life.

The Sun and Mercury sextile Pluto in Capricorn, square Jupiter in Sagittarius, and trine the North Node this week.

Mercury sextiles Pluto from March 13th – March 16th) A deeper investment in newly revealed information may be necessary. What is brought to your attention feels significant – maybe profoundly so. Perspectives change.

Jupiter also squares the Sun and Mercury this week – the Sun on March 13th and Mercury on March 15th. Gaining access to a truth might feel very hopeful. Enthusiasm can tend to run wild though. Things look bigger or better than they actually are under Jupiter’s influence. Expectations can be blown out of proportion. Toning it down a little or keeping your expectations “in line” seems like a wise strategy.

Many of these aspects will be repeated through April 17th after Mercury turns direct on March 27th. This is not the final word on anything. But it is significant development.

Overlaying everything is the influence of the impending full Moon at 0 degrees of Libra on March 20th – next Wednesday. Increasingly you’ll feel compelled to resolve a push/pull issue in your life, to bring balance to something that has become lopsided, and to to courageously address an opposing force. Relationships are front and center. Increasingly you’re sensitized to issues involving values, money, self-worth, and beauty. A final ending may phase be in play. Prosperity is likely as the fixed Star Markeb conjuncts the impending full Moon. I’ll write more on this later in the week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 12th house of dreams, mystery, and access to higher realms is highly active this week. What you experience in an altered (sleeping) state may reveal the information you need to move forward. Expect to be aligned with a deeper part of yourself you may have been neglecting for a while. And expect that this will have a profound effect on where you’re headed. Something you’ve been working on for a while begins to pay off. Steadfastness and persistence is rewarded. Now is a time when you may feel sensitized to, and maybe inspired by, someone or something from the past. Your Mom may play a foundational role. Your home, feeling comfortable with your past, more settled with family affairs, and more settle in general may be a goal. Moving away from the coldness of cut-throat tactics for “success” feels like a positive move. The impending full Moon in Libra highlights relationships and partners. A review of old relationship patterns may be in play. For Aries, whatever the question, the answer seems to be a more courageous approach to finances, your values, priorities, and voluntarily settling into your own distinct rhythm. Surrounding yourself with beauty may be the healing agent that turns something risky into a gold mine.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus in your 10th house of success may be triggering something more rebellious, more authentic, and less predictable. Allies may be hard to find. But you may be playing a high-profile role these days and the public could be taking notice. Your ability to lead in very distinctive ways attracts the attention of those who could support your goals. Your tendency to be victimized in social settings is currently undergoing a major transformational phase in the direction of something more enlightened. Around April 18th that process will be complete. The impending full Moon in your 6th house promises a development that brings two competing parts of your life into better balance. Underlying fear, powerlessness, and rage may be the result of habitual relationship patterns that end in a disappointing place. A focus on process rather than outcomes seems critical for Taurus. There is great beauty and grace associated with how you move through the world and ongoing life challenges. For you it is your strength and the whole point. It may be time to release a role that feels coarse, degrading, or beneath your refined sensibilities.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Undergoing an invisible transformation are the most visible areas of your life. Your career, success, interaction with the public, and leadership style is in the process of an upgrade after some rather intense transformations and reconsiderations. Moving to a higher level of operation is the point. As more information is revealed the emerging career picture changes. Any hint of being victimized by your public role will hopefully be diluted and released. The impending full Moon in Libra implies some courageous action to rebalance the scales. A social risk may be involved. A relationship with what (or who) you love may need to be brought into balance. Your attention is drawn to the financial sector. Taking better care of yourself is important. Being more receptive to a style and approach to money that makes you feel good about yourself as you manage resources, interact with financial realities, and a move away from the fear of scarcity, is your current most promising path. You can be easily manipulated into a life that feels unstable until you release fear. This week is a good time to take some giant steps in your most promising direction.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Undergoing some major transformational change is the realm of your life that deals with your future, your beliefs, the truth, and how you initiate expansion into more interesting realms. In general the future may feel like a source of victimization. The expectation of future disappointment could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. But something changes between now and April 18th. Revelations and new information fills in the blanks. A more optimistic storyline can emerge as you deal responsibly with important (maybe new) details. An imbalance involving home, family, your mom, taking on a more courageous public role or risky goal needs to be integrated. Maybe you are freed of the need to follow in some the difficult footsteps of a family member. Initiating a new life direction that does not follow old relationship patterns looks promising. It’s time to focus on your style and approach to life, the role you play within the realm of relationships, what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be diminished. This looks like a move away from something cold, calculating, and unresponsive into the realm of something more sensitive and caring.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Any move in the direction of trusting the unknown, trusting your own feelings to guide you in the right direction, taking better care of yourself, and releasing a punishing, perfectionistic approach to work, is very positive. Fear may gradually be brought under control as you begin to rely on inner sources of strength and information. Feeling victimized by finances, a financial dependent, or partnership are areas undergoing major transformational changes and a significant upgrade between now and April 18th. Dealing with the details and being newly informed of missing information, creates a clearer picture of where you stand financially. It returns your power to you. The impending full Moon in Libra is a prosperous one. A return to balance is implied. Courage is required when it comes to choosing a future that may feel exciting but fairly risky. Something more adventurous is being offered or suggested. It’s important not to let old fears block the joy that expansion, travel, progress, and something more interesting always brings to a potentially fiery and enthusiastic Leo life. It’s time to adjust your routine to include more of what you love.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
If you feel victimized by the role you play within relationships, a neglectful partner, or long periods of separation, you can feel encouraged that there is more to be revealed. Your life is undergoing an upgrade and something deeply transformational. Missing information, gaps in the storyline, and hidden information will be revealed over the next month. It’s time to more clearly define the role you want to play and to attend to the details and realities that will allow you to step into something more stabilizing and satisfying. Things will change between now and April 18th. A focus on your dreams, hopes, and wishes as well as your social life seems important. Surrounding yourself with allies, caring friends, and those who support and defend you – maybe old friends who have been an important part of your life for a long time – need your attention. Lovers and children may be less inclined to be responsive to your needs. It’s time to move away from what’s cold and calculating in the direction of what’s nourishing and supportive. Courage is required as you face the need to release firm attachments and to redefine your future along the lines of something more financially independent and foundationally solid.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A mysterious transformational process is taking place in your 6th house of health, work, and the kinds of methods and processes you use to navigate your way through life. More will be revealed about the efficiency and effectiveness of your methods especially when it comes to dealing with harsh judgementalism, perfectionism, self-sacrifice, or a lack of empathy. Maybe in the past you neglected, ignored, wished away, or excused what was harsh and unfeeling. Maybe it was too threatening to acknowledge and release. Now is when the rubber meets the road. Improvements and corrections can be made. But it may be best to wait until April 18th when you have all the facts and evidence at your disposal. In the meantime pay attention to details, to how you’re treated on the job, and to the status of your health. A change in life direction involves embracing a nurturing, kind, and caring approach to the public. It also involves the release of something inherited that demands success or winning at all costs. The public needs you to be focused in a softer, gentler, more nourishing, and homey leadership role. Venus moves into your 6th house on March 27th. Then you may give yourself permission to integrate what you love most into the kind of work that you do. In the meantime make courageous choices in relationships.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
More information is revealed in an ongoing, incomplete love story. In the process of transformation is a belief in a love that may be unsupported by the emerging facts. On the other hand what’s revealed may support the solidity and the intensity of love you feel. New financial information may be highlighted. A move in the direction of your future as opposed to reliving the past in your mind is necessary. Creating a future that feels more responsive to your emotional needs seems important. Creating a space for your more enlightened, unusual, independent and rebellious ways of being is non-negotiable. Someone needs to love that part of you – not just be willing to tolerate it while being unnerved by it. The impending full Moon in your 12th house brings an old relationship to a close. More importantly it can bring an end to old relationship habits and strategies. Initiating something new and courageous involves how you move through life and the methods you employ to get where you want to be. A new job or groundbreaking initiative that feels worthy of the sensitivity you’re able to bring to your work is important. What you have to share with the world is most likely sensitizing and impactful

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
When it comes to the past, your home, and your sense of security things are “up in the air.” Vagueness reigns. Missing pieces of information complicate decisions. A profound transformation and upgrade is ongoing when it comes to settling on what feels most comfortable to you. Essentially decisions cannot be made until April 18th. At that time more information will be at your fingertips. Unknowns may involve the extent of your power, financial details, personal stability, and the stability of your job. Globally politics are unsettled. This reality may affect Sagittarians more than any other sign. It’s good to focus on empowering yourself possibly through the creation of financial partnerships, more efficient management of your resources, development of a specific talent, and a more honest assessment of what you feel you deserve. Your tendency may be to underestimate what you’re worth. That needs to be corrected. The impending full Moon in the sign of Libra requires some recalibration or rebalancing of the scales. Something along the lines of being more expressive in love or more enthusiastically involved in doing what you love most is part of the picture. Maybe you’re capable of receiving more than is being offered in your workplace. Something more independent and self-directed may be right for you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your mindset is undergoing a major transformative process and upgrade. Your perspective – the way you communicate, organize, prioritize, and interpret the facts is in flux. Missing information or corrected information will be provided to you between now and April 18th. That may change the nature of your game and the nature of your beliefs about the future. It is possible that some deeply ingrained notion of self-sacrifice when it comes to your future will be uprooted or reversed. For now you may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s a familiar feeling. But a bigger focus on feeling the love within the realm of relationships is warranted. There is a lot of support for what you need within the realm of relationships. Feeling like you’re out there on your own is a choice – and most likely a delusion. To the extent you can move away from that belief you benefit. The impending full Moon in Libra in your 10th house of success benefits from a more courageous and adventurous approach to something foundational – your home, family, or the past. Something new and different may be ripe for a trial run.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The financial/self-worth/predictable/stabilizing sector of your life is undergoing a significant transformation and upgrade. Information you don’t currently have will be revealed between now and April 18th. In the meantime uncertainty and doubt characterizes financial realities, partnerships, and the details. Partners must be relied upon to an extent that feels uncomfortable for independent Aquarius. Future-oriented Aquarius is also unsettled by current unknowns. But to some extent Aquarians always deal with financial unknowns and the need to trust “the ebbs and flows” of an area of life that fundamentally affects their ability to survive and thrive. Potential collaborative money-making ventures may be “on hold” until April 18th when all the information has been provided and assessed. Venus in your first house is making life easier. Your style and approach is especially attractive through March 27th. A focus on home – selling your home and moving to someplace that feels more aligned with your inner rhythms – is a possibility. A more conscious awareness of how your work affects your emotional life may need to be taken into consideration. Your health status may be indicative of changes you might need to make. A remote and less personally invested approach to your work can be depleting for you. The impending full Moon encourages a more courageous approach to identifying and communicating the kind of future you’d like to create.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces experiences full force the impact of a significant transformation and upgrade. Information received on Jan 29th is ripe for development. More will be revealed and significant life shifts may take place between now and April 18th. Those may involve the relationship sector of your life and less willingness to be self-sacrificial in whatever relationship role you play. The North Node in your 5th house moves you in the direction of love. This may require a detachment from habitual expectations of scarcity when it comes to love or your ability to tolerate something cold and/or restricted. Real love and balance holds great promise for you now. The impending full Moon in the sign of Libra requires re-calibration and a more equal balance of power within the realm of partnerships. Something more courageous may be required within the financial/stability/self-worth sector of your life. Maybe it’s time to try something freer and more adventurous to financially stabilize and settle yourself. Financial independence and power is a goal worth pursuing. It may be time to say no to something or someone who under-estimates your worth and talent.

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