Libra Full Moon March 20, 2019*

This is essentially the set-up for tomorrow’s full Moon:

A few hours before the culmination of Libra full Moon, the Sun exits the sign of Pisces and enters the sign of Aries. This is the initiation of something new. Zero degrees of Aries is where everything starts – the first degree of the first sign of the Zodiac. And the Spring Equinox arrives.

An equinox (Spring or Fall) celebrates a return to balance. It’s a time when the length of lightness (daytime) is approximately equal to the length of darkness (nighttime). And then there is a shift in direction and a reversal. The days become progressively longer and the nights shorter where the opposite has occurred for the past 6 months.

Emphasizing this shift is the March 20th Full Moon at zero degrees of Libra occurring at 9:42 pm EDT and 6:42 PDT.

When the Sun moves into Aries it immediately conjuncts and awakens Chiron, the wounded healer. What we must do is not easy. It can be painful and very challenging.

Under this full Moon there is a sense of feeling weak and wounded. The scab is torn off. You may be vulnerable and afraid. Moving through the pain may be necessary. There is too much at stake to reject a chance to heal. Courage is not optional when you’re fighting for your future.

The area of life where a specific change in focus and direction can be expected is indicated by the house placement of the Moon.

A sense of vulnerability and weakness will be indicated by the opposing house. Included in tomorrow’s horoscopes will be a detailed explanation for each sign.

Every full Moon places us at a culmination point and ending. We’ve taken something as far as it can go in a specific direction. The momentum stalls and part of a cycle is complete. We extract anything of value and move on. A change in focus and direction is necessary.

The Moon promises an emotional return to “home base” – in this case a return to an internal sense of alignment, balance, and harmony. But a course correction may be necessary.

In some ways this full Moon feels like a second chance. Something about our original intent, the truth, and our natural “home” is clarified. A distracting or confusing element is being dissolved. It’s possible we’ll find our way back to the “main road,” the main point, the truth of what we actually desire, and the place we want to be. It’s time to re-dedicate ourselves to fighting for the future we actually want.

Mercury and Neptune are big players in the clarification process. An internal “homing signal” is being triggered by Mercury’s retrograde alignment with Neptune. An initial remembrance or reminder may have presented itself on February 19th. Further clarification and contact with something elusive (a forgotten or neglected dream) is likely to occur sometime between March 23rd and April 4th.

Venus in Aquarius rules this full Moon and aligns with the feminine “disruptor” Black Moon Lillith. Anger, rebellion, and the desire to be liberated from restrictions – specifically those involving father figures, authorities, financial restrictions, or repressive influences are highlighted. The urge to overthrow the status quo and traditional feminine roles is strong.

Mars in Taurus encourages slowing down. He’s demanding specific actions that are aligned with what you value most. Distractions, chaos, and confusion must be sidelined. When liberation is desired Mars encourages practicality, grounding, financial stabilization, wealth-building, patience, and a very deliberate “building” process. Every decision – the placement of every “brick” – must be well-considered. A long-term strategic plan needs to be set in motion and adhered to.

In this full Moon chart the Sun/Moon midpoint is 0 degrees of Capricorn. This is considered to be the most powerful indicator of what needs to be done to successfully integrate security needs into a balanced, exuberantly creative life.

Zero degrees of Capricorn is about taking on an authoritative leadership role in your life. You’re steering this ship. Changing course requires challenging adjustments. Keeping your head above water is essential.

Determination, focus, and a hard-nosed appraisal of your situation is important. Practical intelligence must be applied. The “point of balance” (Capricorn at 0 degrees) squares the Sun and Chiron. Courage moves us to initiate something when we’re afraid and vulnerable. Initiating an ending could be an especially powerful act and motivator.

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. This strengthens your actions. Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful behind-the scenes, magical force. You might feel a source of passion and deep transformation being channeled through deliberate, practical actions.

Your relationship with yourself is primary. But relationships of every kind are highlighted under a Libra full Moon. Attempts to control others are depleting and unsuccessful. Keep the focus on yourself, re-balancing the scales, and initiating a course correction.

Under this full Moon you may be navigating through a personal crisis. This is the catalyst for a reconnection with a part of yourself that’s been lost.

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