Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

This is essentially the set-up for today’s full Moon:

A few hours before the culmination of Libra full Moon, the Sun exits the sign of Pisces and enters the sign of Aries. This is the initiation of something new. Zero degrees of Aries is where everything starts – the first degree of the first sign of the Zodiac. And the Spring Equinox arrives.

An equinox (Spring or Fall) celebrates a return to balance. It’s a time when the length of lightness (daytime) is approximately equal to the length of darkness (nighttime). And then there is a shift in direction and a reversal. The days become progressively longer and the nights shorter where the opposite has occurred for the past 6 months.

Emphasizing this shift is the March 20th Full Moon at zero degrees of Libra occurring at 9:42 pm EDT and 6:42 PDT.

When the Sun moves into Aries it immediately conjuncts and awakens Chiron, the wounded healer. What we must do is not easy. It can be painful and very challenging.

Under this full Moon there is a sense of feeling weak and wounded. The scab is torn off. You may be vulnerable and afraid. Moving through the pain may be necessary. There is too much at stake to reject a chance to heal. Courage is not optional when you’re fighting for your future.

The area of life where a specific change in focus and direction can be expected is indicated by the house placement of the Moon.

A sense of vulnerability and weakness will be indicated by the opposing house. Included in tomorrow’s horoscopes will be a detailed explanation for each sign.

Every full Moon places us at a culmination point and ending. We’ve taken something as far as it can go in a specific direction. The momentum stalls and part of a cycle is complete. We extract anything of value and move on. A change in focus and direction is necessary.

The Moon promises an emotional return to “home base” – in this case a return to an internal sense of alignment, balance, and harmony. But a course correction may be necessary.

In some ways this full Moon feels like a second chance. Something about our original intent, the truth, and our natural “home” is clarified. A distracting or confusing element is being dissolved. It’s possible we’ll find our way back to the “main road,” the main point, the truth of what we actually desire, and the place we want to be. It’s time to re-dedicate ourselves to fighting for the future we actually want.

Mercury and Neptune are big players in the clarification process. An internal “homing signal” is being triggered by Mercury’s retrograde alignment with Neptune. An initial remembrance or reminder may have presented itself on February 19th. Further clarification and contact with something elusive (a forgotten or neglected dream) is likely to occur sometime between March 23rd and April 4th.

Venus in Aquarius rules this full Moon and aligns with the feminine “disruptor” Black Moon Lillith. Anger, rebellion, and the desire to be liberated from restrictions – specifically those involving father figures, authorities, financial restrictions, or repressive influences are highlighted. The urge to overthrow the status quo and traditional feminine roles is strong.

Mars in Taurus encourages slowing down. He’s demanding specific actions that are aligned with what you value most. Distractions, chaos, and confusion must be sidelined. When liberation is desired Mars encourages practicality, grounding, financial stabilization, wealth-building, patience, and a very deliberate “building” process. Every decision – the placement of every “brick” – must be well-considered. A long-term strategic plan needs to be set in motion and adhered to.

In this full Moon chart the Sun/Moon midpoint is 0 degrees of Capricorn. This is considered to be the most powerful indicator of what needs to be done to successfully integrate security needs into a balanced, exuberantly creative life.

Zero degrees of Capricorn is about taking on an authoritative leadership role in your life. You’re steering this ship. Changing course requires challenging adjustments. Keeping your head above water is essential.

Determination, focus, and a hard-nosed appraisal of your situation is important. Practical intelligence must be applied. The “point of balance” (Capricorn at 0 degrees) squares the Sun and Chiron. Courage moves us to initiate something when we’re afraid and vulnerable. Initiating an ending could be an especially powerful act and motivator.

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. This strengthens your actions. Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful behind-the scenes, magical force. You might feel a source of passion and deep transformation being channeled through deliberate, practical actions.

Your relationship with yourself is primary. But relationships of every kind are highlighted under a Libra full Moon. Attempts to control others are depleting and unsuccessful. Keep the focus on yourself, re-balancing the scales, and initiating a course correction.

Under this full Moon you may be navigating through a personal crisis. This is the catalyst for a reconnection with a part of yourself that’s been lost.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Changes in relationships or changes to the nature of your role within relationships involves balance and group activity involving issues of freedom or “setting women free.” Initiating something new or playing a role you may feel unprepared to play requires courage. Feeling exposed or wounded under this full Moon is a challenge and an opportunity to push through. Taking on a confident, transformative, leadership role is a potentially lucrative enterprise for you. There is powerful potential in the career sector of your life. Practical, concrete, actions and efforts to stabilize financially are fueled by an invisible source of power that makes these actions especially effective. Mars is a determined builder. It’s time to build on what you’ve already achieved – emphasizing a unique talent or unorthodox, innovative approach. How you “relate” to others may involve a positive change in your sense of self-worth. An “upgrade” is indicated. “Returning home” to a place of authenticity may be a matter of paying attention to subtle signs, revelations, and intuitive insights that are being repeated. An important indicator and guide to a change in direction was introduced on Feb. 19th and will be reinforced from March 23rd – April 4th.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A hidden vulnerability is triggered and may interfere with your ability to approach life with confidence and courage. An old wound comes to life that may involve loss, denial, the fear of initiating endings – or the fear that another may initiate an ending. Financial stability is a sensitive subject. The sacrifice of freedom or love in exchange for money may be a painful choice. Unhealthy relationships may finally end. Old relationship habits may come into play as the need for a complete transformation of your role within any relationship seems inevitable. There’s lots of power emanating from your 9th house of expansion, opportunity, travel, education, and publishing. There’s opportunity to create space for yourself and to capitalize on a slow steady approach. A stabilizing presence makes a powerful impact. What your building feels solid, essential, timeless, and of great value. But it’s not without personal sacrifice. The “homing signal” that guides a course correction involves love, love for a child, for the beautification of home, and nurturing those in need.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A return to balance triggers a vulnerability related to groups, your social life, and keeping the dream alive. An old wound is triggered and the response required is a courageous one. A secret, evolving revelation, or deeper insight fuels questions regarding your public/professional role, life direction, and the nature of your home. Financial stability comes with a price. It may limit your freedom to create more space for something you love – an unusual talent, unorthodox, or independent way of life for example. Opportunities or your ability to embrace those are limited. An adjustment may need to be made that involves loss or bringing to an end some kind of approach that is not “bearing fruit” – or ‘enough fruit.” What you love and who you are when you’re being your most authentic self may need to be given more weight as you work through decisions. A consideration of the current quality of your life is important to note. You’ll continue to receive lots of intuitive guidance from March 23rd through April 4th.

CANCER (June 21-July)
A vulnerability regarding your professional life may be exposed in a public way. Maybe the vulnerability involves a foundational “shake up” that undermines old assumptions about what can be counted on – what you can expect to be required to give and what you can expect to be given in return. Old contracts dissolve creating an invisible crisis that might be reflected in some kind of health disruption. Family issues or issues from the past trigger the need for support from friends and groups. Whatever the pain your response must be a courageous one. You have to work around your vulnerabilities and old wounds. You cannot escape them. A decision involving your security and your family may be in play. A change involving an adjustment at home or within the family unit may be necessary. It’s time for a course correction that’s guided by bigger dreams, broader perspectives, an open mind, and what you’re capable of imagining. A prison of your own making (fear) needs to be dismantled. There’s lots of hidden power fueling independence and the accumulation of wealth – or a wealth of valuable contacts and allies. Negotiations and your ability to negotiate for justice and fairness is key.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Vulnerabilities involving the future – feelings of doubt regarding disruption of old plans and assumptions trigger the need for a change in beliefs. What you thought would be easy or doable may have morphed into a challenge involving something more expansive, adventurous, and frankly frightening. The end of an old way of thinking about the future – or the future of relationships – requires some adjustment, a change in direction, or bringing things to a close. What may be guiding a course correction involves your ability to trust yourself and your instincts when it comes to nurturing and sharing power between human beings. You can do this though you may prefer something “less intuitive,” more concrete, organized, sensible, predictable, measurable, etc. There’s lots of power infused into any action you take that involves compromise, cooperation, negotiation, and something more balanced. It’s all about you and your ability to accomplish something more inclusive – and ultimately something of greater value. You tend to be incredibly generous when it comes to infusing as much joy as possible into the lives of others. Balancing work with rest is increasingly important to ensure you’ll be able to do what you do best for the long haul.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Under this full Moon issues arise involving the balance of power within financial relationships. Finding the middle ground and something fair and equitable may be a challenge. It is likely you’re feeling especially vulnerable when it comes to your ability to control and influence situations involving your own “survival.” Old wounds involving feelings of powerlessness and dependency vs. independence resurface to trigger the need for healing and actions that require more courage. A change in beliefs about the future, dark motivations, and manipulative/destructive tendencies need to be uprooted. Debts need to be paid. Something deeply transformative is taking hold. A course correction promotes a renewed sense of self-respect. There is a lot of power fueling actions that seek to build something stable to support a less restrictive, more exciting future. Revelations and insights regarding the kind of relationship you have with yourself guides the direction of an important course correction. It seems critical to understand that your power to change the course of relationships involves changing the relationship you have with yourself.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Ending or changing the course of a relationship seems inevitable. But life without a partner or someone to challenge and spare with leaves you feeling especially vulnerable. Old wounds involving the imbalance of power or powerlessness are triggered. A courageous, healing approach is necessary. Venus in Aquarius in your 5th house sets you free and opens the door to a more joy-filled life. An exciting romance or the chance to develop an unusual talent is brought to your doorstep. It all hinges, though, on your ability to deal with the past in a way that moves you forward. Letting go of old ways of being may be the right prescription. Letting go of a tendency to feel comfortable with something cold, punishing, or restrictive seems most important. What you may be in the process of developing is a greater sense of independence, the ability to assert your will within the realm of relationships, and to feel comfortable refusing to compromise on things that are of value to you. What guides your course correction may be a revelation or intuitive feeling about the status of your health, the nature of your work, and the sacrifices you make – and what those may be trying to convey. It’s time to assert what’s non-negotiable for you within the realm of relationships.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The loss of a relationship, a sense of security, or reasonably stable inner life triggers vulnerabilities and maybe a sense of incompetence. Feeling that you may be “in over your head” – destabilized and disorganized as a result of asserting yourself within the realm of relationships may seem like a familiar theme. Something hidden or vague within your inner life may need to be brought into balance with something tangible and real in the present moment. Finding an outlet for your inner life, longings, and imagination may be critical. The North Node in your 9th house is encouraging you to look toward a more nourishing and interesting future and away from a rigid mindset that insists on replaying what’s already been played. Taking some kind of action to free yourself from the past may involve making a clean break from those too prone dismiss you as “crazy” or not to be taken seriously. Intuitive insights into love, children, artistic creations, and what makes you happy, guides the direction of your course correction. There is something very powerful fueling a new, more stable, and satisfying relationship with yourself. There is something valuable outside the realm of time and space that can be integrated.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Something new, more inclusive, and more interesting is possible as you seek to expand your impact, and maybe to bring others with talents that compliment your own “on board.” Collaborations are considered. But those may trigger a sense of vulnerability involving decision-making, exclusions, the quality of your work, and control over the kind of image you wish to project to the public. Ensuring your independence and freedom is a primary consideration. But so is keeping your product interesting and fresh. There is more to be revealed. Something foundational and supportive is intuited. But total clarity will take more time – maybe until April 4th. Where you feel most comfortable and at home (or who you feel most comfortable and at home with) is important to know. There is something powerful, timeless, and deeply sourced fueling the actions you take to stabilize your health and work life. But concrete, consistent, fundamental changes may be required to improve your work-life and health. It’s time to expand to include something or someone who enhances what you bring to the table.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your professional life, image, opportunities, achievements, and relationships are developing in ways that require a re-balancing effort. Your personal life and professional life need to harmonize in ways they currently might not. Blocking the way may be vulnerabilities and old wounds from the past that are currently triggered and in need of an “amped-up” effort to heal. A courageous approach to facing old fears is timely. A concrete and substantial change in the way you view the importance of a joy-filled, adventurous life can be achieved. What you value most may need to harmonize with and support the unorthodox or independent priorities of a partner. At the same time there is something very powerful (a sense of determination and self-discipline maybe) that intensifies any action designed to stabilize love. Warmth, generosity, and an openness to something adventurous goes a long way to correct what may have become one-sided or too extreme. Any efforts you make that represent a move out of your comfort zone and into the “frightening unknown” tend to be reciprocated and rewarded beyond what you might expect.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The full Moon in your 9th house of opportunity bring results that advance travel plans, adventure, expansion, and open-mindedness. At the same time there are vulnerabilities and old, unhealed wounds that emerge challenging your ability to speak up courageously and to say what you think – even when it causes conflict and creates some kind of painful backlash. What you have to say may feel increasingly important. Courage is required to transcend this challenge. It is likely you may need to take some action that feels risky. Slow moving change is inevitable where you home and family is concerned. Making peace is doable and it would be nice. But you may decide that peace comes at too high of a personal cost and so you take a pass. Something intuitive or hidden is revealed involving values, priorities, self-worth, and financial stability. More will be revealed between March 23rd and April 4th. A clarification regarding the importance of what you provide and what another provides for you is indicated. There’s a lot of invisible – maybe magical – power being funnelled through actions you take to increase the value of your home in general – or to increase the value of your home to you. What kind of foundation do you need to achieve your primary goal in life is a question that needs to be answered.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This full Moon brings you to a crossroads. It’s hard to progress further without acknowledging a wound that needs to be healed. A vulnerability involves an unexpected betrayal – being “dropped on your head” at some point and essentially needing to fend for yourself when you were depending on others (or the universe) to support your dreams has left an imprint of pain. The full Moon brings a relationship result that might be satisfying if you could bring it to a deeper level. But an old betrayal of trust might be making that impossible. It might just feel too risky. So the issue is finding the courage to confront what has yet to be resolved and to fix it by eliminating what confuses the issue. If you’re with a partner who is not available that is not a solution. It’s an evasion that will keep you trapped in a place of chronic longing. Fixing this may involve a determined, disciplined effort within a group setting. Receiving honest feedback from those who can relate and have “been there, done that” is an act of courage that could move you forward. Ending a “relationship with no future” is an important step because it brings you face to face with the need to focus on the wound it’s time to get serious about healing. Expect more clarification between March 23rd and April 4th.

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