Horoscopes for the Week of March 27th – April 2nd


Yesterday Venus left the sign of Aquarius (where it had been since March 2nd) and entered the sign of Pisces. Relationships take on a vague, elusive, or transportive tone. Relationship definitions, forms, patterns, and agreements are fluid – morphing, shape-shifting, alternately inspiring and depleting.

Because Venus brings joy and Pisces encourages the dissolution of boundaries between worlds, ventures into the spiritual world feel especially joy-filled. Ending, releasing, and letting go can feel soothing and graceful.

Structures and blockages within the realm of relationships easily dissolve from now until April 20th when something new replaces the old. In preparation for a new way of relating to yourself and others this is a good time to say goodbye to something chronically undermining and self-defeating. More inspiring possibilities take hold.

Artists of all kinds thrive when Venus moves into the sign of Pisces. The truth is intuited. Love transcends all – or falls apart.

The most interesting part, though, is that Venus immediately aligns in a sextile aspect with Uranus in Taurus when it changes into the sign of Pisces.

A new opportunity, flash of insight, or forward movement can now materialize. Gaining traction is easier. You may be able to clarify what you’ve long for, what you value most, what’s been lost or missing, and the kind of foundation that will be necessary to support what you love most. Financial improvements are indicated – especially for Aquarians.

Something more grounded and stabilizing promotes balance and allows momentum to build. But it could all be inspired by dreams or trust in the guidance of synchronous events.

Mercury ends its retrograde phase on Thursday, March 28th. A three-week phase of confusion, delay, vagueness, heightened sensitivity and set-backs comes to a close. What’s left is a significant revelation (maybe many) and maybe the remnants of a personal breathrough. You’re free to go where you haven’t previously been – or to end what you haven’t previously been able to.

Mars enters the sign of Gemini late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning depending on your time zone.) He generates new interests, new connections, more conversation, accelerated learning, and the ability to consider multiple choices. Your mind and nervous system kicks into high gear. You might sign up for a class or seminar. Generating a theory from a myriad of facts, asking better questions, feeling motivated to write, and to hang out with more interesting people can be expected. Finding some overall sense of meaning amidst all the comings and goings and increased busy-ness is important. A scattered sense of fascination prevails.

Mars forms a semi-sextile with Uranus when he moves into Gemini. This is a minor aspect and its effects are subtle. But it can tend to put you in the right place at the right time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The initial impulse involved in creating a project or work of art – the promising outgrowth of an idea – begins to take hold. Something vague and as yet in the gestational stage is stirring beneath the surface. But it feels potentially exciting. Courage is required to start something that feels scattered or “out-there.” But whatever is stirring may be too promising to pass up. Black Moon Lillith is involved She’s the feminine disruptor and she may be part of your original unfolding idea. She’s “in your face” in uncomfortable ways but she needs a way to express. The ending phase of whatever was started around Valentines day of this year is coming to a close. Something new is taking hold in your house of communication. It looks something like conflict or a challenge – maybe an infusion of courage when it comes to saying what you have to say. It looks important to push back with words. Maybe you need to tell yourself the truth. Maybe you need to confront someone else with the truth. It looks both risky and energizing and in some as yet unknown way opens new doors to the future.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A new kind of clarity involving friends, groups, allies, and associations can feel magical, and very supportive. A shift in your style and approach to life begins to feel more grounded and defined. A conflicted phase or cycle that began on Valentines day of this year is coming to a close. The mental warrior, armed with words, is entering your second house of values, financial stability, and your means of making a living. Some new kind of conflict must be dealt with. You may need to verbally spar with a financial partner, with someone who is not pulling their weight, failing to contribute, or spending too much. Some kind of balance and trust needs to be restored. On a different note there is the possibility of making a living through your ability to communicate effectively and forcefully. It may be time to detach from a belief about the future that feels restrictive, confining, and punishing. Movement in the direction of telling the truth about how you feels to be you sets you free.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A new sense of clarity allows you to gain traction within the realm of your professional life. Your preferred life direction can be set in motion. And you can expect to make progress. An inner strength, source of stability, or connection with spiritual power moves you into the realm of magical manifestation. It appears you’re able to intuit upcoming trends and to speak to the longings of the masses. A sensitive “in-tune” kind of leadership is easier than usual to project in a professional way. Black Moon Lillith, the enraged, unpredictable, “break all the rules” woman may be suggesting that you be the mouthpiece for her message. There is no one more capable than Gemini of speaking persuasively from the heart. The piece of you that is Black Moon seems to be asking for more space. She may need an outlet to speak the truth of what’s it’s like to live the female experience. There may be no one better to relay that truth than you.

CANCER (June 21-July)
There may be a new sense of clarity regarding your future and the opportunities that are currently available to you. Your perspective may have changed in ways that reveal something more truthful. Opportunities may involve travel, higher education, publishing, and mental break throughs. Something more courageous, hard-hitting, or pioneering may be required of you within the career/life direction sector of your chart. Movement in the direction of future goals is likely. The Sun in Aries tends to reward risk. Currently placed in your 10th house, a high profile kind of success or accomplishment could be achieved. Mars’ move into Gemini in your 12th house triggers what lies beneath the surface of consciousness. Anger and conflict that you haven’t acknowledged is brought to your attention. But something that’s been hard to put into words may be energized. Over the next few weeks you may just know how to put into words your deepest longings. Or you may get lost to the outside world for a while. It may be time for a rest. Any actions taken are usually taken behind the scenes. What needs to be said – the actual truth – may be shrouded in secrecy, confidentiality, and privacy..

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It may be time to put your spiritual practice through some major transformative ordeal for the purpose of empowerment and the attainment of greater mastery over yourself. It may be time to consider that you’re capable of responding at a higher level to what has routinely tripped you up. You’re destined to make your way through life as a magician or magical influence. It’s time to re-focus. For you to make progress it will take a kind of “work” that might not fit with your definition of work. The kind of work I’m talking about requires steady focus and the willingness to detach from old beliefs about the extent of your capabilities. Leos are good at evading and avoiding and making it look like they’re not actually doing that. I don’t want to say Leo’s are lazy or that they tend to avoid deeper, more honest, and painful kinds of self-reflection. But sometimes that shoe fits. Leo’s purpose is to spark new life in those who have given up. But they have to keep that spark alive within themselves. It’s time for an overhaul. It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions and to come up with some honest answers.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Something about a partner, partnership, or your relationship role is clarified as Mercury moves into direct motion and Venus moves into the sign of Pisces. It is now possible to make some headway and to gain some traction. Something more balanced and loving can be achieved. Or maybe an ending is facilitated and something new can now proceed. Either way something stabilizing takes hold with regard to your future, your financial freedom, and something more concrete. You may now be able to take advantage of the possibilities flowing in your direction. It appears you’re on the home stretch of a phase that began around Valentines day of this year. Something involving securing your freedom to expand into the realm of beauty, beautification, balance, and harmony is about to be complete. Get ready to be very busy very soon. There will be lots of comings and goings, new connections, conversations, sharing information, accelerated learning, and endless fascination that emerges in your 10th house of your career. A significant goal is achieved. It’s time to be the final authority over your own life and “steer this ship” in the direction you want it to go.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus’s entry into the sign of Pisces and immediate sextile with Uranus clarifies where you stand. It moves you out of the realm of something nebulous and depleting and into a space where it’s possible to gain traction and to move forward. The combination of stabilization and clarity may feel better. An intense, ongoing, battle involving money, values, freedom, and security is entering the final stages of a phase that began on Feb. 14th of this year. On Saturday Mars moves into the sign of Gemini and the 9th house of expansion and the future. Publishing, legalities, and higher education may be highlighted. But basically you’re free – or freer than you’ve been for a while. The ongoing challenge (Saturn in the 4th house) is to embrace your freedom as you detach from the past. Old structures and foundations need to be broken down and rebuilt according to your own values, standards, and goals. What needs to be supported is a life path that involves nurturing yourself and your highest aspirations for your life. Black Moon Lillith in Aquarius (in your 5th house) will not tone it down for “controlling influences” determined to undermine a part of you that triggers their own fears and vulnerabilities.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Something is clarified this week that has implications for the stability of your relationships or a clean break in the direction of something more solid and aligned with your values. Mars’ move into Gemini and your 8th house intensifies the need to transform the nature of communication, language, learning, freedom and fun. Something philosophical, expansive, and nurturing may be your focus Old attachments may need to be released. A balanced financial partnership may need to be initiated. Something lucrative is promised. Secret, underlying, nefarious motives or compulsive leanings may be hidden. It pays to do your homework – to investigate, to ask around, and to consider the opinions of those who know “the players involved.” This may be more complicated – or have the potential to become more complicated – than it appears. A clarification involving love, children, and your imaginative creative expression emerges. This stabilizes your relationship to money, values, yourself and others. Something more courageous involving your work, your health, and the process you use to navigate through life may be required.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The need to expand on your style and approach to the world is ongoing. Highlighted this week is the love/creative sector of your chart. You may be considering a potential love interest or ground- breaking creative project that triggers love and fear. Expressions of courage and a pioneering spirit steers you in the right direction. Now is not the time to back down. A sense of confidence builds every time you act in spite of fear. Mars increases your desire for a fascinating partnership with yourself or another. It involves genuine communication and connection that leads to a greater sense of intimacy. Arguments may be triggered. Not getting what you want from another can devolve into frustration and rage. What you say (to yourself or another) can wound or defeat. But there is the possibility of creating a new or deeper bond through communication. It might take some work. What you need in order to feel secure and soufully satisfied may be clarified. Your work, your process, and your health stabilizes and benefits from this clarification.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Venus’s move into your 3rd house of communication and everyday life makes it all easier and more enjoyable. A new love interest – someone who’s been there all along – may be realized. Your ability to intuit the truth and to say the “right thing” is enhanced. Something dissolves or is clarified (a plan, the facts, or an expectation) that has implications for the future. The door opens to a new understanding, something more adventurous, meaningful, and expansive. There is some vulnerability involving your security, home-base, and the kind of foundation you’ve built for yourself, you family, and your career. Inflexibility is being challenged. Something more courageous and pioneering may be required. A partner or partnership clarifies your focus. Mars triggers your problem solving abilities this week. Clarifying information allows for improvements that benefit your health and work environment.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week your values and the entire financial realm of life feels supported. You may be the recipient of some real generosity and support. A depleting dynamic, sense of scarcity, or instinctive fear that comes from feeling you have to fight for your survival is soothed and diminished. Something more inspired and balanced replaces it. Any home beautification project is stabilizing in a myriad of ways. But the real action moves to the loving, most creatively expressive area of your life. Your sense of confidence increases this week. Your talents are highlighted and fully engaged. Connecting ideas flow through your brain and nervous system at an accelerated rate. Being in a state of “scattered fascination” is an understatement. You may begin a creative project that holds real promise. Communication and making unlikely connections is where your talent lies. Going out on a limb to make a courageous statement through something innovative and creatively ingenious is indicated. Maybe you just enjoy kids more. Being more childlike yourself is the real advantage.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Venus moves into your 1st house symbolizing the beginning of a new cycle within the realm of relationships or artistic activity. Your beauty is enhanced along with your ability to attract what you want. It’s all very other-worldly and subtlety powerful. Your ability to convey something inspiring, beautiful, and maybe ground-breaking using the written or spoken word – or images – intensifies. Even if you’ve previously underestimated your communication/connecting talent, now is the right time try again. The essence of your aim is to analyze the pieces and the parts in a way that morphs into an inspiring, meaningful story. Mars’ move into your 4th house this week has the effect of stirring up some family conflict or ideas about moving or relocating. You could take action that has the effect of making a clean break from the past. Something is clarified about what you need in order to feel secure and to ensure your ability to stay continually interested. Your success depends on the kind of foundation (home base) you build for yourself. Mars motivates you to consider a myriad of possibilities in this regard.

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