Virgo New Moon at 0 Degrees


Every full Moon is a mixture of culminations, endings, and “re-balancing the scales.” It’s a time when the veils that exist between the conscious and subconscious mind are removed and we’re able to access deeper realms and truth. Actions and decisions feel mysteriously inspired, deeply sourced, and connected to something much bigger than ourselves. Sometimes the past returns to haunt us and to remind us of what’s been left undone.

After a period of delay – losing momentum, feeling adrift, lost, or confused – we may be pulling it ttogether and considering what’s next. We can’t take this dying cycle much further. But waning energy is useful. It’s creates a vacuum – a space devoid of matter that’s destined to be filled with something.

Because Saturn (structure) forms a supportive angle with Neptune (the void) what we may be attracting is a structure or the set of circumstances that feels “tailor-made” to support a cherished dream or as yet unrealized vision for the future.

Under Virgo lunations Mercury and Jupiter take center stage. Mercury, the communicator, at 16 degrees of Pisces conjuncts Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces. What’s being transmitted is highly refined emotions, facts, and truths that feel stunningly pure and maybe divinely inspired. Synchronous events focus our attention. And the “artist within” may be best equipped to convey the message of this full Moon.

Words can fail. Poetry, dance, and symbols seem open to interpretation and better able to capture the essence of a feeling so delicate and refined it might otherwise be lost in translation. Images and film engage the heart’s brain to uplift and transform. Deeper connections allow us to receive timeless messages and loving, life-changing insights. Alone time and solitary reflection amplifies and magnifies it all.

Jupiter in Sagittarius challenges Mercury to expand beyond current contacts, beliefs, borders, and spheres of influence – to be more generous, inclusive, open-minded, willing to expand into foreign territory, a bigger space, or a freer, more interesting locale.

(One point of interest is that Neptune – as part of the higher messaging capacity of this full Moon – exactly aligns with the upcoming new Moon on March 5th at 15 degrees of Pisces. It’s a powerful degree. I’m not sure how to interpret this. My feeling is that the Age of Aquarius that was suppose to officially take hold at the 2012 winter solstice – with the movement of the Sun over the galactic equator – is beginning to manifest. As we move into the 7th year “stress point” our ability to channel universal love and more powerful healing influences is takes hold. Our life direction is being informed by something more rarified and refined as our actions resonate with the energy.)

The tightest aspect in this full Moon chart (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) is Pallas in the final degree of Libra opposing Uranus in the final degree of Aries. This looks tense.

An old way of operating within the realm of relationships has essentially expired. We’re living on borrowed time and Uranus may be seriously considering using extreme methods to break up old relationship strategies and patterns – even if we fail to act.

Some may be used to having it their way, to being the leader, the adult who feels entitled to making the important decisions. Others may be used to being overly accommodating, to being victimized, or doing whatever it takes to keep the peace.

Whatever strategies have worked in the past no longer will. You’ve probably gotten that message. But it’s now time to take it seriously.

An event may have changed the entire nature of the game and its requirements. It may give you the opening you need to take a new and different kind of action. Uranus in Aries ensures it will take some courage and initiative to change.

Mars in Taurus rules Uranus. He’ll manage the clean break in a way that focuses on stabilizing the “financials” to ensure that “new beginnings” are foundationally supported.

A change in life direction is indicated. The energy of this full Moon is focused on the Mars/ Midheaven midpoint and on the Black Moon Lillith/ Vesta midpoint.

We’ll be going out on a limb, taking some risk, challenging gender stereotypes, and devoting ourselves to whatever keeps the “inner fire” and passion alive. We’ll be creating some space to become the master of our dreams.

Finally it may be time to change your “look” if you haven’t recently done so. Changes in external fashion catalyze changes in consciousness. They can also bridge the gap between you and a part of the collective you’re not used to engaging with – but may now need to.

It’s time to unapologetically display your talents, to create a buzz around your new beginning or idea, and to take the initial steps to resonate with a whole different way of being.

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