Leo Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes – Jan. 16th – 22nd


On January 16th, (today) the Sun shines on the Capricorn South Node bringing it to your attention. Up for consideration is the option to move away from a karmic tendency to absorb pain or embrace it; to tolerate cold, calculating, emotional distancing within relationships – restrictions and something hurtful.

It’s generally a good idea to tone down, de-emphasize, or disempower the south node because of it’s tendency is to take you on repetitive detours that lead away from your central life’s purpose. Your “detours” are comfortable familiar roads. It takes conscious effort, self-discipline, and heightened self-awareness to stay on the adventurous course and to finally refuse to accept what’s hurtful and familiar. The “gods” are cheering you on.

On Friday, January 18th, Venus in Sagittarius (the love of travel, freedom, and expansiveness) harmoniously aligns with Mars (courageous action, sex, and initiation). Courage and action moves you in the direction of what you love. Your efforts are well-supported and unusually effective. Interesting options flow in your direction. Favorable financial developments materialize. Opening your mind and expanding your reach is cosmically facilitated.

Venus trine Mars is a passionate, fiery influence that moves you into a freer, more loved and loving space. Exotic foreign influences enhance your life and open doors.

Adding to the mix is a Mercury/Pluto alignment on Friday This is reality coming at you full force and uncensored. A profoundly uncomfortable truth emerges and presents new challenges. What’s been hidden and easily denied surfaces and demands your attention.

Under the Mercury/Pluto influence thinking before you speak and paying attention to how you say what you say is a good idea. Words are especially powerful and can activate the root cause of what’s long been ailing you. This may eventually be welcomed information, but probably not initially.

On Sunday, January 20th (or very early Monday morning depending on your time zone) the total Leo Lunar Eclipse culminates just as the Sun transits into the revolutionary, independent sign of Aquarius. She sets a rebellious, unpredictable, chaotic tone for the month.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. Like it or not she insists on pushing through obstacles to progress. Expect the unexpected. There may be a positive development that pushes you further along your destined path. Aquarius seeks to set humanity (and herself) free. Be alert for oppositional tendencies – refusing to go along just for the hell of it – or for the purpose of reminding people that you’re an unapologetic, independent agent.

Supported and encouraged over the next month are organized attempts to develop the part of you that is brilliant and different – unique and individualistic.

Under the Leo eclipse Venus squares Neptune – very romantic but also potentially confusing, insidiously undermining, or overwhelming. You can lose your way under this influence. But you can also access the inspiration you need to create your own personal “work of art.” Or to make your life a work of art.

Lunar eclipses are super-energized full Moons. They signify culminations and peak experiences followed by a two week wash out/preparation phase for new beginnings. Endings always open the door to new beginnings. But what happens now may feel especially consequential and fortunate.

A Leo eclipse can make everything dramatic, enlivening, warm, loving, and entertaining, He can also make it pathologically all about himself and his ego. Events are orchestrated in vivid technicolor. Performances are captivating but not necessarily refective of an ego under control. The villan in the drama tends to be someone who tells the truth.

Full blown lunacy is a possibility under any full Moon and especially under a full Moon eclipse. But in Leo it’s likely to be especially unforgetable or over-the-top.

In the Eclipse chart Mercury appears to be the “guiding planet.” The Vertex – a theoretical, calculated point in astrology – falls at the midpoint of Mercury and Mars. “Destiny’s gate” opens when you’re communication is focusd and your reaction time is accelerated.

Your desire to achieve something extraordinary requires a quick reaction to changing circumstances and emerging opportunities. You may be “going for a broke” at a time when the cosmic gears are all in sync. Timing is everything and every planet is moving in direct motion from now until the beginning of March. The coast is clear.

It might be helpful to reflect on the following symbol “The lead jockey in a horse race spurs his mount to great speed. Spotting a young jockey moving alongside him, he begins to hit him with a whip.” The atmosphere is intense and accelerated. Responding successfully requires one-pointed focus. The stakes are high. The time is now. There is little room for error and no time for delays.

Reining in spouses and children and focusing them in a specific direction may be necessary. The Moon always involves family. When Leo is emphasized children and parental control may be an issue. You have the reins in your hands.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Under the powerful rays of the impending eclipse, a deeply rooted and maybe hidden source of abuse is triggered for release. Any remnants of a victimized approach to life is on its last leg. Something more courageous and forceful defines the outlines of a new beginning. A truth teller may be the source of any anger you feel about the need to progress. The makeup of your subconscious mind is in flux. With your cooperation you’re set free to make the kind of impact you want to make. Beyond this point all previous predictions for how you life will unfold and all previous definitions of who you are null and void. It’s time to take control of your future and to recognize that 2019 is a blank canvas. Things are wide open.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
An old delusion is breaking apart. A healthy dose of reality is triggered. Abuse at the hands of lovers and children – and supposed friends and allies – must now be reined in. It’s time for you to end the the madness through some kind of shrewd problem solving approach. And it’s time to take full responsibility for the future you’re creating. You, stepping into the role of an authoritative leader might look something like a “mad queen” keeping her subjects in line and a little off balance for their own sake. It might be a good strategy to “keep ’em guessing.” Dramatic or extreme measures may be necessary. Habitual chaos is not sustainable. It sucks the energy and joy out of life and can ruin your health. Passion, anger, and impatience works in your favor to restore sanity.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Destiny’s gate swings wide open when you recognize the need to release an old form of abuse that makes it hard to attract what you want. An old delusion about success, the past, and your willingness to suffer abuse (or inflict it) for the sake of success might be part of the current equation. Mercury, your ruling planet, conjoins Pluto. What you say is powerful, potentially explosive, and life changing. What another says to you may unearth the source of a problem you weren’t prepared to acknowledge. Best case scenario it’s all potentially uncomfortable. Worst case is that it might undermine your power and destroy forever something you valued. Within the realm of relationships the universe is throwing some gifts in your direction. Those allow you to clear the air and rebalance the scales.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Destiny’s gate opens when you lose some old delusion about about being victimized or hobbled when it comes to your future. You may feel that the cards are not stacked in your favor, or that you need to acquiesce to someone else’s version of a future that doesn’t really belong to you or centrally involve you. You need some new friends, some powerful and unusual contacts to make you feel less alone and more empowered. Interesting connections can flip you onto a path that feels right. But it has to seem within the realm of possibility that you will be able to actualize the kind of future you want. Tweaking an old restrictive mindset may be part of your work. Travel within the context of your work may be especially fortunate wth regard to opening new doors and removing old blocks to progress.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A loss or something effortless and below the surface of consciousness – something from the past imbued with value because it’s old or timeless becomes a source of unexpected good fortune. Destiny’s gate opens in the your 2nd house of financial stability, resources you can develop or use, and what you value most. An abuse of power and the willingness to release a source of abuse is central to the unfolding plot of your heroic story. In some regard you’re set free to enjoy your life, to travel, to expand your territory, and to exponentially increase your options for the future. Fame and fortune are distinct possibilities. An unconventional partner is indispensable, inticately involved in your success, and your anility to set yourself free.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Destiny’s gate opens when a chronic source of abuse – something delusional, insubstantial, or unbalanced – is released withn the realm of relationships. Initiating something new, – an improvement or upgrade, a freed-up role within the realm of partnerships – triggers new possibilities, good fotune, and the feeling that you’re finally moving onto the right track. Group work and connecting with the most supportive contacts is facilitated. The nature of your work is front and center and so is your desire to improve upon your methods. But the biggest freedom bestowed under this Eclipse is freedom from a past that was characterized by fear of inadequacy, imperfection, and the tendency to tone down or tentatively express your most unique and progressive qualities. You can move forward with more confidence now. You can feel comfortable with and proud of who you are, and the kind of workk you do.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A culmination and ending within the most unconventional realm of your chart encourages something updated, progressive, connective, and authentic. Changing something to align it more closely with an early influence or character defining situation seems important. Destiny’s gate opens within the realm of your subconscious mind – things you’ve forgotten, pieces of yourself that were lost, connections that have weakened, and truths that have been diluted. It’s important to release something that resembles a form of abuse, delusional thinking, or victimization surrounding your health or work life. Gifts come in the form of opening your mind to expansive new ideas, promising connections, travel opportunities, and the freedom to define yourself along more authentic lines.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The eclipse brings an opportunity to finally release something abusive, delusional, or victimizing within the realm of love. This triggers a powerful creative drive. Destiny’s gate opens within the most authentic. progressive, and uniquely expressive area of your life. Connections to a new, more interesting and creative group is now possibile. Actions you take within the routine sector of your life – responsibilities, work, and health – trigger financial good fortune, freedom, and the opportunity to develop something of value that will stand the test of time. This is an empowering time if you’re able to communicate something unusual you experienced as a painful challenge and source of profound transformation.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Desiny’s gate opens within the realm of your career and highest aspirations as you acknowledge and release something old, abusive, delusional, and victimizing. This eclipse is equivalent to an earthquake that has the potential to restructure old, inherited psychological conditioning. What emerges is a revelation or truth that upsets the applecart- possibly in positive ways- depending on your reaction and openness to change. You’ve taken things as far as they can go in their current direction. It’s time for a change that returns your power to you. An imaginative expression of anger or a powerful creative surge triggers a new confidence and a less restrictive, repetitive approach to life. The role you’re able to play within the realm of relationships (or within the realm of your relationshp with yourself) may begin to feel freer, more connected, and satisfying.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The Leo Lunar Eclipse changes the nature of financial partnerships or the existing balance of power. A lastng impact on the nature of your primary relationship (marriage) and your power to achieve something more balanced and inwardly satisfying is triggered. Actions and efforts involving family, your home, or the past triggers significant new inner freedoms. Old source of hidden shame or fear dissolve. Fresh air blows through the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. Destiny’s gate opens in the most expansive, futuristic, forward thinking realm of your chart. Releasing something abusive, delusional, or victimizing regarding your mind, memory, style of communiction or ability to connect, unleashes a subtle but exciting flurry of expansive future possibilities

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Needng to be released is an old abusive, delusional, or victimizing tendency to release your control to those who pay for your services, and therefore feel entitled to restrict your methods and strategies. Rejecting and rebelling against that notion opens destiny’s gate and sets you on the right track. You must be free to integrate healing insights into whatever kind of magic you seek to perform. You may find yourseelf in the position of having to push back or rebel against those who overstept their bounds or seek to control the level of truth you’re “permitted” to reveal. Something is clarified with regard to your ultimate responsibility to yourself. The gift of expanded freedom to express your specific area of genius is unleashed. You may attract those whose support is rock solid. You may feel especially grateful for a new, like-minded friend.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
It is unlikely you will succomb to any kind of victimization under the impending eclipse. Your self-protective instincts are working beautifully. Ultimately your ability to remain unscathed in battle benefits partners, clients, and anyone seeking your healing influence. Your ability to refuse to succomb to peer pressure, the need to belong, and to feel loved, enables you to operate as a crystal clear channel of exemplary service. Your motives are pure and your presence is clarifying. Something unusually fortunate – an achievement award, assurances of how well-respected you are, and expansion of your professional reach and influence is forthcoming.. Whatever you initiate that is driven by what you love succeeds in a big way. It’s time for you to be guided by love, the freedom to travel, and to expand. You’ve earned your freedom. Do with it what you love most.

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