Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 9th – 15th*

The current Cosmic picture reveals all planets including Chiron to be moving in direct motion. There are no planets in retrograde motion – a far cry from the frustrating “stand still” we experienced last August when seven planets including Chiron retrograded at the same time.

Things are moving at a fast clip now. Additionally there are no planets currently in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Leo). You may feel energized, untethered, and on a mission to accomplish as much as possible.

On Friday, January 11th, the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. It shines its light into secretive Pluto darkness and we get a glimpse of what’s in store for us and some of the possibilities that may emerge. We may see evidence of what Pluto is beginning to unravel in the dark or behind the scenes. An old structural source of stability is being quietly undone. We feel the changing nature of our reality. The emerging possibilities feel exciting or frightening depending on your perspective. Who knows where destructuring will land us. The past is over and hopefully something better will take its place.

We’re headed for some major “destructuring and restructuring” that will be most intense in January of 2020. Old structures are being dismantled at every level- personal, social, cultural, nationally, and globally – for the next year. This is the influence of the impending Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It occurs about once every 35 years and presents a rare chance to clear the past and make room for progress.

On Sunday Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (loss) form a dynamic ninety degree angle to one another. The warning is that overconfidence and delusional thinking is a recipe for a disaster that won’t end well. So don’t go there. Keep it balanced and real.

Jupiter’s also famous for turning a loss into an opportunity when he believes in himself and his dreams. He learns how to appreciate the space and freedom a loss provides and spreads the word.

A change in perspective is the key to seeing (or creating) new possibilities in any situation. An optimistic approach fuels the magic. And Venus – newly in Sagittarius and on its way to a conjunction with Jupiter next week – portends the arrival of an incredibly generous gift from the Universe. Something lands in your lap that expands your world in the best possible ways.

On Sunday January 13th Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Our thoughts and words take on added weight. We may sign onto a commitment, get very realistic and practical, or engage in some tough mental work (problem solving). We won’t have much flexibility in terms of the decisions we need to make or the reality we have to deal with.

Lastly we’re anticipating the arrival of Chiron in Aries. Since June of 2010 we’ve taken on “Chiron in Pisces” type of healing – addressing old wounds that continued to haunt and victimize us. We’ve attempted to recover from a devastating loss, and to heal our connection to our soul. Hopefully we’ve softened and taken on a more compassionate approach to ourself and others. We may have developed the means and the intuitive know-how to provide a useful service.

The Pisces healing process is about complete. We’re standing on the threshold of Chiron’s move into Aries scheduled for Feb 18th. Then we will need to heal in a way that revives the pioneer and warrior within. We’ll need to figure out how to break new ground and to fight for what’s worth fighting for.

The last time Chiron progressed into Aries was 1968. You’ll remember (if you were alive and of age) that was a tumultuous time for the U.S. and the world. Demonstrations and riots were prevalent in the streets. People protested war, women’s inferior status, racism, and the heavy hand of the government. It was a time to stand against injustice for the sake of humanity.

Who knows if that same theme will be repeated. Probably not in the same way. But in some regard you’ll soon be challenged to find the courage to fight for what you believe, to initiate something new, to blaze new trails, and to make your world – and the bigger world – a better place.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is cause for some real optimism with regard to your future. The Universe is feeling very generous when it comes to supporting your attempts to manifest your vision for what could be. Anything that involves teaching, publishing, travel, adventures, and philosophies is favored. Overconfidence or a failure to take existing realities into account looks like the only thing that could derail an otherwise very bright picture. Mars in your first house has been given the green light to spring into action. On a deeper level you may be given a glimpse into what needs to be abandoned and dismantled to be able to manifest the kind of success you desire. It may be something your deeply attached to, so there is some resistance. But you’re being given the chance to identify what it is. Maybe it’s some fear of overthrowing the “rules” in favor of something authentic, courageous, and trail blazing.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Uranus, the great awakener, approaches an end point in your 12th solar house. A revolution that has taken place in the most mysterious and hidden depths of your being is about to be complete. You’re not the same person you were when this started in 2010. But your solid, steady style and approach belies the magnitude of the change. In March of this year you’ll be taking your “new show” on the road. It’s nature is a groundbreaking, “in your face” rebellion against a status quo that keeps us locked in and limited. You are capable (because of what you’ve experienced since 2010) of providing a beautifying service that balances what has long been distorted and undernourished. Your health is likely to improve pretty dramatically in March if you’re prepared to step into this more liberated and authentic role. Now is preparation time and it’s a challenge. This week you may identify with what existing belief or perspective needs to be dismantled.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury conjuncts Saturn on Sunday but you’ll be feeling this the entire weekend – and maybe into Monday. It’s a good time to do some tough, exacting, mental work, possibly involving joint finances, issues of empowerment, making a hard decision, and getting very serious and practical considering the nature of your reality. Something you’ve hidden may be revealed and with it some painful consequences. A betrayal that forces a reality check is possible. Neptune in your 10th house of achievement forms an uncomfortable angle with Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships. As I said in the abovee overview what could derail you temporarily is a sense of overconfidence or some delusional thought process that’s been in play for a while. Something that’s turned toxic needs to be transformed into a source of power. Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn encourages you to self-correct.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Because you’re sensitive you may begin to feel the effects of the impending Leo Full Moon in your second house of resources, innate talent, and financial stability. A talent that has lain dormant for awhile could be ripe for development. Some kind of performance ability, creative instinct, beautification know-how, or ability to bring back into balance what’s been distorted needs freedom to develop. You can now use your power to free yourself from the status quo, old restraints, standard rules regarding sexual expression, and a tendency to underestimate your power. You may need to shake things up especially if you feel forced you into a small space. It’s time to experiment with what you love, to take some risk, and to contribute something unusual or groundbreaking to the world. Better management of your unique assets and resources is the bottom line.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun/Pluto conjunction in your 6th house, and the general pile-up of Saturnian (restricting) stuff in your 6th house of work looks a little treacherous in terms of maintaining some sense of balance and good health. It looks claustrophobic and restrictive – a recipe for a limited perspective and nagging emerging health issues. One practical solution is to get out in the Sun. It’s winter and maybe there’s not much Sun. You may need to travel to a place where there is some. The Sun is your most nourishing “planet.” It reminds you of who you are – your need to shine, to exude warmth, to be the source of energy and aliveness in whatever situation you find yourself, and to feel that the world (all the lesser planets) revolving around you. It’s easy to lose yourself this week. But exposing yourself to the source of your connection protects you and your health.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The possibility of you landing on a practical idea that can be honed into something solid, lucrative, and capable of weathering the test of time is very high this week. You have the self-discipline to bring your idea or project to fruition, to take something you love and turn it into a practical service, to be tuned-in to the reality of this point in time, and to know what’s needed. Maybe this is an old idea whose time has come. Maybe it just seems essential that somebody come up with something that will stop the pain – and you’re wondering if that might be you. I would say yes. I can’t think of a sign more capable of creating what’s most nourishing and needed. The impending full Moon (Jan 21st) makes it likely that over the next couple weeks your intuition will steer you in the direction of a group you feel safe with or maybe a family member. In any case your chances of finding the “just right” collaborator or supporter to cheer you on is high.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
A revolution in your 7th house of relationships and balance (since 2010) is almost complete. The revolution has “elevated your level of play.” You learned how to fight for balance and honed your skills to equalize any equation, to even things out, to make it more fair, and to ingeniously create the necessary compromises that facilitate consensus. You found ways to clear the road for progress. It is likely you attracted the partner you needed to assist you in refining your skills. You’re on the verge of stepping into a situation where your power increases significantly. Your balancing strategies become better than ever. Your ability to soothe and relax the masses is achieved through a more intense, magical or intuitive approach. Things are moving quickly this week. By March you’ll know what I mean if you don’t already.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
There are some business or financial adjustments that could be made to improve your situation. Something savvy and smart could plug the leaks that unnecessarily drain your resources. Maybe you need to rewrite a contract in a way that’s more beneficial to you. This week you could shrewdly manage your way into something more lucrative and abundant. Whatever “leaks” there are seem to be coming from your 5th house of intuitive creativity – the part of you that feels wounded, highly sensitive, or naturally vulnerable and therefore safer when things remain the same – despite the fact they may be inefficient. This is the week to brainstorm, maybe with someone you love, to come up with new ideas, or to be better informed of ideas and scenarios that already exist. You could be managing your resources better. It’s time to consider a change of venue or moving the whole “enterprise” to a locale where things are designed to work to your advantage.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may be in the process of adjusting to a loss that in some way may still feels hurtful, humiliating or embarrassing. You may find it uncomfortable to explain your situation or feel that it shows you in a diminished light. Your family may be involved. A significant amount of hurt or pain may be experienced. Jupiter in your 1st house is creating some tension as his demands are for you are to approach life with optimism, a sense of confidence, and the expectation that you will, of course, succeed – because that’s what you do. If you have to “fake it till you make it” there may be real tangible value in doing that. Take the kind of action that only a confident person who deeply believed in herself would take. It’s time to consider the option of no longer providing a “home” for anything that diminishes you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A solid idea from the past may need to be revived and newly considered from a new frame of reference – or in light of advancements that have been made since you first considered what it would take to materialize whatever you had in mind. Because you were blocked in some way in the past, it may be time to take a second shot at it now. The idea was good but the timing may have been wrong. The chances of you striking gold very quickly and bypassing the usual time consuming ways in which fortunes are made seems better than average now – actually much better. Something inventive and original, out of the ordinary, and maybe foundational in some regard, is ripe for consideration and development. The impending full Moon is about to empower you in magical ways.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your 12th house of things that remains elusive, difficult to define, and hard to reach, now houses an extraordinary amount of manifesting power. It seems important that you find a way to access it. The most effective ways are indirect. The 6th house reflects in physical form what’s going on in the mysterious 12th house. If you’re sick or injured something in the 12th house needs to be re-aligned. If your healthy and feeling good – or the nature of your work seems especially satisfying, effective, or enlivening, things are probably pretty well aligned in the elusive 12th house. The ultimate power is to gain mastery over your subconscious mind. If you’re not making progress in that direction it’s not the fault of the planets. They’re doing everything they can to raise you to the level of an adept. Pay very close attention to your work and health this week. Write down your dreams and ask for the guidance that will move you closer to full 12th house alignment and a higher level of operation. Pulling tarot cards may be effective in reveling what remains hidden.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Ideas, creative talents, instinctive know-how, and natural talent is something you may take for granted because it just flows. There is nothing hard about doing what you love and what you can’t remember not knowing how to do. It all looks and probably feels pretty effortless. Within the creative realm others may envy you and wish they could achieve what you’ve been able to achieve. But even though you don’t have to it might be wise to challenge yourself more, to express things in a more sharply defined way, to be perfectly clear, and to refrain from filtering in beautiful ways what it is you have to express. Your poetic suggestions are moving in their own right. You can stay where you are. But it might be valuable to know if you can step it up a notch and achieve something more – even if you eventually go back to providing what seems easiest and most nourishing for others to absorb.

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