Astrocartography Sessions


Astrocartography sessions are designed for individuals and couples only.

Depending on your needs an astrocartography session can take days to prepare, several hours, or less than a couple hours. It’s necessary to catagorize the length and cost of a session depending on what you’re requesting and what you need.

Please send me a list of five or fewer priorities that are important “must haves” in your life. For example, relationship satisfaction, professional success, spiritual growth, creative inspiration, wealth, status, a position of power, etc.

Please rank order your list in terms of importance with #1 and #2 being absolute “must haves” and the rest in order of importance. The perfect place satifying all five preferences may not be possibile. But I can almost always find a place that satisfies your top three, sometimes four, and with a lot of luck maybe all five. My e-mail –

Next I need a history of the places you’ve lived and what you experienced in each place. What’s helpful is a short statement like “I felt a real zest for life in Prague. I had the courage to takee risks that generally worked out well for me. People seemed to enjoy my company. Basically I found myself surrounded by warmth and friendliness. But romance was elusive for me Prague.”

Consider which of the following options might work for you:

Most Comprehensive Astrocartography Session 1.5 Hrs
In this session we look globally at a wide range of “best places.” This is for the individual or couple who is wide open to finding the place that best fits their critteria. The cost is 375.00

Comprehensive Astrocartography session 1.5 hr.
This is for the individual or couple who is looking to find their best places within a more limited range – the Us and Canada or Europe only, for example. The cost is 275.00

Astrocartography for Considering a region 1.0 hr
This is for the individual or couple who has narrowed their choices to four or five specific places – or fewer. The cost is 200.00

Astrocartography for Considering a specific place .5 hr.
This is for the individual or couple with three or fewer specific places in mind. The cost is 150.00

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