Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes Nov. 7th – 13th


Just a few reminders about New Moons. They’re dark times. We can’t see what’s ahead of us. Instinctively, and on very personal levels, we feel something new is taking over. Because we can’t see what’s unfolding the rest of our senses kick into high gear. We’re at the very end of the last Full Moon cycle, standing on the cusp of new emotional ground.

The last full Moon and this new one are linked. The full Moon on Oct. 24th at 1 degree of Taurus symbolized a time when we had taken a relationship pattern, set of values or priorities, or source of stabilization as far as it could go. Clearing the decks to make room for something new is the full Moon’s job. A direction change was imminent. We couldn’t sustain something we’d previously been able to (an old relationship patterns maybe). Over the past two weeks we’ve had to step back and let go to make room for something new.

New Scorpio beginnings involve forbidden pleasures, mysterious plot twists, fianancial partners and partnerships in need of transformation, revelations, retribution, death, and, in the case of this new Moon, the “Scorpion’s Claw.”

The Scorpion’s claw in some ways symbolizes the essennce of the nature of Scorpio. The fixed star Zuben Elgenubi conjuncts this Scorpio new Moon. “Zuben” brings health challenges, dark nights of the soul, and the kind of complete devastation that leads to an energizing rebirth. But an opportunity to save something on the brink of extinction – a relationship maybe – is possibile.

Scorpions use there claws to tenaciously hold on while making love and to prevent their prey from escaping when they’re trying to kill them. Sometimes they’re trying to do both at once. Scorpions, (when you’re camping in the desert and wake up to find one perched on your chest for example) have a way of focusing your attention. They can precariously balance you on the edge of a precipice between “life and death.” It’s an edgy, suspenseful, fully alive place to be – a place Scorpio Moon’s tend to crave and cultivate.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon at 15 degrees of Scorpio – “Torches in hand, resistance members fight their way down the corridor of a state prison, intent on freeing their imprisoned comrades.”

Mars in the fixed sign of Aquarius rules this Moon. Something liberating and stunning is promised. Mars in Aquarius is anything but a moderating influence. He’s a radical idealist, prone to extremes yet disciplined and focused. His purpose is to create breakthroughs to progress.

Under this new Moon, Uranus, Mars’s modern ruler, is placed in the critical 29th degree Aries. A sense of urgency accompanies actions as though it were our “last chance.”

But Uranus is now in retrograde motion so a reversal or reconsideration is implied. We may be redoing something or “filling in the blanks” on whatever we missed. More caution and some wisdom is implied in a retrograde. We’ve been here before and maybe overplayed our hand. We have the benefit of experience to do it differently.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also placed at the critical 29th and last degree of the sign of Scorpio for less than twenty four more hours. He’s about to enter the sign of Sagittarius – the land of new freedom and expansion.

Persoanlly our agenda is changing. We’re on the brink of a change in focus and direction. After 18 months under the influence of a North/South node axis, in the fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius, and less than 24 hours after the rise of this new Moon, the axis changes into the cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn. This has implications for the big picture of our lives.

Fixed signs sustain their focus and stand their ground. Cardinal signs are more active and want to get somewhere. They’re working toward a goal and insist on moving forward. You’re likely to feel that change.

Retrograding Uranus in Aries forms a T-square with the Cancer/Capricorn nodes, creating lots of tension and the need for a resolution.

A reversal or reconsideration breaks things wide open and triggers progress.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Uranus retrograde’s move back into the sign of Aries gives you a choice between a warm, nurturing, safe and protective approach to yourself and a cold, calculating, unforgiving, fear-driven one. New options and choices are available. The context within which you’re operating is changing. Mars may trigger a final revelation that feels liberating. The target may be financial partnerships or entanglements, a weakening of an obsession or compulsion, or maybe the courage to forgive or to reveal ourselves a shameful secret.. Jupiter’s move into your 9th house signals a time to “go global,” to expand your territory, and to move in the direction of something more adventurous. A shot of optimism and a strong belief in yourself powers you through any remaining doubt and uncertainty. If you have publishing aspirations there won’t be a better time to pursue those for another 12 years. Between now and Dec.2, 2019 the time is right to put your ideas out there and to rapidly expand your influence.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The new Moon in your solar 7th house adds a layer of compplexity to relationships – or maybe an opportunity to transform them. A grand square challenges your ability to nurture your ideas, You’re not unfamiliar with how cold and calculating the world can be. You know how to work within that framework, but it’s not your way. It’s not you and progressively to appear to moving away coldness and into a more sensitive and nurturing space. Maybe there’s been an opening for that and you were able to take advantage of it. A breakthrough may have liberated you from the need to express yourself with restraint and a degree of destance. Relationship patterns can now be broken or reworked. Kindness and sensitivity is key. You’re likely to be able to develop and express it best within the realm of communication.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is a shift in emphasis taking hold that makes the issue of managing resources, earning an income, clarifying your values and arranging your priorities particularly relevant for the next 18 months. Opportunities exist within this realm for you to develop a higher degree of sensitivity, expressions of kindness, and something very nurturing and secure. Fiancial partnerships may be critical in some way particularly from the aspect of diminishing those in some way. Maybe it’s a matter of balancing what you give with what you’re receiving. Maybe you need to step up and do more.Maybe it’s the other that needs to do more. Decisions about whether to fall back on something that hasn’t worked or clearly has no growth potential will need to be made. The growth potential appears to lie within the realm of taking the financial reins and softening your approach in effective and kinder ways.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The game is changing. Lunar nodes change once every 18 months. They provide context for your chart and your life. What are you aiming for? For the past 18 months it may have been to free yourself of some old psychological conditioning involving financial partnerships, trust, fear of intimacy, and the power struggles or secrets that may have complicated your life. Making your own way, managing your own resources, finding a way to survive and thrive by cutting yourself off from toxic influences may have been your mission. And you may have achieved something significant in this regard that stabilized you and made you proud. Now your choice – a choice made difficult by the uncertainty of your life direction or professional life – is to move away from a cold, calculating, or distant relationship commitment in order to promote and nourish a warmer, cozier, more secure relationship with yourself. Nurturing your independence is key. It appears that you know quite a bit about business and financial management. Don’t underestimate your ability to move on. You have what you need.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The switch is being flipped and the train will now be running in a new direction to a different destination. The game has changed. Lunar nodes change once every 18 months. They provide context for your chart and your life. What are you aiming for? For the past 18 months you may have been working on moving away from a fixed and somewhat distant relationship with a partner. A partner’s unpredictability or uncertainty may have made you cautious about how much you were actually willing to risk or how vulnerable you were willing to be. Something robotic and lacking in spontaneity may have kept you at a safe distance. But it seems there’s been a breakthrough you may have worked hard to achieve. Your willingness to express the love you felt may have landed you in a place you feel proud to be. Making the switch to the new challenge may be complicated by the uncertain nature of your future. Still it’s time to move away from overwork, perfectionistic leanings, and an unwillingness to accept the totality of who you are. Parts of yourself you’ve disowned because they’re uncomfortable or you don’t like them can now be treated with warmth, compassion, and kindness. Something more tolerant and humane needs replaces the slave-driving aspects of yourself. Becoming whole and more powerful is your new mission.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
So the switch is being flipped and the train will now be running in a new direction to a different destination. The game has changed. Lunar nodes change once every 18 months. They provide context for your chart and your life. What are you aiming for? For the past 18 months you may have been working on leaving behind an old approach to work, being useful, and of service to others. Experimentation may have been part of the picture. Clarifying the kind of work you love, what inspires you, and maybe where some untapped or hidden talents lie may have moved you into different territory. Now it’s time to address some fear regarding your ability to create freely, exuberantly, and in a way that produces a lucrative lifestyle. Fear of scarcity may be an issue. But a focus on constructing something that reflects who you are and what inspires you, leads you in the right direction. Social contacts and allies who support your creative leanings and offerings can be actively cultivated. What challenges your new direction may be something uncertain regarding your health, work, or level of competency. Perfection can be an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Jupiters move into Sagittarius strengthens your beleif in yourself.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
So the switch is being flipped and the train will now be running in a new direction to a different destination. The game has changed. Lunar nodes change once every 18 months. They provide context for your chart and your life. What are you aiming for? For the past 18 months you may have made progress channeling your brilliant ideas and self disciplined approach into some group effort, social situation, or community cause. By embracing your outsider status or developing a unique talent you may have amassed some important allies, achieved a higher social status, or gained entrance into a exclusive “club.” For the next 18 months it’s important to take something you love public. Gaining respect as a nourishing, compassionate, sensitive, leader within a field that embraces the past may be important. You may need to accomplish something that requires a break from something highly competitive, to redefine what success means to you, to soften your approach, and to provide something warm and comforting to the masses. Becoming the leader of a low tech, cozy, secure, enterprise may define the challenge you face for the following eighteen months. Something that entails commitment or relationships could make choosing the right path for yourself challenging.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
So the switch is being flipped and the train will now be running in a new direction to a different destination. The game has changed. Lunar nodes change once every 18 months. They provide context for your chart and your life. What are you aiming for? For the past eighteen months, a focus on the past, the connection to home and family, and something very enlightened, exciting, or unique to has served to clarify a creatively artistic, child-centered, or entertaining life direction. For the next 18 months your mission will be to transform something painful and confining into a story or truth that nurtures and inspires, opens hearts and minds, expands perspectives, and the whole realm of ideas of what’s actually possible. Stimulating an altered and expanded perspective or consciousness within the public mind may define your future mission. In the process a profound personal transformation is achieved. Moving in a forward rather than backward direction depends on your ability to focus on love while minimizing a focus on distracting extremes and drama.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
So the switch is being flipped and the train will now be running in a new direction to a different destination. Identifying where the growth potential lies and where something static and toxic needs less oxygen and less attention is important. Astrologically all signs point to more energy required and directed toward developing a more powerful role within the realm of joint finances and partnerships. Increasing your power in general is even more to the point. Opportunities to wield more control by experimenting with various means of mastering your obsessions and compulsions, or sensitizing yourself to the information that can be extracted from the occult world – astrology, tarot, numerology, shamanism, magic, etc, are fertile areas for growth. What needs to be diminished may be the values and priorities you continue accept that are no longer relevant. Maybe you’ve outgrown them. Maybe they no longr hold meaning, but you continue to robotically arrange you life around them. In this regard it’s time to let go of something increasingly irrelevant that drains your power and influence.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
For the next 18 months the South node will be moving through your sign. This signifies an ending or completion, and something that needs to be abandoned or left behind. More flexibility and a willingness to release some control may be necessary. The North node in your relationship sector moves you in the direction of a more sensitive role within the realm of relationships. Sensitive issues surround relationships. There is the need to respond with more care and empathy, and to be responded to in the same way. Yet some sense of balance and integrity must be maintained. Uranus in your 4th house of home and family requires a break from the past. This may be an emotional break – letting go of old ties, old emotional sticking points, and old perspectives involving home and family. Jupiter’s move into your 12th house could make you feel that you’re “out of luck.” But this is not the case. Fortunate developments will be brewing beneath the surface of consciousness over the next year. Evidence of that will be obvious in December of 2019.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
What are you aiming for? For the past 18 months it’s been something related to liberating yourself from a distant, robotic, or cold relationship with a partner. Something warmer, closer, more loving, and spontaneous was desired. You’ve accomplished something significant and that may now be a source of pride. Breaking down barriers may have required a consistent effort and more cooperation from a partner. Sharing something more personal and being more vulnerable may have been necessary. Now it’s time to aim in a new direction. The quality of your work (and/or your health) is the new focus. Something unsettled about your home, the past, and future life direction makes the transition challenging. It’s time to work on developing a higher level of mastery when it comes to disciplining your fears, your focus, and your ability to channel inspiration, guidance, and knowledge from higher realms into your work (and to support your health.) It’s time to structure some regular time with yourself to improve the quality of your work. What you offer can feel more nourishing, protective, vulnerable, and real. Supporting and maintaining a vigorous flow between your deeper self, your deeper connections, and your work is your new challenge.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter, your chart ruler, changes signs this week, from brooding intospective Scorpio, into the sign of expansive, optimistic Sagittarius. This bodes well for you in the areas of publishing, travel, and expanding your happiness, and freedoms. It’s time to step away from rules you’ve been following that may actually block access to something you need. It’s time to reconsider what rules apply to you and which one’s are useless -or worse. A focus on restructuring your finances, your source of income, and the way you manage your resources in general is timely. Releasing any fear or shame surrounding money is cosmically facilitated under this new Moon. For the next 18 months a move in the direction of developing a talent that becomes a source of joy is important. It seems to involve the home, family, roots, comfort and promoting individual potential in a highly sensitive way. For your soul’s sake it’s important to reignite some passion and joy within the realm of the work. Your best decisions for the next 18 months are those that are based on how much joy they might actually bring you.

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