Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes

Full Moon at 0 degrees of Gemini – Thurs. Nov 22nd at 9:39 PST and Friday Nov. 23rd at 12:39 AM EST

This full Moon looks a little frenetic.It will be easy to feel scattered and compelled to respond to a variety of demands and influences. There are lots of choices. The entire nervous system is required to shift into a higher gear. Adapting, choosing carefully, and keeping the big picture in the fore-front of your mind seems important.

What’s meaningful and deserving of your attention and what’s simply meant to distract or sidetrack becomes a more relevant question or concern now.

Perspectives shift – sometimes moment to moment. But a grand water trine is providing an effortless flow that will most likely be incredibly beneficial. Unimpeded energy circulates between Chiron in Pisces, the North Node in Cancer; and the Sun in the final degree of Scorpio – just prior to the rise of this full Moon.

Old wounds we’ve lived with for a long time are healed as we plunge into the depths of Scorpio’s final degree and the intense healing territory it provides. The North Node in Cancer is nurturing and suportive regardless of whether or not we’re able to maintain our focus.

Perspectives and beliefs change. We may feel split in two or required to be two things at once. That may be stressful and difficult to integrate.

Endings begin to take shape. We’re processing lots of things at once. Reconnections (or breaks) with family members (siblings especially) are triggered. Family dynamics may be exposed. Long standing traditions may lose their connective thread. Communication is tense but maybe clarifying.

Mercury is retrograde at 10 degrees of Sagittarius. The details of our vision, our future, and our ideas need attention. We continue to revise our future based on shifting perspectives circumstances, and beliefs. The desire for two homes may be strong.

Family stories are instructive. Even if you’ve heard them all before, you may be more receptive to the wisdom, humor, and spirit of adventure they represent.

Organizing a wide variety of factors or contributions to create a powerfully uplifting impact is always a good use of Gemini energy.

On Nov. 24th (Saturday) Neptune stations direct after being retrograde since June 18th. There can now be progress in areas of manifesting cherished dreams, exposing lies, and dissolving delusional thinking.

It’s time to survey the smorgasboard of possibilites (travel, learning, publishing, higher education, religion and philosophy), to choose wisely, and to release and refocus as this full Moon culminates and begins to wane.

Horoscopes will be brief this Holiday week but hopefully clarifying.

I’m grateful for you…


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your 9th house sector is about to be highly energized. Future planning, travel, freedom, and expansion is about to be highly energized In the meantime an old, distorting, wound whose source has been difficult to expose but easy (and painful) to feel, is influenced by an intense but effortless healing dynamic. There is support from family or those who feel like family. Maybe the past comes to light in a way that feels beneficial or empowering. The Scorpio Sun ends it’s trek through the most intense sector of your chart. It’s time to reap the rewards of work you’ve done to undo old psychological conditioning. It’s time to see what you can do with a whole lot more emotional freedom. Pay attention to the details.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This full Moon culminates in the “financial, values, priorities” sector of your chart. It seems you may have taken something you value as far as it can go in its current form. It may be time to let go of a power struggle that has developed. Communication – especially the listening part – is key. The transformative sector of your chart is about to be highly activated. Open yourself to energy that will assist you in breaking out of a prison of your own making. An old wound that left you feeling like somewhat of an outcast is being healed. Communication about what you value most can feel supportive. The Scorpio Sun in it’s final degree washes away relationship patterns that have outlived their usefulness or become toxic.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your 7th house of relationships is about to be highly activated in the direction of expansion and freedom. Balance may be restored. In the meantime an old wound that’s festered in your 10th houee of success and achievement (or life direction) is being healed. Karmically it’s time. Financially you may feel supported. You may also feel supported by something (or someone) who reinforces your values and priorities. The Scorpio Sun in its final degree provides massive amounts of transformational energy in your 6th house of work/health, and output. It is likely you’ll be feeling reconnected in a way that frees you to produce something more useful and efficient. Trust in yourself, your intuition,and what you’ve always suspected, is reinforced.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Full Moons always have an outsized impact on Cancers. This one seems to be very possitive as you prepare for an activation of expansion and new freedom within the work/responsibility sector of your chart. Something more artisitically creative may be “on deck.” An old wound involving the confining influence of victimization and your future vision is being healed. Expect to feel supported by an energized but sensitive aproach to your role within the realm of relationships. The Sun in the final degrees of Scorpio is winding down a total transformational renovation in your 5th house of love, creativity and joy. It may be time to take something you love and make it your work. Or it may be time to improve upon a love affair that has “been through the mill” so to speak. Pay attention to the details.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Prepare for a month long activation of the sector of your chart you love most – the social, love, and entertainment sector. A rapid expansion of the “freedom to be you” is about to be activated. Child-like is good. Childish is not. Something superficial, frenetic, and disconnected must be left behind. Targeted healing is in play. Karmically it’s time. An important piece of you has been disowned for reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it just didn’t fit with the persona you imagined for yourself. But it’s hobbled you in ways you might not recognize. What you’ve disowned is about to be returned to you. You may feel that in the form of a more connected, settled, or integrated feel. A disconnection from your mom, your feelings, and the most sensitive part of you is being restored. Leaving the past behind has been a struggle that’s almost complete. Prepare to party.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Virgo is in the final phase of a project designed by the universe to transform the nature of how you communicate and connect. Truth telling has been central. Prepare for some new freedom or expansion within the realm of of your home, family, and the things that make you feel most secure. What you’ve learned about communication and the big picture over the past month may come into play at home in a big way. Pay attention to the details of where you’re headed. Restlessness may intensify. Currently being healed is an old wound within the realm of relationships – a significant loss that’s been festering for awhile. Support comes from unusual or brilliant friends, the community, or identified allies. (Astrology may also come into play in a supportive way).

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
If all has gone well Libra is at the end of a month long transformation involving clarification of values, priorities, financial partnerships, as well as a re-stabilization around your own natural rhythms. Prepare to be energized within the realm of communication in ways that feel free and expansive. It may be time to make the right new connections. Pay close attention to the details. Your nervous system may feel somewhat revved up. In the process of being healed is a distorting loss within the realm of work or health that now allows for a higher level of mastery over some perfectionistic sticking points. Benefits extend to a partner. You may feel the support of professional allies kicking in. Expertise, authoritative know-how, and your relationship with the public may be especially reinforcing. An end to an old “future plan” opens the door to something more relevant and meaningful.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Prepare for an activation of freedom and expansion within the realm of finance, values, priorities, and a reconnection with your own natural rhythms that seem to stabilize and support you. Old partnerships (financial probably) may come to a close. Being healed under the impending trine is an old distorting wound within the realm of love – a loss most likely. Support comes from experts, interactions within larger social circles, and your own sense that your life direction (and purpose) has been clarified. For the past month a transformation of your general style and approach as well as your role within the realm of relationships may have been unraveled or untangled for your benefit. If you allowed that process to proceed you may feel clear and empowered within the realm of love and creativity. If not you’ll have another chance next Novemeber.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may be coming to the end of a particularly introspective and imaginative period – the time of year when cleaning and clearing “what lies beneath” is highly activated for the purposee of setting you free to expand into a new role and a new beginning. You may feel lighter and more confident. You may feel energized and ready for a new beginning. The best part is that you are being healed of sone old family issues (or issues from the past) that have plagued you for a long time.
Support from those who understand the transformative process and how to guide you through may have been instrumental in bringing this about. But mainly it’s been you and the nature of a process meant to wash away what has run its course and served its purpose. To the extent you’ve allowed that to proceed, you’re in a really good space.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
For Capricorn an old, karmic, distorting wound is being healed within the communication/ organization/connection sector of your chart. Support from a partner may be key in moving you beyond fuzzy or superficial thinking into the imaginative realm of what is actually possible for you. Your intuition may be strong and you may be paying atention to it. You may feel better about your ability to interpret reality in an undistorted way – trusting sensual and intuitive information and verifying it with someone who has your best interest at heart. You are ending a particularly intense social/ community activist phase. Something important has been revealed or transformed. You may have a more realistic view of the extent of your power and how to direct it within social/community realms. Inwardly you’re about to be set free. Prepare to have some illuminating insights about yourself that allow you to operate behind the scenes to extend your power and influence. Prepare to feel free in unprecedented ways.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A period of soul searching and maybe transformative re-organization within professional realms (or within the realm of your relationship with the public) is about complete. A life direction change is possible. It may be time to think about identifying and connecting with useful allies to expand your influence. Being healed is an old distorting wound (a betrayal most likely) that had you feeling insecure or undeserving. How others assessed your worth was an issue menat to control you. Financial dependency was a problem. You may have tended to doubt the worth of what you produced and contributed. That tendency may be dissolving along with a tendency to overwork. Support from a partner or current clients may be instrumental in any changes you’re contemplating. Raising your prices or asking for a raise may be a reflection of how far you’ve come. It may be time to take some risk that could work out very well for you. The full Moon opens the door to new and promising creative ideas. Do not doubt your ability to pave the way for breakthroughs.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Under the influence of this full Moon and a highly activated grand water trine, an old distorting wound is being healed. It appears to be within the realm of your entire style and approach to life – and within the realm of the role you’ve historically played in relationships. Something that feels like weakness, victimhood, or a lack of permission to influence the direction of relationships is ending. Your influence involves strong elements of compassion, empathy, and practicality. But it’s not wimpy or apologetic. In fact under this full Moon an absence of empathy or compassion may embolden you to step forward and “lay down the law” in no uncertain terms. Stopping those who have a habit of overwhelming or silencing you is important. You may receive a lot of support for this from a lover or child. The Sun’s move into your 10th house of achievement illuminates your area of expertise and authority. It’s time to assert your influence within the public realm. Pay attention to the details and feel free to publically comment on those.

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