New Horoscopes for the Week of October 31st – Nov. 6th

The Sabian symbol for today’s Sun – essentially the energy fueling today’s significant culminations and relationship turning points – may define what’s been going on between you and another since August 6th of this year. On that date Venus began her unusually long transit through the sign of Libra (relationships, values, and resources). And on that date, whether conscious or not, our focus swithched to the importance of correcting a relationship imbalance – and the pain that accompanied it.


Encapsulated within the symbol is the insistance on pointing out a personal problem that needs immediate attention and a refusal to be silenced or to continue put up with abuse. Raising the volume overides suffering in silence. Lashing out irrationally gives way to clinically examining a problem’s deeper roots. Giving voice to one’s suffering, pushing people’s buttons to see if one’s intuitions are correct, and aggressive prodding may characterize an ongoing quest for something more balanced and satisfying.

From August 6th until October 5th Venus marched along in her home sign of Libra – her most powerful placement. During that time she made it hard for us to continue to ignore what was once tolerable within the realm of relationships. Venus became a “focused laser beam” that required us to notice something distorted and painful related to neglect, abuse, or something else.

On Septemeber 9th, advancing in direct motion, Venus entered the sign of Scorpio and relationship issues became more intense. On October 5th she turned retrograde and the ongoing resistance to change may have become more intense. Deeper survival issues were triggered. What we noticed and began to absorb then was the fact that something was going to be unsustainable and would have to change. Maybe it was worse than we originally thought. Maybe the extent of the wounding or limitation was bigger and more overwhelming than we’d hoped. Something new and dark was revealed as the magnitude of the problem was begining to sink in. We began to question whether or not we could just go back to the way it was, paper over the mess, and continue on.

Today Venus continues to retrograde and re-enters the sign of Libra. This is significant. What began on August 6th as an inkling of what was to come has now reached a culmination point. In typical Libra fashion superficially things may seem civil and nice, but it’s not over yet. Things remain in part unsettled or unresolved. Maybe the hardest part is yet to come.

More discussion and more consideration of options that might feel risky may be in play. There is uneasiness. We may be walking on eggshells as we try to guess how this will end. There’s lots of personal karma wrapped up in all of this and a decision to be made. A non-decision or default is a decision.

On November 16th Venus turns direct at 25 degrees of Libra and begins to pick up speed. This unusually long and highly significant Venus cycle ends on December 2nd when she officially moves into the sign of Scorpio in direct motion and continues on her way.

But back to today.

Will we go forward or backward is the question. The Leo North Node and Aquarian South Node represent a choice that seem to be something like “will we continue to go through the motions in a detached way, being theoretical, philosophical, or clinical in our approach, hedging our bets, with no real skin in the game, but the appearance of being present and engaged. Or will we follow a path with heart, being “all in,” vulnerable, warm, loving, proud of the decisions we’ve made, proud of ourselves, and free to fully immerse ourselves in creative relationship that reflects who we’ve become.

Mercury moves out of the sign of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius today. The big picture and the future occupy our thoughts. Travel, higher education, freedom, publishing, and promising opportunities, are sifted through and considered as we make the decisions we make. We may feel liberated to speak the truth. We may be open to hearing the truth. In typical Sagittarian fashion we may not censor what we say – or say too much. “Sadge” overdoes things. But he’s open to adventure and expanding his world. And his mindset is optimistic. Half the battle’s won right there.

The good news is that Mercury trines (supports) the North Node. The part I wrote about choosing warmth and a path with heart and pride is very supported and relatively easy today.

Saturn (reality) sextiles Nessus. There is an opportunity to address and to stop a form of abuse you inflict on another or yourself – or allow another to inflict on you. In Pisces this form of abuse is related to loss, neglect, abandonment or addiction.

The Sun squares (triggers) Black Moon Lillith. The “dangerous woman” archetype is on the loose. Fear and defensiveness may be expressed in the form of something very heavy-handed and repressive. Look for men to be uneasy but unaware of the cause.

Juno in Taurus retrogrades exactly opposing Jupiter (revelations and exapansion) now nearing the end of his year long trek through Scorpio (deep transformation) – a cycle that occurs once every twelve years. There is a sense of urgency involved in the notion that committments and marriage contracts feel somewhat “up in the air.” A culmination or pivotal turning point involving these two forces is to be expected. An opportunity for something more balanced is symbolized.

A devotion to realism and accomplishment (Vesta in Capricorn) supports cherished dreams, inspired thought, aritistic talent, and healing. (Neptune in Pisces)

Lastly Jupiter trines Chiron today. The collective is undergoing massive transformational healing, a change in long-standing belief systems, a liberation from ignorance and hidden sources of corruption that undermine and destroy what’s essential for life. We’re all part of the collective so massive multi-layered change is in play – personally, socially, and collectively. From a practical stand point it seems wise to acknowledge the physical and mental strain involved. Take extra good care of yourself this week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mercury, newly in the sign of Sagittarius, gives you the chance to take a promising, privately researched idea and begin to manifest it. You may sense that the idea is personally and karmically significant, and will lead you in the direction you need to go. Manifesting your idea involves creative immersion, the integration of your specific (maybe painful) life experiences, and a contribution of the depth of understanding you’ve cultivated as a result. It’s time for you to contribute something very personal – a cutting, edgy method, technique, or subject matter for discussion within the community or the group. It’s time for you to lead in a highly progressive direction. And it may be time for you expand your influence on the global stage. It[‘s definitely time for you to be “all-in” when it comes to your interactions with groups or friends. The forcefulness of your ideas and your courage will carry you to the place you need to go. Things get personal as Venus moves into your 7th house. Liberating yourself from a financial entanglement or commitment sets you free to show yourself how competent you’ve become and how capable you are.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Mercury, newly in your 8th house of shared finances, survival issues, and deep transformational change, required some liberating adjustments to your style and approach to life. And now the future may be coming into focus in a way that triggers your life purpose and your current, most advantageous, life direction. It seems possible for you to take significant pride in what’s currently unfolding as a result of your powerful belief in what you knew was possible. Something that once seemed hopeless might no longer be. Your home life, or something centered around the home, the status of your relationship with family members – especially chaildren – may be fueling some realistic optimism. A detached, disengaged, uninspiring approach to accomplishing what you most wanted to accomplish may need to be abandoned. The Sun’s trine to Nessus in your 11th house suggests strong friendship/group support for something that needs (or needed) to be healed – most likely an old form of abuse, drug abuse, abandonment, victim mentalities, loss, or over-dependence. It’s time to move forward and to walk with your head held high preferably in the “public square.” You’ve been liberated in some important way

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, newly in your 7th house of relationships, in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, is cause for optimism. An idea or discussion about relationships could transform the nature of your work, your work environment, or health. It could also trigger ideas for the future – something your write, publish, create, or introduce that is designed to go global. A decision to move yourself forward instead of back may be a source of great pride. You’re on the cusp of proving yourself to yourself…showing yourself what you can do, and maybe surprising yourself with a higher level of competence or effectiveness than you expected. Closing the door on a detached, uninspired, or “I can’t really influence it anyway” approach to the future – to expansion, travel, foreign adventure, or new possibility, is important. Things may be changing as a result of something courageous you decided to consider, embrace, or develop. Impending big shifts could entail something potentially lucrative, financially stabilizing, values-clarifying, or partnership centered.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancer feels more than most the unsettled nature of relationships and the extent to which it effects their security. Cancer’s essential nature is to harmonize, to compromise, to love, and to make things more beautiful and comfortable whenever possible – especially within the home environment. Creating a peaceful negotiation or a truce seems critical to your professional success. Liberating yourself from a financial arrangement may take some courage. It triggers survival issues and feels risky. Mercury’s move into your 6th house may have you feeling more optimistic about your ability to practically resolve a problem. Something smooth and supportive of your innate talents and most advantageous life direction is triggered. Now is the right time to have a discussion that can set you free financially and move you in the direction of doing the kind of work you want to do. Your ability to negotiate favorable terms for yourself is likely. A detached or dependent approach to financial stability needs to be replaced with something more personally involved. It’s time for you to take responsibility for wealth building. This can be a great source of pride for you and move you in the direction of your life purpose. It’s time to prove yourself to yourself within the artistic/healing realm.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Within the realm of relationships it’s time for Leo to be more “all-in” – more committed to something genuinely warm and loving vs. “going through the motions”, doing what’s expected, or taking on a self-protective, self-centered approach. There is an impending shift that will assist you in nurturing the more sensitve, vulnerable parts of yourself. It’s all part of a process designed to make your relationships more deeply satisfying and connected. The good news is that Mercury moves into the fiery, optimistic sign of Sagittarius and your 5th house of joy, creativity, and love – triggering your North Node and a move in a more promising direction – a direction that is likely to revolve around your essential life purpose. It could be cause for celebration. Something has developed that could prove to be very fortunate for you. There is something involving your home, your security, your future, and adventurous expansion that is highlighted. An open-minded discussion about something complicated involving home, family, and the past is now possible. Your commitment to your current professional life or a cherished goal may feel a little less certain these days. Something more balanced can now be considered.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury your ruling planet, moves into the sign of Sagittarius today triggering something celebratory or fortunate within your home or family life. Something that was lost is found. Love is renewed. A sense of comfort and security is reinforced. You may have an idea that is well worth pursuing or discussing. There is some wisdom in talking about something complicated that remains hidden or unresolved. An unspoken truth may need spoken. This could feel liberating in a way that affects your responsibilities, your work, your health, and what you’re aiming for in life. It may be time for you to move away from a detached approach to your work or health. If you’re just going through the motions, if your responsibilites feel beneath your capabilities, or if your work is just something you’re tolerating, it may be important for you to find something you could feel more excited about. It is likely you have the capacity to be more creatively transformative within the world of business/finance, entertainment, or something having to do with children. It may be the right time for an under-developed artistic talent to be developed. Look for new, more challenging opportunities that could feel more like fun than work.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Relationships and financial partnerships have reached a point of culmination. Something has changed that allows you to focus on your style and approach to life, the initiation of something beautifying or artistic, cultivating peace, and managing your resources. Your relationship with your physical body may be brought to your attention in a way that feels new, interesting, and maybe significant. It’s all part of a cycle of development that has been ongoing since early August and will conclude at the beginning of December. You’ll be taking a deeper look at your values and at what and whom you attract. Maybe you need to develop a more independent approach or to make sure you’re free to assert your values within the realm of relationships. Moving away from a detached or “hedging your bets” approach to what you love or the futher develop of innate talents and interests is important. Today Mercury moved into the optimistic, opportunity-rich sign of Sagittarius in your third house. It’s time to connect with friends, groups, and social situations where your ideas for what you want to contribute will be well-received. This should be relatively easy now. The planets are working to bring in people and possibilities that support and compliment your ideas and potential offerings.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week it’s all about you, your goals, synchronicity, emerging opportunities, and your commitment to take advantage in advancing those. Creative work seems inevitable. You have within you the means to create something that looks bold, dramatic, attention-getting, and most likely expansively popular. Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your 2nd house of finance, resource management, and innate talent. It would be wise to make time for a discussion with allies about financing a work, goals for the future, and maybe a timeline for accomplishment. Your open-mindedness and optimism triggers the generation of more brilliant ideas and how things might fit together. It’s complicated. A step in the right direction might be a move away from the past, home, family, and roots. Something more independent needs to be cultivated. A release of the past liberates you to move into the future. But something remains hidden, unclear, and maybe confusing. It’s wise to find time to be alone with your thoughts, to meditate, to ask for some clear answers. It’s wise to keep the conversation going with real life allies and invisible guides who can assist you in moving forward with a public project that is deeply personal.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Today Mercury moves over your ascendent and into your first house. Something that’s been murky, confusing, side-stepped, or beneath your level of consciousness since October 10th has emerged. Half of the answer may be revealed. But there’s still something hidden – a second part that has yet to be revealed. You’ll have to wait for that until Nov. 8th. After that your future may break wide open. Previous restrictions may fall away as opportunities for expansion dominate the scene. It may all feel very promising, physicaly exhilerating, maybe ruggedly adventurous, and really fun. A similar scenario unfolded in your life 12 years ago at the end of November 2006. It’s time for an expansion of your physical capabilities as well as something more within the realm of relationships. Teaching opprtunities, travel, something foreign, philosophical, or religious may be introduced. May doors will open as a result of some deeply personal, behind the scenes, preparation. Financial challenges continue to demand a self-disciplined, consistent approach. But today you may be proud of some accomplishment that has made you more liberated, worldly wise, competent, educated, and/or independent. Moving away from a personally detached approach to communication – writing, speaking, or discussing with little engagement of the heart or genuine warmth – needs to be replaced with something more alive and inspiring.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Mercury, newly in Sagittarius in your hidden 12th house leaves you feeling optimistic about a social or community outcome that is as yet unknown. A cause to which you are dedicated and committed may receive some unexpected or hidden support. Secret informtion or an omission may work in your favor. Investigation that leads to the discovery of hidden information may be very valuable to your “cause.” This week there may be cause for celebration, something that is a source of pride for you that leads you in the direction of your life’s true purpose. At the same time there may be a need to move away from a detached, disengaged, or uninspired approach to a financial partnership or would-be joint financial goals. Venus, newly in your career and accomplishment sector, has you backtracking, re-evaluating, and reconsidering future goals, relationship goals, your professional direction, and where you want to end up. How you define success may be up for review.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
For Aquarius it’s all about suspending a detached, non-commital approach to yourself, your dreams, and your role within the realm of relationships. There is the need to be “all-in” – more committed, more warm and caring when it comes to your essential self, your spiritual life, your physical body/health, and cultivating cherished dreams. Standing your ground within the realm of relationships is important. You may be making a statement in this regard and that can be a real source of pride for you. There is support for financial healing, an increased sense of self-worth, something more goal-directed, and disciplined. A pattern of financial abuse can be stopped. Mercury’s move into the sign of Sagittarius in the 11th house combines communities, groups, friends, and your social life with something foreign, mentally stimulating, and expansive. Cultivating foreign contacts seems important. Improving language skills may be as well. It’s likely you’ll need to make some liberating adjustments regarding your home, future expectations within the realm of relationships, and the focus of your career. Chances are you already have some ideas for where you want to go professionally. Most likely you’re right “on track.”
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter is trining Chiron in the last degrees of Pisces and Scorpio signifying an effortless or fluid healing of wounds and pain that has existed for a long time. Something heavy is lifted from your shoulders and it may have very liberating consequences. Venus has moved back into the transformational 8th house. Something within the realm of relationships needs to be released and it’s most likely something you’re deeply attached to and afraid to let go. But this is Venus’s second visit and your resistance may be wearing down. That would be a good thing. Deliberately addressing what frightens you most – a plan of action for systematically eliminating what has been a source of restriction for you could be very effective now. Mercury in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius enters your 10th house of your career and what you most want to accomplish. What you may be able to accomplish fairly easily is something more inspiring, interesting, and effective that relates to your work life, your health habits, approaches and methods. In fact you may achieve something you can be very proud of in this regard.

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