Virgo New Moon Sep. 9, 2018

New Moons are times of new beginnings. But literally and figuratively they’re “dark” times. Without the light of the Sun we’re “flying blind,” relying on feelings and the physical response of our body to give us important clues about the methods we’re using to improve.

Virgo is a practical earth sign. All is well when she’s focusing on making something better – correcting errors, removing flaws, healing what’s broken. Gaining mastery over ourselves is Virgo’s ultimate goal.

Neptune, the planet of all that’s impractical, unfocused, intangible, and free-floating might seem to be messing with our ability to define and enact a “simple” straight-forward strategy for success. All Neptune’s really asking for, though, is a “seat at the table” and some attention. She wants us to work toward “betterment” through a process that is not only efficient and effective, but kind and gentle, sensitive, and artistically informed.

Sometimes we can’t seem to “get it together” fast enough and respond with harsh self-discipline, over-work, or something equally unforgiving. Under this new Moon that seems especially undermining and unnecessary. A little humility goes a long way toward recognizing that we have lots of available invisible assistance swilrling around us.

Pluto is power and he’s aligned in a trine aspect to this new Moon. A trine represents harmonious flow – a coalescing of energies that are especially uplifting and supportive of your goals. Becoming part of that flow makes things easier but it’s hard to do if you’re tense, disconnected, and prone to extremes.

Pluto can be destructive and dark. But under this fortunate aspect of ease, he seems to operate more like the “phoenix rising from the ashes” in preparation for taking flight. If you’re “tune-in” you’ll notice there is energy readily available to empower your “betterment process” and success. You may not have to work as hard as you’re used to working – at least not in the way you would normally define work. And it may be especially counter-productive under this new Moon.

A change in perspective is more liekly to offer a much needed clarification and the potential for something more effective. Senstivitiy to seemingly inconsequential details makes the difference. And noticing what you notice seems important.

Astrologically the background setting continues to be dominated by the Saturn/Uranus trine. We’re breaking through old restrictions in surprising new ways. Saturn turned direct last week so the pace of our breakthroughs and progress is accelerating. And given what we may have gotten used to, it’s all relatively easy.

A Mars/Pallas inconjunct suggests that it’s time to adjust and update your approach based on changing patterns and the nature of current energies. There have been many, recent, significant shifts. The new beginnings symbolized by this Virgo new Moon may require an update and adjustments to a more trusting relationship with yourself and the increasingly supportive energies swirling around you.

The final bit of good news I will include is the fact that this Virgo new Moon sits on the midpoint between the fortunate North Node (our life purpose) and Venus. Within the realm of love and relationships our life purpose is being clarified and facilitated. This new Moon moves us along a trajectory that feels very right.

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  1. Trish Reilly:

    So detailed and looking positive.

    Thank you so much Holly for sharing all your insights with us.

    Blessings and Love Always,

    Trish Reilly

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