Aries Full Moon


“Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future.” – Steve Miller.

A significant piece of “what’s always been” is fading to make room for something new. You may find yourself feeling that things are changing. What has always been is no longer assured. More may soon be expected of you. If you’re in the process of changing something significant about your life or the direction in which you’re headed; if you’re taking (or contemplating taking) action that feels somewhat risky; if you’re angry enough to stage some kind of protest, instinctively you may be “going with the flow.”

Full Moons symbolize a culmination. Things come to a head. Under an Aries Moon sitting on the sidelines could feel instinctively unnatural and maybe insane. Boundaries soften. Full blown lunacy is more likely under a full Moon. What’s tucked safely beneath the surface can begin to seep through in the form of old memories or haunting dreams. Triggers ignite feelings long “held in check.” Emotions can overwhelm. Tensions are high. You may be dealing with an emotional deluge – a lot all at once.

Complicating the culminating fiery full Moon is Saturn (in earthy Capricorn) staging some resistance, reminding you of your limitations, and igniting insecurities. A tight conflicting square (conflicting) from Saturn reminds you that it’s time to step up your game even if you’re afraid or don’t feel fully prepared.

At the same time the Moon poses a challenge to Saturn. Instincts are recognized by those in charge as dangerous. The “rational “authorities” are on high alert and desperately attempt to “rein things in.” In some manner of speaking civilization or “regular order” is threatened. The notion of “slipping into the future” implies a lack of control. “Dreaded re-alignments” can seem inevitable.

The tide is powerful under a full Moon. Karma has ripened. Retribution and relief comes into play. A new order, ready or not, begins to replace the old.

If you like things to remain in a comfortable “holding pattern” this is the run-away train, the perfect storm, your worst nightmare.

Black Moon Lillith (the dangerous, uncivilized woman) is swept up in, and an instrumental part of, the Karmic tide. She’s being carried to a different place where the stakes are higher – or leading the way. An opportunity is on her doorstep. It’s transpersonal with wide-ranging effects.

Chiron is this “Aries full Moon’s” traveling partner. A sore spot or “touchy subject” is highlighted. It’s time to see if you want what you say you want. Evasion and delay – the end “run-a-round” – is a strategey that’s run its course and is currently running out of steam. The time has come to face things head on. The perfect storm that clears the way makes landfall.

The “consciousness of the collective” is ready to take a step forward. Ready or not we’re slipping into the future. Feeling the momentum, staying attuned, and taking some action that makes you an integral part of the unfolding scene could feel right. What you desire could be within reach – but risky to reach for.

It’s time to remember or to clarify who you are, what you believe, and which part of who you are you’d most like to impress on the world. A renewed effort to impress your will on the world is signified. It’s time to give expression to the ideals you admire through action. Any action that requires you to move through a long held fear will most likely be especially effective.

The commitment we’ve consciously or unconsciously upheld to sustain an old foundation that supported an old order is running out of steam. (Juno at the 29th and last degree of Taurus) We can, in good conscience, move on. Courageously thwarting entrenched social patterns (or personal patterns) embodies more than its usual share of meaning. Ushering out old, distorted, imbalanced, unjust patterns involves speaking up.

Saturn makes speaking up a challenge as well. (Saturn square Mercury). But again the reverse is also true. Mercury (speech) challenges Saturn’s authority and resistance. The North Node is pointing us in the direction of our most promising opportunity and our life purpose. It’s the right place to focus to regain your footing.

It’s time for a specific action that initiates a “Renaissance” in your life – a move in the direction of something humane. New standards for new foundations can now be created. Uranus in Taurus elevates the inclusion of beauty and balance, artistry, aesthetics, poetry and symbols capable of reflecting the nature of the soul. An elevation of the importance of the human soul is the enlightened objective.

Petrarch was the scholar and poet who rediscovered Cicero’s letters. He is credited with initating the 14th century Renaissance. He was one of the first “humanists” and his natal Sun was placed at 4 degrees of Leo, the exact placement of the North Node in this Full Moon Chart.

If you feel like you’re on the verge of a revival – of undoing something that has kept you safe but limited – you may be on the right track. Metaphorically speaking Aries is known for jumping off cliffs – and landing on his feet more often than the odds would predict. A personal revival is timely.

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