Pisces Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 22nd – 28th

I’m using the upcoming Pisces full Moon chart to write this week’s horoscopes. Sunday’s full Moon is placed in the sign of Pisces at 3 degrees on August 26TH at 4:56 AM PDT & and 7:56 AM EDT. By then this wild “Leo” season will be over as the Sun moves into the sign of Vrgo. On Monday, the day after the full Moon, Mars turns direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn after being in retrograde motion since June 26th. A new phase and forward momentum takes hold. Less frustation, delay, foot-dragging, and overall ineffectiveness is implied.

There are lots of changes and an acceleration this week. It’s time for actions to be directed toward organizing, attending to the details, cleaning up, clearing out, self-improvement, attending to health issues and revising old habits. Cultivating a respect for individual differences, (including the most unique aspects of yourself), creates fertile ground for effectively nurturing your potential.

Rather than being the brightest star in the sky (Leo’s influence) under Virgo’s influence we’re happy to take our place “among many” and to be of service within a larger project or bigger scheme. We more easily recognize and accept humanities “common ground.” The “working man” is elevated. The idea of succeeding in an environmnt where everyone succeeds is appealing. Actions taken toward that end yields better than expected results. And we might not shrink from strong, rebellious action that clears the way for something more efficient and humane.

Virgo is the counterbalance to the impending full Moon. She is the “after the party” clean up team. Virgo deals in reality and with the messes that have been made by those caught up and carried away in the “Leo moment.” Self-importance, individual “specialness,” and a sense of entitlement is purged and purified during the Virgo season. A “humbling” takes place that feels like a return to balance – not necessarily a diminishment. Now the more useful we feel, the more satisfied we are.

But Pisces makes it interesting by infusing an element of magic. The Virgo/Pisces “feedback loop” is reminiscent of a “clean-up scene that can feel magical. A joy-filled party atmosphere with the best and brightest in attendance, creates an elegant, sparkling, musically connected scene. But when it’s over the celebratory mood lingers for awhile in the damp air. Darkness and quiet settle in and the rhythm of your clean-up routine carries you along.

In a post-celebratory atmosphere your mind is free to expand and imagine all kinds of “what if’s.” The confinement of social rules and expectations as well as the need to “shine” is gone. The supernatural and divine feel close by. The atmosphere fuels something poetic and spiritually informed. The manifestation of the Virgo-Pisces polarity in full swing can feel inspired and effortless while st the same time well-directed and purposefully productive.

The fixed star Fomalhaut conjuncts this Full Moon. He’s a misty-eyed dreamer intoxicated by love – or just intoxicated. He’s “Romeo” consumed with overwhelming love for Juliet – poetic and highly attuned to beauty. But the road he’s traveling is strewn with all kinds of obstacles. His lack of groundedness in the physical world is a problem that ends in disaster.

Fomalhaut also fuels a temptation to be influenced by “low” company. Selling your soul to fill the void can be tempting. But this is dangerous under Fomalhaut’s (and Pisces) influence. The consequences can be especially harsh. Spectacular falls from grace are indicated.

Operating underground, in some secret world, away from the long reach of the law, is charactaristic of this fixed star. But again, the consequences are extreme. Fomalhaut demands the kind of self-discipline and inntegrity Virgo is famous for. There are no shortcuts.

Archenar is the other fixed star influenceing Sunday’s full Moon. This star is referred to as the “end of the River.” It’s effects mimic those of Jupiter. Succcess, luck, religion, and “high offices” are indicated. But so is something final. Events involving rivers, streams and water come into play. A “no place left to go” or “nowhere to hide” scenario can stop a run-away-train in its tracks.

On a different note the adrenal glands and the immune system seem to be in need of support and fortification under Archenar’s influence.

All full Moon’s highlight an opposition aspect and bring to your attention the need for balance. In Pisces, the need is for disciplined routines, organization, and self-improvement is guided and informed by dreams, intuition, inspiraion, and gut instincts. This critical connection and flow can more easily be established or strenthened under a Pisces full Moon.

It’s significant that a tight, earthy, grand trine involving the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus splashes it’s signature across this full Moon chart. Disciplined efforts to dismantle old foundational frameworks yield bigger than expected results. Your sense of identity can be highly energized. Personal power increases and fuels further dismantling. This may be the rare aspect that frees you to succeed in ways you’ve always dreamed of succeeding.

One of the tightest aspects in the full Moon chart is Uranus squaring Black Moon Lillith. Black Moon is dangerous when she’s underestimated. And she usually is. Until she’s purified and effectivley takes back the power that rightfully belongs to her, she harbors resentment, vidictiveness, and the urge to destroy. She can stir up all kinds of trouble. Uranus is demanding that she dismantle a perspective or foundational belief that keeps her from acting in her own best interest.

Currently Black Moon Lillith is expressing as an Aquarian. She’s eager to rebel against confinement and to create opportunities for progress – especially within the realm of relationships. This may express in very personal ways. She may realize that she has no one but herself to blame for being complicit in sustaining the oppressive patterns that diminish her. But now she’s in the mood to reverse that. Her main job is to dismantle a prison of her own making. She’s likely to do that under this full Moon – at the expense of those who assummed she never would.

Venus and Pluto are also aligned in a very tight square (harsh aspect). Some kind of betrayal is implied. But also action that transforms a relationship into something that’s functionally different. What motivates you within the realm of relationships may change. Success and accomplishment and/or saving yourself may be is a factor. It’s complicated. But it’s time to undo foundations of an imbalance. A Karmic reckoning looms large in the Venus/Pluto relationship equation (man/women; masculine/feminine).

Mustering the courage to strike out on a new path involves figuring out the interior mechanisms that underpin your own situation – as well as wider cultural and political situations.

Occult symbols, archetypes, dreams, rituals, and magical formulas unlock doors previously closed to you. Virgo loves to find new, more effective methods – and to perfect her use of the old ones.

There’s lots of undermining, undoing, and dismantling going on here. But taking responsibility for yourself, cleaning it up, organizing the mess, and getting in sync with a work rhythm that feels right, makes it all work exceptionally well.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The impact of the full Moon hits you where you live (so to speak). It involves your family, your roots, your foundation, and source of security. Pisces and Virgo suggest the need to take responsibility and the need to release responsibility. The need for self-discipline and more willingness to accept and love yourself as you are. The need to make rational decisions and the need to trust intuition, instinct, and the flow of events. It’s all about striking a balance that’s been somewhat tricky for you. The mechanisms of homeopathy come into play – the treatment of disease by administering minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease. The cure is the thing that made you sick in the first place. The rememdy seems counter-intuitive. I’m not recommending homeopathy in the literal sense. I’m neutral on it. But what trips you up seems to embody some clues as to what might resolve an old sticking point. Fortunately Mars, your chart ruler, sugggests an end to chronic delays and a lack of effectiveness by next Monday.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The Pluto/Venus square is highly active for Taurus under this full Pisces Moon. An old style and aproach to life and to relationships is being dismantled as you seek freedom from an old complicated source that might still represent future security. The power of that connection may be dissolving, freeing you to set a different course for your future. That seems to be the nature of your work at the moment. Identifying what’s most meaningful to you and arranging your future to accommodate it feels like the next challenge. But it looks like success in your own right – the removal of all the suporting structures so you have no choice but to prove to yourself that you can create not only stability for yourself, but wealth that results from emphasizing your uniqueness and the qualities that set you apart from the rest. That seems to define your potential and the most likely outcome. But you cannot make it happen while clinging to sameness and sources of support that are outdated – and maybe undermning and toxic. It’s the Taurus curse to hang on for too long. Break the mold and watch things come togetherin ways you’d always hoped they would.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your focus may be putting in place your plan for the coming year. It’s important to secure a source of support and stability beyond what you currently have in place. You may already be working on that. The Pisces full Moon is likely to move that along in ways that enhance your intuitive (magical) powers and move you into a tighter connection with your essential self. Organization and planning is your thing. But something deeply transformational that produces profound changes in the way you operate is in play. There are blockages that need to be unearthed and removed. Your success going forward depends on it. It does seem important to get rid of secrets that consume precious sources of energy and weigh you down. It may feel right to be strict and exacting with yourself. And in the past it may have been. But now the requirements have changed. What you need over the next year is more love and acceptance – from yourself to yourself. And it is time to be more bold and courageous than compromising. Infusing your will on the world is your right. But you have to be clear on what it is you desire more than anything else. This current quest feels life-changing in the most positive ways imaginable. But inner preparing your inner landscape is critical.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your current style and approach to life may change significantly under this impending full Moon. An old vision for the future may be coming to a close as you ground yourself in learning all you can learn about timeless beauty, design, fine craftsmanship, things of value, and embellishing creative structure in ways that make them feel comforting, stabilizing amd protective. Their is something magical about the environments you wish to create – something transportive and deeply symbolic. So now it’s time to create more mental flexibility, to rid yourself of perfectionsistic beliefs, to be willing to be a novice before your an expert. Details are your thing. The overall big picture may be a bit hazier. But you could also be very good at filling in the details of a vision that’s incomplete. Your creative talent runs deep. It’s time to rebel in a way that allows you to take your creative power back. Dismantling a relationship with a group that undermines your creative power is timely.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The North Node in your solar first house since May of 2017 has encouraged you to put your creative talents on full display, to perfect your act, to entertain, enliven, and generally become the force for all things amusing and joyful. It appears you have done a great job in this regard. But the gods were on your side encouraging you every step of the way. And they will continue to be for another couple months. Overall it looks like it’s been fun to be you. But partners may feel their only choice for awhile has been to play a supporting role. If you’ve forgotten to appreciate their support and cooperation it may be time for some of that to kick in. Partners may feel the foundation of their essential way of being being dismantled. They may feel their ability to forge deep connections blocked or in the process of slipping away. It may be time to pay more attention as you continue to perfect your style and approach for a couple more months. It may be time to anticipate that what’s coming is the need to discard the mask you’ve worked hard to perfect in support of the part of you that craves a closer connection.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The time to initate something new is now – even if it’s the initiation of an ending that’s been in the works for awhile. You may have been preparing for this. But preparation time is over. It’s time to jump in – or out. But it’s not time for further delays. What needs to end may be a reluctance to be on stage, to proudly display your talent, to say what needs to be said, to share what you know, and in the process to take a giant leap into your destined life purpose. Saturn is chalenging you to develop your creative talents and business know-how to their fullest potential. There is something that might make you feel undeserving. But you were made to be a healing force, a fixer, someone who has the critical information and knowlege that is most useful to others. It’s time to squelch any fear of potential embarassment and to push to the forefront your urge to fix and to heal on a collective (mass) scale. You’ve always been a healer but the kind of healer you are is transforming into something more powerful and magical. To the extent you can cooperate with that it benefits you and others in ways that cannot be fully explained or understood.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
There is the natural tendency for you to intuitively develop a deep understanding of the needs of the physical body. You may just know what’s needed to enhance health and well-being. Your work may involve something magical, transportive, artistic, imaginative, and spiritually informed. But this full Pisces Moon may brings you to the end of the road (or river) in some regard. What’s most needed now if for you to address whatever’s been left unfinished, unresolved, or left incomplete. You may need to say something you’ve avoided saying. Your success depends on it. Traditionally September is your time to clean and clear in preparation for a new cycle. What needs to be cleaned and cleared looks like something social and “showy” – a group that makes you feel like rebelling. The power of your creativity may feel stifled in some way. You may need to take your power back and if it means overthrowing your current social life, or a somewhat entitiled group, so be it. The enrgy is there for you to do what you haven’t previously been able to do by the end of August/beginning of September.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The end of an intense two month period of reconsideration and clarification is drawing to a close. You may feel you’ve reached the end of a flowing river (Archenar) or that you’ve “ridden a wave” that’s losing its ability to support you. It may be time to do some detailed, focused work as you seek to find the kind of social life, friends, and connections that can enhance the creative work you were meant to do. Allies in your quest for success and a hgher profile need to be identified. People who support your magical, other-worldly, boundless imagination are the source of support you now need. This is a time to focus and to be organized, thoughtful, and deliberate. The decisions you make may be pivotal in terms of your life direction and future potential. You may notice a shift into the realm of feeling more effective during the last week of August. By September 12th you rebel against the pull of the past and insist on forward movement. This looks like an important breakthrough that works out very well for you and those you love. Fame and fortune seems likely. The traditional route seems antithetical to the essential you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius seems most aligned with this Pisces full Moon – essentially in a position to teach others how to navigate and balance the connection and flow between Virgo and Pisces energy. The volume may be turned up on your “small voice within.” And Chiron, the wounded healer is accelerating your personal healing process. Chances are you’re naturally open to the idea that your soul deserves to be heard and thatthe work you do can feel meaningless and diminishing if it’s not a very personal expression and reflection of who you are. Essentially Sagittarius, through some kind of artistic or magical process (or natural perspective) is good at accessing the secrets of the subconscious mind – maybe for the purpose of gaining insight or enhancing their work. Sagittarius is prone to trust their instincts more than most. Still an old foundation that previously provided the platform for your work and your life is being dismantled. That’s working in your favor if you facilitate it in some way. It has the potential to enhance your earning power, your status in life, and your potential for future expansion. This is an acceleration of the healing process in a specific direction that impacts love, lovers, playfulness, and creative exuberance.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Powerful planets in your 1st house, all in retrograde motion, make it difficult for you to determine what the next best thing to do is – how to get to where you’re going or even the question of where is you’re headed. A style and approach that has always worked in the past may be inadequte given the new challenges you face. Intuitively you may sense that. It would be good to create some distance between you and the predictable cues that surround you in familiar environments. Stepping away from what you’re used to may be clarifying. Travel may be a timely fix for what ails you at the moment. But this actually looks like a longer term project that involves a collapse of habitual rigidy and the development of something freer, more responsive, and spntaneous (truthful). It seems particularly relevant to the success of relationships. Patterns inherited from your family may need to be undone. A focused review of the past with attention to the details of what made it impossible for you to be spontaneous or to state the truth a might unlock some doors. The greater your focused effort the more magical, invisible assistance will be there to set you free.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Saturn, your chart ruler, is aligned in a harsh aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer. Under this full Moon there is an opportunity to take some kind of action that will eliminate what continues to haunt you on a fairly regular basis. Something unresolved stimulates long standing obsessive thoughts, fear of losing control, fear of loss, incompetence, or failure. An acceleration of a psychological healing process would be helpful. That, specifically, seems highly energized under this full Moon. What kind of action needs to be taken? It seems related to telling the whole truth, and to opening yor mind to new possibilities, and to having the discussions you’d prefer not to have. Under this Pisces Moon a powerful healing “agent” may be disguised as something other than what it is – a casual comment that elicits some anger or insight, or something that seems entirely unrelated to long held beleifs about what a remedy would look like. Your soul needs a deeper, more reliable connection. It seems an honest discussion with a partner (maybe one who sucks up all the oxygen in the room) is necessary.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The fixed star Archenar seems especially influential for you now as he aligns with Neptune, your modern chart ruler. Pisces is the magician and you might be actively involved in actualizing a cherished vision for the future. There is more cleaning and clearing work to be done. It seems to center around the lingering impact of old abuses within the realm of relationships. Those might have been of a physical nature. They may continue to fuel relationship distortions. It’s all taken a toll but Virgo’s healing influence (and Pisces full Moon influence) makes it possible for you to amplify your progress through self-discipline and attention to the details of your habitual responses. Black Moon Lillith seems to be pulling some strings from behind the scenes. She’s rebelling against the social expectations and rules you once adhered to. The issue is “fixing” and freeing yourself to be able to attact the kind of love and lover you need. Your imagination and creative potential may be kicking into high gear. You’re closer than you think to actualizing your dreams. Stay committed and focused and the magic will automatically kick in.

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