Leo Solar Eclipse Horoscopes – Aug. 8 – 14

(Leo Partial Solar Eclipse Saturday, August 11, 2018 5:58 AM EDT & 2:58 AM PDT)

The August 11th Leo Solar eclipse is placed at the apex point of a Yod – a relatively rare configuration involving three planets. A Yod is sometimes referred to as the “Finger of God or “Finger of Fate” aspect. It’s thought to embody Kabbalistic or mystical significance. If you have one in your birth chart it can be a challenging aspect to manage. But as you get closer to mastering it endows you with uplifting, magical, and transportive powers.

A Yod implies the potential for enlightened awareness – the ability to transcend time, to enter into the realm of lucid dreams, to access meaningful prophetic information, or to understand more deeply something involving your fate.

Under this eclipse you might simply notice your perspective changing as the result of an old memory, contact with a magical healer, or something happenstance. Assistance in putting two and two together in a way that finally makes some sense empowers and sets you free.

This upcoming eclipse is connected to the one in the Summer of 2000. That might have been a pivotal time when you were confused and had to make some choices. The choices you made had far-reaching consequences for the following 18+ years. And now you’re here at the next pivotal turning point – wiser and more adept.

The story (your story) builds. A new chapter is about to be written. Under this eclipse you might feel the rightness, authenticity, sensible progression of it all. Six planets plus Chiron are retrograde. Making sense of the past and understanding how to connect it with the future is implied.

Life is a combination of free will and fate. This eclipse seems to highlight the fate part. Something can be tied together and summed up. At this juncture it’s time to be the “brave maverick” who refuses to allow anyone else to frame your reality.

The eclipse chart Yod looks like an elongated triangle – the “Finger of Fate” pointing in a specific direction or the “Witches Hat”(kind of upside down) representing alchemy and an element of magic. The tip of the “witches hat” is the apex of the Yod and the exact placement of this Solar Eclipse. At the other two angles of the elongated triangle are Neptune and Pluto. They are connected by a sextile aspect – a 60 degree angle. They’re in close communication with one another under this eclipse. And they’re likely to create a promising opportunity you might consider worth taking advantage of.

The apex (the solar eclipse point) is the critical part of any Yod. In this case it’s all about Leo. How you’ve managed Leo energy determines how this eclipse will manifest in your life.

As you probably know Leo can be a selfish tyrant or an incredibly generous flow of warmth and love – and many shades and combinations in-between. The main issue is whether you’re energy is directed toward something small and self-serving or something big with potential to heal and uplift the masses.

Something big would most likely entail taking a bigger personal risk, engaging more of your heart and soul, and trusting that you will be invisibly and tangibly supported along the way as you create something that reflects who you are – including your vulnerabilities. Your fated mission may be clarified. Or you may simply feel more confident in pursuing it.

Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn is an incredibly powerful combination. Under this influence, you can more easily tap into the power of the universe. If you’re taking the Leo high road you might note things coming together – a subtle or dramatic shift and the feeling that what you’re destined to do is being supported. An acceleration and coming together is implied.

If you’re being a petty tyrant expect to be blindsided, undermined, disempowered and exposed. Expect to be victimized by some “black magic”, and to experience a karmic reckoning you felt “too special” to ever have to consider or anticipate.

I’m emphasizing the extremes but under Leo’s influence you’re likely to see or experience something pretty dramatic.

A solar eclipse is an ending and a beginning. A portal is opening. An invitation is offered. Something is being more fully integrated – probably some fragmented but critically important pieces of yourself.

The tightest aspect in this eclipse chart, other than the Sun/Moon conjunction, is a Mercury/Jupiter square. Mercury is at the midpoint of this current retrograde cycle, in the sign of Leo, close to the eclipse point. Jupiter is advancing through the sign of Scorpio at 14 degrees. Subconscious or secret information is being exposed. Clarity may be the result. The truth makes its way through the muck and into the light of day. Beliefs and perspectives change. A long, confusing story begins to make sense.

Mars and Black Moon Lillith align within less than a degree. Lillith just made her move into the sign of Aquarius. She’ll be there through next May. She creates all kinds of trouble when she feels powerless. She’ll resort to randomly destroying things if she can’t find a way to step into her power.

A sign that’s she’s veering off track is when she begins to intellectually and emotionally overwhelm partners and friends. She can stop you in your tracks because she’s really smart and insightful and she knows how to crush you. She can do it very quickly. She can leave a trail of destroyed relationships in her wake and end up more miserable for it. The problem is she’s never fully answered the question “What is the most important thing I can do with the power I have?

That’s a question that needs to be answered under this eclipse. It will clarify what kind of actions you need to take.

Pallas, the asteroid of patterns and strategies, conjuncts the eclipse point. It’s a question of finding your rhythm and creating a strategy that takes into account your unique area of brilliance. The eclipse will highlight that. You just have to be tuned in and receptive.

Lastly, Saturn and Uranus, both in retrograde motion, are aligned in a trine aspect. Dismantling old foundations so that you are free to achieve what your destined to achieve is the mandate. Absent the trine this could be gut-wrenchingly difficult. But now is a time when it could be relatively easy to walk away from old sources of stabilization. “Relatively” is the operative word.

In some regard it’s all coming together – or falling apart. Your relationship with Leo – the most loving, talented, playful, and ceative part of yourself, determines how this eclipse is likely to manifest for you.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Under this eclipse, Black Moon Lillith and Mars are emphasized. There is a shift hopefully away from intellectually and emotionally overwhelming others with your superior insight and brilliance. Clarifying within the bigger scheme, how you want to channel your power to achieve the most good for the most people probably doesn’t involve a dominating or controlling role within relationships. More likely it involves a determination to be tolerant, accepting, and to look in the mirror when difficult arise. Now is a time when you can clear the remnants of situations that put you in a fearful or powerless position. This eclipse offers you the opportunity to make it about you. Your fate seems to involve the ethical management of power – sexual and financial power most likely. Intricately involved is the necessity of undoing or transforming the source of your financial stability. It may all involve a complex web of fear that needs to be dismantled and simplified. Sex in exchange for money and the implications that has for relationships needs to be well-thought through. A clarification of your destined mission and the talents that qualify you to embrace it are most likely unfolding.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus in your 6th house of work may leave you feeling unappreciated, neglected, or victimized in some way by your work, responsibilities, diminishing responsibilities, or an imbalanced work load. Chiron, the wounded healer, is stirring things up in areas just outside your realm of awareness. All kinds of strange information and thoughts may be complicating your relationship with work, your health, or your ability to trust that things are moving in the right direction. It seems that very soon you will need to go back and review the plans you had in mind for the future. Maybe you’ll need some further preparation for the professional role you’re destined to step into, or the life direction change that is imminent. It seems some old beliefs about work, transformation, and professional achievement may need to be updated. Something that prepares you to take the lead in the direction of enlightenment and non-conformism may need to be set in motion. Something that makes you an expert according to all the “experts” may not be relevant to your destined mission in life. Think lightening-rod, activist, innovator, breaker of rules, leader of rebellions, the one in charge of setting the oppressed free. This may be, in some way, more closely aligned with your fate.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It seems that something in the process of dissolution, drifting into the closing chapter, or seismically shifting, may be put on hold – possibly until the end of the year. It seems you need time to get your ducks in order. There is more work to be done before you can move forward. An enthusiasm for expansion may have come to halt as you work through debts, untangling shared resources, and clarify where you stand on issues of intimacy. Old agreements and commitments may be fading. A “pulling back” kind of energy begins to manifest. Future growth seems to depend on stepping outside – maybe way outside – your comfort zone. It also involves a focus on undoing and transforming old psychological conditioning related to work, intimacy, and money. Other considerations have to do with ego – saving face, a temporary diminishment of your power or status – all things that pale in comparison to your destined mission and the leadership role you’ll play within the public realm. This eclipse clarifies the “facts on the ground” and asks you to update and adjust your beliefs to align more closely with your communicative (clairvoyant) talents and something moves you into a more high profile position.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There may be something difficult or emotionally painful involved in your relationship with a partner – someone you’re living with most likely. But you are not helpless. You have a wealth of inner resources to lift you up and out of whatever feels restrictive. Venus is intricately involved. She implies that you are gifted in areas that others are not – specifically within the realm of finessing a compromise that would work for you. In regard to relationships in general it’s just very complicated. Partners may reflect back to you your own issues. Relationship may be the vehicle by which you are completely transformed in all the ways you need to be transformed. The eclipse highlights issues of intimacy, shared finances, debts, sex, and harsh truths. There is something that needs to be faced – the truth probably – before you can create the kind of richly rewarding, enduring relationship you crave. This eclipse is clarifying things for you. If you get a glimpse, a vision, or an intuitive message about your future pay attention. Your bigger mission involves healing the public possibly within the realm of relationships. Friends, “allies” and social contacts those need to be reconsidered. Old agreements may no longer be valid.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The eclipse opens new doors, enhancing your image, power, and visibility. Count on it to amplify powerful new beginnings regarding relationships and lifestyles. Your mere presence, or willingness to be involved, or to professionally partner with another, may add value and legitimacy to whatever and whoever you choose to be associated with. Your “stock” increases in value through some kind of adjustment to a power structure, through your own hard work, the inevitable passage of time, or magical intervention. Something about your old routines may need to change as a result of a new agreement. Relationships are intricately impacted. There is the possibility that the changing nature of your role triggers a change in a partner – someone who desires freedom above most things. A partner may step back as they begin to register the implications of the changes you begin to integrate. They may begin to see a diminished or confining role for themselves and feel disheartened or self-protective. But you’ll also have to deal with tension around moving into a new role. You may need to adjust your daily life while releasing control over something you’ve previously been afraid to let go of.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A mixed blessing accompanies this eclipse. You may be getting a strong intuitive message about your destined mission in life. A dream or a “dream come true” may shift you onto a track that finally feels right. You may sense that things have changed. A revelation that has connected some crucial “dots” for you may have you feeling more confident and whole. A new beginning is on the horizon. The eclipse is ushering it in. It’s connected to a challenge you faced in the summer of 2000 and maybe a sacrifice you were unwilling or unable to make at that time that you could actually make now. You may have to give up something that’s been important for you to maintain – some kind of wishful thinking, something that made you feel in control that actually made you less in control. It may be a belief about your future and your stability that requires you to be confined by “love” or some kind of traditional agreement. Old relationship patterns may need to be broken. A job change or ending may be required. Something more artistic, compassionate, or romantic may need to be set in motion.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This eclipse may clarify your social life, your relationship with friends, issues of belonging, and the role you may be destined to play within the realm of groups or within the community. Something high profile is implied. A leadership opportunity may emerge. Your specific area of brilliance may find a more spacious place for expression. Current revelations may allow you to connect some crucial “dots.” You may be able to make sense of why things are unfolding as they are and how the storyline is specifically connected to the past. Maybe something especially pivotal in the summer of 2000 allows you to clarify a pattern. Addressing something that remains unfinished or unresolved on the home-front may need to be revisited soon. It may involve a difficult challenge that requires undoing an old source of security. A move may be necessary. To move or not to move may be an issue. Relationships with family, deep roots, and the past may need to be reconsidered. Your perspective and beliefs may need to be adjusted. Something you’e deeply attached to may need to me released. Financial discord within relationships, self-worth issues, and fear may intensify during the last week of August.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The eclipse highlights your career sector, your relationship with the public, the specific, highly creative contribution you are destined to make that involves your past and some kind of original, electric, unsettling, or enlightened influence. Your willingness to go out on limb is accompanied by a growing support system that seems to be coalescing around you. You may be more clear or more encouraged than you’ve ever been about the role you’re destined to play. If you’ve been wandering around in the wilderness for awhile Venus in your 12th house might be giving you the exact kind of “previously hidden” information you need. You may be effortlessly moving in the direction you’re destined for. Uranus and Saturn require the dismantling of an old source of stability in order to clear your path. The good news is that it might be easier than it would initially seem. Ending a relationship, or old patterns within relationships, or your perspective on relationships, or how you use your relationships to step more fully into your destined role, may be challenges you need to address. Expansion into the realm of something powerful and personally transformative might feel very right. The cosmos confirms that it probably is.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The eclipse accelerates and clarifies an expansive future involving foreign travel, foreign contacts, relocation, something adventurous, and a future life fueled by enlightened ideas, extraordinary expectations, and maybe the desire to learn a foreign language. Doors may be opening within the realm of publishing and legal matters as well. Progress will be made. But it’s complicated and meticulous preparation will be necessary. Finances and domestic issues complicate the picture. Self-discipline and focus will be required to clear you path of the obstacles currently in place,. A partner’s plans for the future may not be aligned with your own. If you’re partnerless at the moment you may feel that confines or limits you in some way. It may take awhile to work this out. There may be some kind of schism, lack of consensus, or diverging interests with regard to a committed relationship. Ultimately something involving “twos” will be involved. Be alert for a dream or intuitive message that gives you clarity, hope, and propels you forward through the challenges you face. It’s likely to feel prophetic and authentic.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This eclipse highlights an area of life that triggers joint financial arrangements, areas of vulnerability including sex, intimacy, trust, secrets, and the manipulative methods you use (or other’s use) to maintain the “upper hand.” It’s all complicated but there is the suggestion that a new “partnership arrangement” advances your interests. Some wishful thinking may have you glossing over the critical, fundamental “details” or deal breaking positions that will eventually demand some backtracking. Adjustments may need to be made to your “steamrolling” approach to life – your desire to achieve power through wealth, hard work, and extraordinary achievements. Venus in your 10th house is easing your progress toward success at the moment. If you’re single and uncommitted your path forward may be unobstructed. If you have a partner to consider you may need to be more flexible and accommodating with your time-table and future plans. Or you may need to increase your independence. Mars will backtrack into your 1st house from August 14th to Sep 12th. This may be the time when it becomes obvious that your approach to the future and relationships is tricky and needs more work.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The eclipse highlights new beginnings within the realm of relationships. There is something you need to let go of that has become inflexible and maybe toxic. It looks like deep seeded mistrust, inflexibility, and fear. Taking a step back, creating some distance, being more objective, and self-aware could prove helpful. This is a complicated eclipse that opens doors but doesn’t necessarily ease you through them. There is the possibility that in the weeks leading up to this eclipse you may have received an important intuitive message regarding your future. Still it’s wise to take some cues from partners who reflect back to you what remains unfinished in your quest to achieve self-mastery and an enduring love affair. Conflicting goals or interests in relationships may be an issue. Mars moves back into your 12th house of your subconscious mind from August 12th – Sept 14th. If you haven’t pinpointed your fears and what needs to be released yet, you’ll have a second chance then. Uranus is working hard to set you free of a prison of your own making.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The sector of your chart indicating routines, work methods, and health habits is highly influenced by the upcoming eclipse. A new beginning is indicated. A intuitive sense of knowing, a happenstance comment, or lucid dream could gift you with a surprisingly simple solution to an old problem. This is just one possibility. But a door is being opened that allows you more access to higher forms of intelligence – the kind of intelligence and intuitive knowing that can inform your routines, habits, and problem solving methods. Your life could be easier, and to the extent you can trust your instincts, intuition, and dreams, it could become so. For you self mastery involves the expectation that you will be able to translate an ideal, a dream, a memory, or activist instinct into something that makes your life work better. More likely than not solutions will seem too simple and you may mistrust them. But it’s good to experiment and experimentation itself is an act of trust that eases your path through life. There is something left undone within the “social/community/group involvement/friend sector” of your chart. Some difficult decisions may need to be made surrounding the nature of your social life. Aug. 12th – Sep. 14 is the perfect time to address that.

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