Cancer Solar Eclipse Horoscopes

This week the Solar eclipse influence intensifies as Jupiter (the planet of expansion), retrograde since early March, turns direct at 13 degrees of Scorpio. That happens officially on Tuesday,July 10th at 10:02 AM Pacific time. But we may be feeling a sense of urgency to unravel or clarify something as time runs out.

Any retrograding planet “turning direct” takes several days to gain momentum. But it’s likely something new will be initiated on that day, the meaning of which will be fairly profound. The Sabian symbol for 13 degrees of Scorpio is the following:

“During wartime a train arrives in a bombed-out trestle and is forced to stop. The passengers argue amongst themselves about the feasibility of continuing along the same track.”

Because it’s Jupiter in Scorpio Plutonic forces (sex, death, taxes, corruption, survival and transformation) will be highlighted. Something profound changes or comes to an end. The warning signs have been on display for awhile. But a stark clarification accompanies the arrival of something new. The survival of something we consider to be fundamental may be an issue.

Putting your psychic house “in order” may be of highest priority. Keeping sight of your mission in life, continuing to make spiritual progress despite set backs or severe affronts to your overall belief system is the challenge.

What manifests could be a final “nail in the coffin” that cements a decision. Finally you may see the light at the end of the tunnel and move forward with more confidence and certainty.

To put this in perspective, the last time Jupiter moved from retrograde into direct motion in Scorpio was on July 6th, 2006. What was happening for you then? (For myself I think it was a time when something happened -I can’t remember what- that clarified my parents could no longer live on their own without lots of assistance. Accepting that was hard).

Historically on July 5, 2006 North Korea tested two short range, one SCUD, and at least two long range missiles. On the same day an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting was called in New York City. On July 6th the Nathu La mountain pass between India and China reopened for trade after being closed for 44 years.

History doesn’t exactly repeat itself. It’s more like it rhymes.

Chiron retrogrades on Thursday (July 5th) at 2 degrees of Aries. The necessity for deeper healing to occur at society’s most fundamental levels is pronounced. This seems to involve a different kind of participation, activism, and a new perspective on your relationship to dedicated groups and causes. Fighting harder to put your personal stamp on society may be an issue. The pressure is on for moving in the direction of a “global solar consciousness.” The options are too disturbing to consider or facilitate.

And then there’s the PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 20 DEGREES OF CANCER 41′ ON THURSDAY, JULY 12TH AT 7:48 PM PDT & 10:48 PM EDT. This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer emphasizing families, caring, nurturing, the past, and putting it all within the framework of a new perspective.

This Cancer eclipse belongs to the family designated “2 Old North” within the system of Saros Cycles. According to Bernadette Brady this is a difficult eclipse family. Unfortunate news involves relationships and friendships. You will be dealing with ideas of separation and the ending of a union.The initial picture looks glum, but the actual results are quite positive. You will quickly grasp what needs to be done and fast action brings good results. The theme is action concerning personal relationships.

The last eclipse occurring in this “family” was in July of 2000. I was wandering around Salt Lake City by myself for about a month after returning from a two year stint living overseas. I can’t remember the details of how I landed in Salt Lake City. My relationships were failing. It was a depressing time and I was lost. I remember attending a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal and feeling envious of their certainty and the religious family that was ready made for them. Eventually I separated, ended what needed to end, and the results actually were “quite positive.”

The July 12th Solar eclipse kicks the entire eclipse season into high gear. On July 27th there is a Lunar eclipse in Aquarius and on August 11th, another Solar eclipse in Leo. The result may be sudden collapses, unrpedicted outcomes, and accelerated progress.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A move in the direction of deeper healing is signified this week. Standing up to the tyranny of a group may be the issue. Or standing up for your dreams and the circumstances that would allow you to achieve those may be necessary. Implied is the unraveling of an old way of dealing with conflict. This runs deep. The final nail in the coffin of an old fear of rejection, being ostracized, left out, or otherwise rendered insignificant, is being put in place. Your approach morphs into a healthier more integrated one as the result of some courageous decisions possibly. Joining a cause, leading a cause, or standing up to a group whose motives and tactics have been entitled and degrading is signified. Further progress depends on you separating yourself from and standing up to something historically intimidating.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Commitments may be upended. Separating yourself from something you were once deeply committed to may be the issue. Most likely you’ve known since May that something that symbolized a “supporting beam” in the structure of your life was going to be unsustainable for much longer. A separation from an old mindset is required – for the sake of your future. Self-awareness is key. Reining in your thoughts, gaining mastery over your fears, separating yourself from an old mindset, and doing something that’s hard for you to do seems mandatory – for the sake of survival (soul survival maybe). Doing what’s most practical, efficient, and useful – especially when a nurturing kind of love threatens to overwhelm may be necessary. Doing what’s effective and rational may break your heart (or someone else’s) but ultimately it’s the most loving (self-loving) thing you can do.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Under a solar eclipse a chance to more fully align yourself with yourself is a distinct possibility. If your mind has been fighting with your heart – or your soul has been fighting with your sense of yourself – a long lasting truce is possible. But it might require that you do something that’s hard for you to do. A transformation of your old ideas about money, power, sex, death and whatever you’ve inherited might be necessary. It’s all easier if you know what it is that’s most valuable to you – how you want to use your power to create something that reflects the best of you – and what might endure to inspire others long after you’re gone. In quiet moments you may realize that an old commitment to love (home, family, and roots) has become shaky and maybe unreliable. Something needs to be done to restore a sense of personal integrity, cohesiveness, and effectiveness. But what needs to be done may break your heart before it heals it.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something is on the cusp of being freed up and it looks like an awakened sense of responsibility to nurture your most unique qualities. The parts of you that don’t fit the mold, are slightly (or monumentally) weird, that shake others up, are prone to being rejected, more progressive or threatening to the status quo are in need of your care and attention. They are the main source of your power. If necessary you may need to rebel against your tendency to rebel against your eccentric, out-of-the-mainstream self. Playing it safe may work for you for awhile. But something more bland or unexciting than you’d hoped for may result. There is no way out of this one it seems. Actually there is but you may not be able to live comfortably with the consequences. Now is when you undo old psychological conditioning you inherited from parents who wanted to protect you from being alienated, ostracized, or otherwise relegated to the sidelines. But you’re stronger and more powerful than they imagined. And the world needs the kind of solutions and innovative methods you can provide.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Breaking wide open may be new revelations about what needs to be more fully integrated into your life. It’s most likely the sensitive, insecure, “inferior” stuff you may feel you’ve mastered because you’ve managed to refuse to acknowledge it – or pushed it far into the recesses of your mind with an all-encompassing devotion to over-work and heavy responsibility. You may feel that acknowledging and addressing a weakness will hobble you. But actually it will do the opposite. What you’ve been carefully controlling, hiding, or covering up, if acknowledged and addressed could become a source of some new strength you could use to enhance your work – and your relationships. A sixth sense might kick into higher gear allowing you to sidestep potential problems. A feeling of comfort within your own skin automatically convinces others of your trustworthiness. Whatever gave you the impression that refusing to integrate an “inferior” part of yourself would disable it needs to be reconsidered. Embracing a supposed “defect” disempowers it and increases the chances that it will work in your favor. So if someone points out one of your weaknesses take it heart.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Self-love may be the underlying issue. Coming to terms with endings – the part of a cycle when things die in preparation for new beginnings – may be challenging. Reversing a course of action on something that’s become soul-deadening, or simply exhausting, is implied. Rebelling against a habitual rebellion against listening to that small voice within may be necessary. Even if the outlines of something important are not yet clear, spending time alone and listening to something soft and delicate (and easily overwhelmed) that’s attempting to inform your decisions and actions, is wise. Doing something that’s rational (and maybe hurtful) to protect your dreams or your ability to be open and receptive to life and love in general, may be necessary. Children may come into play. It’s all very complicated until you change your perspective on love and a sense of deservingness. What you were taught may need to be overturned.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Doing the hard thing for the sake of your career or life direction may be the issue. Separating yourself from the past, something you inherited, an old source of security, or fear is implied. There is something inflexible that survives at the base of your foundation and it may require a hard nosed approach to your own feelings and what your soul craves. Money may be an issue. The nature of your relationship with your mother (or home) may be highlighted. In its old form that relationship may be coming to a close. Something may feel imprisoning or unfair at the moment. It’s time to reflect on your ideas about self-sacrifice in general – how healing or wounding that has become for you. Success and achievement is important. You just need to make sure that the success you’re striving for is not rooted in old irrational fears, inflexibility, or an undermining comfort with drudgery and indebtedness. A shift in perspective could be your “get out of jail free” card.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A hesitation to initiate something new may be fading. A review of an old approach to life and your role within the realm of relationships may be coming to a close. You may have reached some conclusions and they may not be easy to accept. Still momentum will be building along with a sense of self confidence. Action may need to be taken to rebel against an old form of security that complicates personal achievement and success. A difficult decision for the sake of your future may be necessary. In terms of your vision for your own future and the future of your family, you may not be able to get there from here. Undoing something that’s hard for you to undo may be necessary. Destabilizing an old commitment and aligning with a social group that reflects your ideas about children, creativity, love, and success makes this all flow smoothly.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may sense a turning point. Clarification is tricky because Jupiter, your chart ruler, is placed in the nebulous, eternally foggy, 12th house. Free floating anxiety, depression, or the vague emergence of hope, and feeling like you may be on the cusp of a turn around are all manifestations of Jupiter’s impending change in direction. Since March you’ve been unraveling complicated webs that prevented progress. But you may be reluctant to accept a difficult truth. This week the energy shifts. Action that looks like the making a difficult decision may be necessary. Refusing to see or address what’s not working may be impossible to sustain for much longer. The July 27th lunar eclipse puts an exclamation point on what needs to be done. If a separation is in order it may be time to come to terms with that.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
You may be getting the message that an old, automatic, or inflexible role within the realm of relationships is in need of an upgrade. Greater self-awareness, more comfort within your own skin, and a willingness to discover hidden sources of fear and rigidity may be necessary. It’s time to rebel against your tendency to rebel against a deep dive into your inner workings. An old form of playing defense needs to be transformed into something more effective and personally empowering. It’s easy to get stuck in a systematic way of doing things and ultimately losing your edge when it comes to adjusting to a situation or circumstances that have evolved. A financial partnership may need to be reworked. A marriage may need to be reworked. But the work part seems to belong to you. For a Capricorn that might feel comforting.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Ongoing is a deeply personal process of developing mastery over fear. Under the impending Cancer Solar eclipse, you will get some tangible evidence of how much progress you’ve made and how much further you have to go. Most likely you still have a ways to go. In some way you may feel imprisoned by your work, your relationships, your co-workers, or your health status. Or you may feel impatient with the mundane, routine, work involved in keeping your security afloat from one day to the next. New methods more exciting work situations, and satisfying relationships may require a leap of faith, a sudden separation from something familiar, a move to a different location, a willingness to rebel against allowing fear to inform your navigation through life. You are most useful to yourself when you don’t compromise your soul and your vision for your life while paying close attention to physical sensitivities and reactions. Contemplate the possibility that fear is not your best guide to a successful navigation through the life of an Aquarian. Courageous rebellion against fear and security might be.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Resisting the forces of fear when it comes to opening your heart to love may be required. Separating your self from an old pattern of steeling yourself against the possibility of being hurt can now be abandoned. In fact it will be hard to proceed any other way. Love is challenging an old approach to life that has been losing steam for awhile. There is the suggestion that a painful loss triggered an approach to life that was defensive and “walled in.” Something involving your relationship with your Mom might have perpetuated it. But now she may be the catalyst for change. Or you may be the catalyst enabling a change for her. Or you both may be newly energized to fully embrace life once again. Jupiter, your chart ruler, is about to move into direct motion after being retrograde since March of this year. Progress unencumbered by past hurts (or newly empowered by them) is symbolized. A more joyful life direction is a distinct possibility.

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