Taurus New Moon

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Taurus New Moon – Tuesday, May 15th at 4:48 AM PDT & 7:48 AM EDT

It’s easier to understand Taurus if you consider the interplay of it’s opposite sign Scorpio – especially since Venus, Taurus’s ruler, is placed in Gemini – the sign of “two’s, twins, and pairs.” The “sign/opposing sign” perspective becomes especially important during a New Moon when the absence of light obscures our vision and impairs an important part of the total equation – rational thought.

Under every new Moon a rational piece of the puzzle is missing. We can only feel what’s going on – and that something new is taking root. A seed is being planted in a specific area of our life experience. We can only imagine and intuit what it might be and what it might mean for our future potential. Often what we feel is the simple truth.

Taurus seeks to reassure, to support, to comfort, to ground us securely in our physical body by heightening our senses and deepening our engagement with sensual experience. Through sensual experience we’re able to savor and appreciate, protect and cherish. We may sense something complicated is being worked out beneath the surface. Because Scorpio is involved what is unconscious and separate (historically) is brought into the fold. What has been “walled off” and compartmentalized within the conscious mind is made conscious. We become more whole and complete.

But something has to break down in order for that to occur – a boundary, a supporting beam, the lid that keeps a process and way of life safely contained. Taurus promotes stability. Scorpio promotes upheaval in the form of detoxification, deconstruction, elimination, and “tsunamis” that wash away all remnants of an old order.

Because something is destroyed we become aware of something we were previously unaware of. Resistance can no longer be sustained. A door is opened, we’re escorted through, and we can’t go back. We can’t un-know what we know or un-feel what’s been felt. We’re more aware. Our perspective is more complete. Old values and priorities become obsolete – sometimes in an instant.

Scorpio erases an old, limited framework giving Taurus a blank canvas on which to create something new – from a more “whole-some” perspective.

Taurus always wants a deeper more complete connection with the physical body. She wants the stabilization and feeling of “ownership” that a solid connection with our physical being implies. She wants to manage and manage well her most fundamental resource.

Picasso, the deconstructionist Scorpio artist with Mercury at 24 degrees of Scorpio (exactly opposing this Taurus new Moon) said the following: “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” and “Art is a lie the helps us to realize the truth.”

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon – “A sculptor asks his model to remove her clothes and to pose with her arms upraised and her body twisted. He begins to chisel her likeness from a column of black marble.”

Hans Selye (Mars at 24 degrees of Scorpio) was the scientist who described the destructive effects of stress on the human body. The volcano on the big island of Hawaii reflects the destruction that can result when intensifying pressure overwhelms a compensating mechanism. Accompanying this new Moon is a message about alleviating pressurized situations and mindsets to protect the physical body.

In this New Moon chart Mars (newly in the sign of Aquarius) forms a harshlydynamic angle to Uranus, (newly in the sign of Taurus). Mars and Uranus are changing their tactics at almost precisely the same time – under a new Moon. That’s a level of intensity that can push through what’s previously been successfully resisted – or unconscious.

Uranus becomes a progressive force for planet earth, the health of the physical body, mature women, art, music, and the resources needed to survive. Uranus (from now through April of 2026) promotes enlightened forms of resource management. Her method will most likely be a powerfully persistent rebellion that will not die until it achieves what it intended to achieve.

Generally speaking Taurus hates unpredictability – Aquarius’s favorite strategy. And Aquarius hates anything that can be dragged on forever to make a point – Taurus’s favorite strategy.

This year Mars is set up for a six month transit (unusually long) through the sign of Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is the courageous warrior battling against “man’s inhumanity to man.” The “unenlightened” version of him would be an angry, frustrated, held-back guy who prefers surprise attacks and explosives.

For the rest of the year Aquarians, Leos, Scorpios and Tauruses (anyone with prominent placements in those signs) won’t be able to sit stil for long. They’re becoming courageously experimental. Sudden changes in lifestyle are implied. All four signs are especially dynamic and impatient this year, prone to enlightened action, sudden change, and doing what no one expected they would do. The time for discussion is coming to a close. When Mars in Aquarius has had enough, he’s had enough. He moves on and he doesn’t look back.

Pluto trines the Moon in this new Moon chart, indicating the destruction of whatever’s blocked a healthier emotional flow. A trine is known to represent ease and good fortune but because of the ruthless nature of Pluto and the highly sensitive nature of the Moon, what happens could be temporarily painful but ultimately necessary and profoundly freeing.

If what’s been blocking a healthier emotional flow serves as a “supporting beam” of your current life be prepared for some major breakdown and restructuring. The “decks” are being cleared for a change of residence or lifestyle.

In the midst of this new six month battle personal stabilization depends on knowing what you value most. And progress depends on being able to recognize when something previously stabilizing begins to serve more as a vehicle for toxicity, injustice, and something inhumane. Courageously overthrowing something that once “worked” (or never worked) – quickly, efficiently, and permanently – with no mess, no regrets, and no looking back, defines Aquarius and Uranus at their best.

Most people (including astrologers) didn’t see the “me-too” movement coming. It seems highly energized by this New Moon chart. Black Moon Lillith (the powerless woman seeking to recover her power) Pluto (the great transformer) and the Venus Star Point (a definer of history) align at 19, 20, and 21 degrees of Capricorn. The Venus Star point remains in Capricorn until October 26th of this year. This is a powerful set-up for the destruction of institutionally embedded stressors that facilitate a disconnect from the body and the relinquishment of ownership. Lillith’s involvement makes this an issue of returning feminine power to it’s rightful owner.

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    Holly, this lines up so completely with all that is happening with my life at present. Ginnie’s lamp has blown its top off. Thank you ever so much for your readings.

    Most sincerely,
    Trish Reilly

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