Sagittarius Full Moon May 29th

(Paula Ayers – Lillia D)


This is a week where Sagittarius full Moon energies progressively intensify and influence the nature of possibilities. A culmination and ending phase is brewing within a specific realm of life experience. For you that is determined by your solar chart and the “house” that is ruled by Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the mythical “archer.” He is known for his ability to focus on a target, to take aim, and to hit the mark. He is a freedom loving adventurer, a passionate student of philosophy, and a gambler. He’s opinionated. He’ll take some chances (calculated or foolish). He seeks to expand his perspective and to make the whole world his home. He can feel like he’s dying when confined.

One possibility under the power of this full Moon would be a craving to take aim at an old form of confinement, a no-win situation, or relationships that locks you into a role you no longer want to play. It may be time to set yourself free of something that limits your freedom to experience progress, foreign perspectives, and the important, “as yet unexplored,” parts of yourself.

Sagittaius’s opposing sign, Gemini, is light on her feet, able to change directions quickly, to generate ideas, to develop new, more interesting connections, to participate in lively conversations, to adapt, and remain as flexible as she needs to be.

Without Sagittarius and the freedom he’s willing to fight for, Gemini has a hard time functioning in a healthy way. She becomes scatter brained and unable to sustain her focus or attention long enough to connect with anything meaningful.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A woman helping a child up a ledge on a winding path through the forest. From their new perspective a morning star can be seen in the soft glow of dawn.”

This symbol is one of leading or being lead into the light of understanding. It’s trail-blazing, escaping to a higher level of existence, feeling spiritually (politically, culturally, emotionally) supported. It’s the use of astrology to create greater freedom through an inspiring perspective.

Antares, the fixed star in the heart of the Scorpion, sits on top of this full Moon. Antares is a war-like destroyer, leveling what once served a useful purpose, but now – in light of new understanding – is no longer needed. The depth of destruction Antares creates can feel devastating and disorienting.

Opposing the full Moon is the Sun in Gemini. (In every full Moon chart the Sun is exactly 180 degrees opposed to the Moon) In this Sagittarius full Moon chart, the fixed star Alderbaran conjoins the Sun.

Alderbaran is the “eye of the bull” (the bull’s eye) in the constellation of Taurus. It’s a huge, very old, red star typically imagined as the fiery eye of Taurus the bull. Anyone who has experienced the anger of a Taurus is not likely to want to challenge him. Overwhelming energy, steadfastness, and perseverance, is his most powerful weapon.

The ancient description of the influence of Alderbaran implies high material honors bestowed with great danger of losing those through struggles with the law. This implies honor and wealth that ends in disgrace and ruin. Violence is often part of the picture.

On some level you may be fighting the powerful, steadfast, persevering “enemy” (maybe within) and the stakes are high. Antares vs. Alderbaran looks messy and very challenging. But you have to win this one. The alternative is not good.

Jupiter in Scorpio (the ruler of this full Moon) is in harmonious aspect with Neptune. The volume is turned up on your intuition. There is some magic power you can access if you believe in its existence. Chances are you know what you need to do to survive and thrive.

The full Moon encourages you to take the last step in the direction of freedom which might look like a step backward, an undoing, a release, or unraveling. It might feel like a frightening breakthrough accompanied by the disorientation that a long-time prisoner experiences when he’s finally set free.

Expect to experience two powerful sides of yourself that are in conflict. Expect to encounter opposition and advice that encourages you to be more comfortable with current realities.

The Sun/Moon midpoint is a point of integration (what saves you). It’s located in the sign of Virgo at 8 degrees. A focus on developing your usefulness within the bigger scheme seems especially important. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury and she’s currently placed in the final, critical degree of Taurus.

Now is the time to focus on setting free your own, personal, stylistic flair and approach, to showcase your talents and knowledge, to get your authentic self noticed, to use your power to enter into the elite circles that define cultural values, to participate in intelligent conversations about literature and art, to state your opinions boldly, to develop a beautiful signature style that captures the essence of who you are, captivates followers, and to move things in a enlightened direction.

It may be time to question keeping yourself “all to yourself” in the interest of projecting the “downplayed version.” Granted, you’re easier to ignore that way and somewhat protected from the critics. But the world needs you and your ideas now. It needs to be easier to identify you in a crowd. Travel may be needed to show you the sides of yourself you haven’t yet explored or noticed.

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