Scorpio Full Moon

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On April 29th, there is a full Moon in the sign of Scorpio (9 Degrees 39′). It culminates at 5:58 PM Pacific time and 8:58 PM Eastern time.

Wherever Scorpio is involved intense emotions, treachery, and something generally hell-ish can’t be far behind. That’s an interwoven possibility. But the emphasis under this full Moon feels hopeful and positive. The North Node (a notoriously beneficial influence) falls on the Sun/Moon midpoint in this full Moon chart of extremes.

The Taurus Sun, whose quality of light is reflected off of this full Scorpio Moon, falls on the midpoint of Mercury and Venus. What seems likely is that you will encounter the information and clarification you need to connect with your own unique rhythms. You might resist if the information flies in the face of old, stubborn patterns. That’s when Scorpio steps in to make your choices very clear. Under some pressure it’s likely you have “allowed” a break-through to occur.

Through concentrated efforts, a desire to heal, and to free yourself, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the truth. At this point the shredding of mystifications and “cover-ups” may be well underway. An important truth is being unveiled. We’re seeing ourselves in a fresh light. (Chiron newly placed in the sign of Aries)

A lost treasure belonging to you has emerged from oceanic depths in the form of something your heart knows to be true. A sense of groundedness begins to replace upheaval and pain. (Sun in Taurus opposing Scorpio full Moon). Seeing yourself through a different lens in a truer light is easier. The part of you that is timeless, enduring, worth savoring, and definitely worth protecting is revealed. (Saturn/Pluto in retrograde motion)

What has happened in the deepest recesses of your mind and heart necessitates a change in approach. Seizing what you want from life is no longer optional. Delay is no longer tolerable. Bold aggressive actions to secure what you desire feels more urgent. You may be pushing back against adversaries and restrictions.

The end of something significant is a hallmark of any culminating full Moon. Once the Moon culminates, energy begins to wane.

Think back eight years. Uranus, placed in the full Moon chart in the critical and final 29th degree of Aries is bringing to a close some degree of uncertainty and fear that was triggered in the summer of 2010 – and maybe more consistently felt by the Spring of 2011.

In some regard you were “thrown overboard” then. You might have sensed an essential threat to your psychic survival. Your subconscious mind might have registered the fact that you could not continue to “survive” without full participation in a critical “inner revolution.” Something you relied on to keep your “shaky house of cards” intact seemed to be dissolving. A “sink or swim” scenario was presented, the outlines of which were pretty vague (or pretty dramatic) at the time. The intensity of what you would have to endure and conquer was unclear but at deeper levels profoundly unsettling. (Uranus newly in the sign of Aries)

A sense of closure accompanies whatever challenge was thrown in your direction then. Being at the end of something fundamentally life-changing – being a survivor, and emerging victorious opens the door to a new beginning. The next two weeks seem like the perfect time to honor what you’ve been through, to celebrate, to feel grateful, to create and engage in a sacred ritual honoring a final phase of this journey. (Uranus currently placed in the final degree of Aries)

Two weeks from now if any remnants of this old challenge remain, give some thought to getting rid of them.

Anyway I look at this full Moon chart, Mars is “front and center.” He’s a fighter. He stimulates feelings of aliveness that can be felt in every cell of your body. Over the past week he’s passed over and enlivened the “Pluto” area of your life. In evolutionary astrology Pluto is the symbol of the life of the soul.

Mars in Capricorn wakes up the part of you that harbors your life’s “Great Work.” Potentially this is your finest contribution to the world. It’s time to get serious and more disciplined as you commit to placing your personal stamp on the world – in the form of something that will outlive you. (Sun trining Saturn).

There is an opportunity to harness your imagination to enhance and accelerate the production of your “Great Work.” Disciplining your emotions yields big rewards. The excuse “I’m just not feeling it today” can be filed in the “irrelevant” folder.

The soul of this full Moon chart (a Capricorn one) embraces the “Great Work.” Achieving it involves work and overcoming fear. A Capricorn soul doesn’t expect an easy path. Her strategies for achievement are “down-to-earth.” The soul of this full Moon chart bases decisions on a clear-eyed, objective assessment of reality. She listens carefully, gauges obstacles and adversaries dispassionately, demonstrates unbending moral integrity, and a willingness to work tirelessly with “what is.”

Jupiter in Scorpio continues to force a review of current plans for the future. In light of fundamental inner change, adjustments may need to be made. (Jupiter inconjuncting Pallas). The good news is that an inner “reconfiguration and clarification” eases you into a soulful future you may not consciously know how to orchestrate. Synchronous events, friends, allies, timely opportunities, and universal love is there to support your “adjusted” vision – or to assist in making adjustments easier for you. (Jupiter trine Neptune).

It’s seems important to address the fact that Ceres and North Node are conjoined exactly. Ceres is a huge asteroid that plays a significant role in any chart. Aligned with the North Node she facilities a deeper involvement in your life purpose.

The Ceres myth is as follows – in abbreviated form:

Ceres is Demeter – the goddess of agriculture and fertility and a consort of Zeus. Demeter is Persephone’s mother. Zeus is her father.
Pluto (Hades) is Zeus’s brother. One day Zeus decides to give his young daughter Persephone to his brother (the God of the underworld) as his bride – without telling Demeter. While the innocent Persephone is picking flowers with a nymph in the garden Hades bursts through the ground and drags her into the underworld.

Demeter hears her screams but is too far away to rescue her. She wanders all over the earth looking for Persephone. Desperate, she asks Helios the Sun god, to tell her what he saw. He explains in grim detail what happened including Zeus’s part in initiating it. Helios tries to calm Demeter down, telling her that Hades is a good husband for Persephone, but Demeter doesn’t buy it.

Demeter grows increasingly despondent and rage-filled. She vows not to allow anything to grow on earth until her daughter is returned to her.
Famine ensues and people starve. Through Hermes, Zeus orders Hades (Pluto) to let Persephone go.

Pluto agrees and slips a few Pomegranate seeds into Persephone’s mouth before letting her go. (if you eat something in the underworld you have to stay there forever). Demeter is totally ticked off and decrees that nothing will grow on earth ever again.

Zeus sends his mother, Rhea, down to broker a deal with Demeter. It’s decided that Persephone only has to spend only part of the year with Hades in the underworld. But during that time nothing on earth will grow.

This myth aligns perfectly with Taurus (earth) Scorpio (underworld) combined energy of this full Moon.

Venus is placed in the sign of Gemini. This seems to suggest some assistance and ease in navigating gracefully between two worlds. In some regard a schism defines the nature of your challenge and your fate. A graceful and loving acceptance of your fate may be part of the message. Implied is the ability to see yourself more clearly as a major player in the ongoing battle between good and evil, to be able to stay in touch with the underworld to create a substantial, multi-layered work of art, to channel archetypes from the group mind to electrify the public in some way, or to use the mind as a “magic mirror” that reflects images of the imagination and your own, unique, individualistic approach to life.

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  1. Cheryl:

    Holly, I often feel like your readings are written directly for me, personally, and this is no exception including what I was going through (end of second marriage) back in 2011. It’s a beautiful context to see the next two weeks (when I’ll be with my new third times a charm husband) as a time to complete completing those loves in the past and fully embrace this love now. Thank you!

    • Admin:

      Thanks so much for your comment Cheryl. It great to know that sometimes my horoscopes resonate. Perspective is everything. The Universe and planetary movement does make sense. In my experience it seems that third times actually are a charm. Congratulations and best wishes for lots of love and happiness. And thanks for reading my horoscopes 🙂

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