New Moon in Aries Sunday April 15, 2018

A week ago I glanced at this New Moon chart. It looked potentially explosive – like a significant breakthrough maybe, a pivotal turning point in an ongoing saga, a match thrown on bone-dry tinder that burns away quickly what’s no longer viable. Anything “Aries” includes force, passion, competitiveness, instincts, impulses, and maybe something unprecedented and new.

Add Uranus to the mix and you’ve got something unpredictable and possibly profoundly destabilizing – or enlightening in a way that stuns you. The political and personal are intricately intertwined anytime a cardinal sign is involved as it is in the case of this Aries new Moon. (The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

On the national/political stage the ongoing investigations of top U.S.governmental officials (and former officials) reflect the specific quality of current cosmic energies being thrown into the mix. The Aries New Moon forms a t-square in the chart of the United States. The U.S. was “born” with an opposition between the Vertex (fate) and Pluto (control).

The Vertex describes the destiny of the U.S. as a study in extremes. Raw and untamed the U.S. is a “force of nature,” unleashed passion, and dammed up emotions that need to break free in a controlled way. Without being exposed to a disciplined practice that leads to progressively higher levels of mastery, the U.S. is a wild barbarian on a horse, a naked, destructive, out-of-control, “hazard in motion.”

If the U.S. was a child it would be obvious he needed a martial arts teacher or a regular regimen of physical and mental challenges that pushed him to his limits. His enormous potential would be obvious but without training in focus and control – and a safe outlet for testing his courage and strength, he’d be a serious accident waiting to happen. With cultivation of progressively higher levels of mastery he saves the world – with energy and strength left to spare.

Pluto in Capricorn, the ultimate task master, keeps the Vertex under control. But this New Moon forms a t-square in the chart of the United States. The new Moon awakens wild, raw energy and and and challenges the systems designed to channel and control it.

The “empty leg” of a t-square – the missing 4th entity that leaves the configuration unstable, dynamic, and in desperate need of a resolution – is the theoretical opposing force to the Moon – the 26th degree of Libra. Libra is above the fray, inwardly calm, able to see a break in the clouds and to fly through it. She knows when to seek support, when to compromise, how to soothe herself, and to think clearly in a crisis. If you’re feeling pressured, a Libra way of being is the resolution.

Cycles repeat themselves at progressively higher levels of awareness. In April of 1931 there was a Solar eclipse at 27 degrees of Aries (same degree as this new Moon) with fellow traveler Uranus in Aries at its side. There have been several eclipses in the late degrees of Aries since 1931 but none involving Uranus in Aries. This is probably the last new Aries Moon of your lifetime that will conjunct (join) Uranus. There will not be another opportunity quite like this to forge a breakthrough on a national or personal level.

Obviously a new Moon is not an eclipse. It doesn’t pack the same kind of a punch. But the cyclic themes are similar.

On April 15, 1931, three days before the Aries Eclipse of 1931, there was a a shake up at the top levels of American organized crime. The “Castellemmareseo War” – a war between the two largest American/Italian gangs in New York – ended with the assassination of Joe “The Boss” Masseria, briefly leaving Salvatore Maranzano (“boss of all bosses”) the undisputed ruler of the American Mafia.

Maranzano himself was assassinated less than 6 months later, leading to the establishment of the powerful “Five Families”

Under the influence of that eclipse, Al Capone was convicted of 5,000 counts of perjury and prohibition violations and later that year of tax evasion.

We’re seeing a theme emerging in present time that aligns with the eclipse energy of 1931. Hidden power is being exposed. Underworld dwellers are forced out into the open. Control over wildly untamed forces is being re-asserted. Breakthroughs are being forged.

On a personal level it’s time to tame whatever wild force in your life has been given free reign. Saturn sextiling Nessus in the New Moon Chart is an opportunity to heal a wound that’s resulted in confusion and a willingness to be victimized by old patterns that encouraged you divide yourself in half to survive, to soft-peddle the truth – or side-step it altogether.

The truth is dying to come out since Mercury turned retrograde early this morning. I think it will. The New Moon gives force to this Mercury (information) at 4 degrees of Aries. Someone will assist you in connecting the dots, while providing you with a potent measure of truth. It will feel like a breakthrough.

Mars wants more authority over the situation. He wants his power back. He wants to be recognized and acknowledged for his ability to assert authority over his life. Mars is traveling with Black Moon Lillith. He’s in a struggle to recover some power he gave away and he’s strategizing – playing a shrewd game of chess to ensure a win for himself and his cause.

Venus in Taurus opposes retrograding Scorpio. We may be in the process of correcting some past over-reach or an over-confident approach. We have more time to balance the scales. Venus in Taurus promises a timeless love and lots of support, but there are no short cuts. If you’re thinking about betraying yourself to get what you want – don’t. You don’t have to. Mars and Lillith are removing whatever is blocking your ability to attract what you need.

Overall this new Moon has the ability to force a breakthrough, to clarify something that’s been confusing, to enlighten and awaken you, and to end something difficult you’ve been tolerating for a long time. Your choices may be clear to you. You may finally decide on a course of action and it will most likely be an effective one.

Thanks for reading and have a great evening.


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