New Moon in Pisces

(Mosaic Art – Lin Schorr)


The Vertex of this new Moon chart – the point of fate and destiny in any chart – is placed at 20 degrees of Virgo. The Sabian symbol for 20 degrees of Virgo is as follows:

“An anarchist with wild curly hair throws a bomb into a government building.” Creating shock waves in the public mind; defiance of social convention, broaching a political or social taboo: forcing the sleep walking public to confront an ugly truth; exposing the source of social evil; crazy scramble to secure the future; fall out from half-baked plans. A build up of rage leads to an explosion integrating elements of change, novelty, and chaos into the overall rhythm of life; cultural destabilization and radicalism.”

There are lots of ways to interpret any symbol. Energy is expressed on many different levels from the deeply private and personal to the social, political, global, and universal.

I like to address the basics – what’s happening on personal levels. This New Moon seems to represent the beginning of a personal revolution that is only possible because something that has resided in the subconscious mind (for at least eight years) has been elevated to a level of awareness. We’re now conscious of a truth we previously could not recognize. What used to seem unavoidable, inevitable, and perfectly logical or sane may no longer.

Black Moon Lillith in the sign of Capricorn at 14 degrees is placed at the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto. Lillith represents taking back power that belongs to us. In the sign of Capricorn the power we take back comes from recognizing (in ourselves and others) our resilience, how we’ve bounced back after being knocked down – after an illness or defeat for example.

Additionally we may recognize that fate has played a part in advancing our standing. Even when we’re not in control and unaware the “Cosmic Clock” moves us forward. Saturn/Pluto combinations rule “adepts and magicians.” Because of something we now recognize that we once did not, we can perform what might have previously felt like magic.

Pluto and Saturn combinations also represent extreme cruelty and hard labor. Black magic could be our game if what we newly recognize is a specific area of vulnerability in another.

On the social levels Saturn/Pluto is institutional change brought on by mass organization and protest. Something culturally revolutionary has been triggered. It feels karmic and fated but with Mars in the final degree of Sagittarius an accumulation of collective rage and outrage may be in play. Mass action/revolution is an “accident waiting to happen.

In the short run it looks destabilizing. But personally we may feel ourselves to be standing on more solid ground. Any new Moon by definition integrates a changing emotional framework into how we define ourselves to ourself. New Moons are naturally healing and integrating.

But this represents a “dark” time if you’re looking for something obvious and tangible to guide you. Instincts are your best guide under lunations. They speak loud and clear from the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. It’s good to pay attention and to let what guides you be what feels right. Most likely what “feels right” will not be taking the same approach you’ve always taken, repeating old patterns, reflexively responding to fear, and pretending that nothing has changed. It has.

Jupiter in retrograde motion at the very least demands reconsideration. But a complete reversal may also be required. What is most important is that you acknowledge that your capable of more and that actions need to be new and different.

An old cycle has been completed. A new one has taken its place. The gears of the cosmic clock are in sync. Something mysterious informs the age-old progression of natural cycles regardless of your input.

A gestational phase seems to be over. The “baby” is fully formed and prepared to survive on its own. She needs to be born. To continue to cling to the womb ensures decay and death. So we have to get on with it despite any frightening imaginings.

This is a turning point – a point of renewed focus on self-cultivation. It’s time to make a commitment to developing an inherited gift or talent to perfection. There is the suggestion that the wider culture is depending on you to do that and that the reward could be significant. The choice is to enter into the new evolutionary spiral or to go around in circles.

“I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.”

– Michel Foucault (French Philosopher born with Uranus at 27 Degrees of Pisces – the exact degree of this new Moon)

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