Libra Full Moon

We are under the influence of an impending Libra Full Moon. The exact time of culmination is Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 5:37 AM Pacific time & 8:37 AM Eastern time.

Venus enters the sign of Taurus just hours before the rise of the full Moon. Mercury remains in retrograde motion taking us back over some old territory. Chiron (the wounded healer and maverick) hovers at 29 degrees of Pisces – the last sign in the last degree, of the Zodiac. A grand “healing finale” is in process from now until April 17th. I’m visualizing a bunch of fireworks all launched at the same time.

What we’ve been working on healing (consciously and subconsciously) since 2010 most likely involves a loss, a feeling of victimization, powerlessness – and of being broken, impaired, or “incomplete.” In these final stages you may feel the healing process accelerate. That may take the form of some magical leaps in awareness.

Libra is about restoring balance. Relationships are highlighted. The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is interesting 🙂

“An Art History teacher projects a slide of a colorful Bachanalia. Pulling down his bifocals, he points out some of the picture’s funny sexual antics.”

It’s hard not to recognize how closely this mirrors the stormy “news of the week.” Jupiter continues its retrograde motion through the sexy sign of Scorpio. In terms of balance, while there is some humor involved, Scorpio pushes psychological de-structuring, restructuring, and transformation. This is especially true if sources of stability have been rooted in some really shaky ground.

Power imbalances and injustices are addressed under Libra’s influence. Most likely those will not survive in their current form. There will be pain and push back.

Mars (sex/action) and Saturn (karma) unite to form a harsh angle with this sensitive, harmony-loving, peace-craving, full Moon.

Venus rules anything “Libra.” (She enjoys co-rulership over Libra and Taurus). Now, newly and comfortably residing in the sign of Taurus, Venus wants the kind of peace that financial stability can bring. She cultivates and protects her money. She wants something of higher quality – something simple, a finely crafted life that can endure the test of time – something rooted in bedrock. The flimsy and the false hold no interest for Taurus. This full Moon emphasizes a desire for stable, enduring relationships.

Provocative circulating information takes discussions to a more honest level. Challenging art (think signs carried by gun violence protesters) begins to shake loose and uproot a source of imbalance or injustice. A new environment for an efficient devaluation/re-creation process is being prepared.

Challenge comes from, and is directed toward, leaders of large organizations. We can think of this full Moon as an agitator of governments and authorities who cultivate and protect sources of imbalance.

In our personal life a boss, maybe our own controlling inner voice, heavy responsibilities, pressure to achieve, anger and frustration related to big hurdles that must be overcome, and the stern father may be sources of imbalance. Under this full Moon it’s all highlighted.

The light being reflected by this new Moon is “Aries” light. Aries is a primal urge and uncivilized (Libra’s uncomfortable with uncivilized), impulsive actions – sex, and the kind of conflicts that arise from our desire to impress our will on the world. Aries takes risks and enters into the fray in ways that make Taurus and Libra cringe.

But Aries provides clarity. He’s a warrior with a laser that cuts through distractions and confusion leading us straight to source and the truth. Without Aries imbalance festers under the guise of a flimsy peace and superficial harmony.

This full Moon triggers a desire to move through your “blind spot” in the direction of a connection with your true self.

Imbalance can only be sustained for so long before the pendulum begins to swing in the opposite direction. Over the next two week let whatever anchors your imbalances go. Under the light of a full Moon there is an opportunity to identify specifically what that is.

On a different note there is a message about the physical body, (Venus in Taurus) physical exercise or lack of it, (Saturn/Mars) and psychological stress that is rooted in some physical imbalance.

A Saturn Mars conjunction – especially one at the top of a chart – gets a bad rap most of time, sometimes deservedly so. I say Mars/Saturn is like driving with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake at the same time. Burning up your engine is a distinct possibility. Feelings of frustration and anger can be “off the charts.”

But Saturn can discipline your mind and body to take some much needed action. If you’ve never been able to stick with an exercise program, to set physical goals and achieve them, to get stronger and in shape, that may change. The cosmos is facilitating persistent, effective, targeted programs that move your physical body (and your entire being) in the direction of balance. It’s partially about endorphin release and the kind of pleasure response Venus – the ruler of this full Moon – craves.

I will be writing horoscopes based on the Libra full Moon chart. They will be brief because of the “technical problems” that have plagued Mosaic Astrology and me for the past four days. (Mercury retrograde – surprise, surprise).

Have a wonderful week evolving in the direction of balance. Have a Happy Easter. And thanks, as always, for reading.


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