Super Sextiles and the Capricorn Takeover

This is an unusual week in the astrological world. Toward the end of 2017 I wrote a lot about the coming “Capricorn sweep” through the skies – the alignment of six planets and a culminating new Moon in the the earthy, exacting, sign of Capricorn.

The “rubber meets the road”, the chickens come home to roost”, “you reap what you’ve sown,” a karmic debt comes due” – I said all those things to describe the exaggerated effects of a “pile up” in a sign closely associated with the “grim reaper.”

The arrival of serious consequences for being irresponsible “bad actors” is half the story. Within Capricorn’s job description is the responsibility to bestow rewards you’ve earned as well. There’s the possibility you’ve played by the rules, put in the work, made the tough calls, been the “adult,” and persisted despite disheartening setbacks.

Capricorn, in his dispassionate, exacting way, doles out rewards as masterfully as consequences. Those may come in the form of achievements, advancements, or maybe the removal of a challenging situation that was specifically designed to test your strength and character. By now you may have “passed that test.” There’s no longer the need to keep testing you.

Today and for the next couple days a super sextile is in play. A sextile is a 60 degree angle or aspect between planets. In this case Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are all involved.

A sextile is defined as a potentially advantageous influence. It tends to present as an opportunity. But there are two kinds of sextiles. One involves planets in earth or water signs. The other involves planets in air and fire signs.

The ones involving air and fire tend to be opportunities that simply fall into your lap. You don’t have to do much. The water and earth sextiles “birth” an opportunity as well, but you have to take some action to be able to take advantage of it. Obviously you have to recognize unfolding events as being the opportunities they are.

The currently developing super-sextile is of the “earth and water” type. You must take some action for it to be of use to you. You can grab the opportunity or let it pass by. An event stimulates the opening of a door that’s been previously closed to you.

According to Bernadette Brady the event may come in the form of a change in life circumstances that would have prevented you from taking advantage of the opportunity. She implies it could be quite dramatic. We are essentially being given the opportunity to find new pathways through our life.

The fact that Jupiter and Mars in the sign of Scorpio are involved, and the Sun, Venus and Pluto as well, brings to my mind the opportunity to engage in a love affair. It could be deeply satisfying, bringing you “back to life” in some way – essentially a triumph of courage. But it looks complicated or heavily burdened with responsibility.

Still, under the sextile aspect, it may move you through doorways that open up new ways of approaching the world – new passageways and options – more freedom.

Capricorn represents a sense of groundedness within the realm of reality. Mars in his watery “home sign” of Scorpio brings an element of mystery and magic into the equation. Mysterious synchronous events materialize.

It’s pretty easy for Mars to take effective action when placed in his “home sign” of Scorpio. In conjunction with Jupiter he could over do it, but basically his timing is good and his instincts “right on.”

Yesterday I was angry so I had to take some action. (Mars resides at 0 degrees of Aries in my natal chart). I feel anger viscerally – in my muscles and bones. It’s short-lived if I put forth some kind of strenuous effort. Initially I walked three hilly miles but that didn’t do the trick.

Cleaning out my office suddenly felt doable and useful. I spent most of the day carrying stacks of papers to the garbage or shredding them. I cleaned out files, organized cabinets and bookshelves, and found resources and information I forgot I had. I moved furniture, rid the place of dust and cobwebs, jarred old memories, and generally exhausted myself into feeling pretty serene and gratified by the end of the day.

I’m in the midst of a research project and have been for almost two years. I need a breakthrough. Organizing my office felt like an important step in getting myself on track and focused. It wasn’t my motivation, but whatever works.

I need some doors in my brain to open. I’ve done an exhaustive literature search and it appears the answers I need have yet to be formulated. I’m counting on Capricorn to keep me persistent and Scorpio to move me into some deeper level of understanding. I’m good with an infusion of magic or a few pivotal, synchronous events.

The thing that makes me really hopeful is this week’s “Uranus in Aries “contribution.” He could “trip the right switch.” All the pieces are falling into place for a major break in a situation that’s been brewing and intensifying for a couple years. My life reflects the timing in relatively small ways – yours most likely does as well. But on a national and global scale it may change the course of history.

On Thursday Mercury falls in line as he enters the sign of Capricorn. Ideas that facilitate your goals come into play. Responsibilities pile on. There may also be an awareness of something grave and profoundly sad that seems to be materializing.

By the end of this week Uranus moves into a dynamic aspect with the Capricorn stellium. This is when flashes of insight and what’s most unexpected is realized. A shock we sensed would be coming still seems surprising.

On Saturday the Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn. On emotional levels events and their meaning begin to sink in. Family issues and the past come into play.

An extraordinary week culminates with the New Moon at 26 degrees of Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16th.

I’ll have more to say – as I always do – after I interpret the the New Moon chart.


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    Excellent insights. Thank you, Holly!

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