New Moon at 26 Degrees of Capricorn

(Mosaic Art – Ravenna)

Today the Capricorn New Moon rises at 6:17 PM Pacific time & 9:17 PM Eastern time.
I’ve already written an interpretation for this New Moon with last week’s horoscopes. See feature article “New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of 1/10-1/16”

But (of course) I just have a few more words to say about it.

This appears to be a time when we could ruthlessly cut through emotional stress and confusion – and the excuses those provide for procrastinating and passing the buck. Doing the right thing for the sake of our own personal integrity is not selfish – it’s being a grown-up. Capricorn’s moral compass is accurate. He doesn’t ask himself how he feels about doing the right thing. He assumes he’d rather not do it, wishes he didn’t have to do it, doesn’t want to “cause” pain and displacement,” hurt others, etc. But his sense of integrity demands that he not betray himself and his work – and that he not underestimate the ability of others to take responsibility for their own difficult challenges.

Capricorn doesn’t know who he is when he bases his decisions on feelings. Feelings are notoriously changeable and the Capricorn way of being is persistent, steadfast, and committed. At this time we most likely have a decision to make about how committed we are going to be to our life and our life’s work. A separation from forces that pull in the opposite direction of our life’s purpose may be emotionally painful. But wallowing is an undisciplined, childish choice. This new Moon says “Life is tough, get a helmet, and do the right thing.”

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