Taurus Full Moon

(Mosaic Art – ??)

This week’s main event is the Full Moon in Taurus. Depending on your location it culminates very early Saturday morning (Nov. 4th) at 1:23 AM Eastern time or late Friday evening (Nov 3rd) 10:23 PM Pacific time. Adjust for your specific time zone.

For the next few days you’ll feel some emotional intensity build.

As always full Moons offer an opportunity to clarify and reconcile opposing tendencies, to attract what we desire, and to put an end to something that has run its course. Full Moons increase emotional sensitivity, trigger haunting memories, and bring to the surface of consciousness genuine longings of the soul.

A Taurus Moon is earthy. It’s practical. It wants practical solutions and concrete, solid, stabilizing answers. Inwardly Taurus craves an unwavering sense of serenity and peace reflected and nourished through a carefully crafted life – a “work of art” kind of life that gracefully weaves unanticipated events, natural beauty, and hard choices into a life rhythm that feels soothing and rich.

Taurus is a master gardener and builder. She attracts what she desires as long as she can continuously eliminate the dead wood, toxic waste, inefficiency, and weak links. Taurus creates optimal conditions for growth by carefully managing environments and continually ensuring that foundations remain strong and well maintained.

The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is: “On the orders of their captain a group of pirates reel in a small boat piled high with loot and supplies. Forming a bucket brigade they begin to transfer the articles onto their ship.

Politically this seems to reflect the current emphasis on a congressional rewriting of the tax code.

Personally it suggests the need for a redistribution of resources. Money, time, talent, connections, and the things you possess may need to be shuffled, re-aligned, coordinated, and focused in a specific direction toward a cherished goal.

This full Moon presents an opportunity to consolidate your strength and power. It appears you have what you need to get to where you want to be, but there may a lack of concentrated focus or a lack of appreciation or understanding of the value of the resources you possess, or how they can be used strategically in service of your goal. There may be waste involved that needed to be eliminated.

Goals that involve the crafting of a richer, more nourishing, artistic, and loving way of life seem especially receptive to the opportunities now presenting themselves.

I recently spent time on foreign soil in the heart of Europe – a place that feels qunitessentially Taurean to me. I have Jupiter in the sign of Taurus exactly conjuncting this full Moon. Among other things Jupiter is the symbol of the beliefs we hold and the kind of circumstances that make us happy.

But when I arrived in Budapest my baggage did not. Thank you British Airways. It took awhile to sink in that my luggage was actually lost and wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon. I kept thinking it had to be there someplace. There was some kind of mistake. It had to be there. Even when the revolving baggage platform stopped revolving and all the passengers had left the building I kept thinking it would turn back on and my baggage would magically drop through and I’d live happily ever after. But it was not to be.

I was stunned and disoriented. We had missed a flight to Copenhagen waiting for my baggage. In the airport while waiting for a later flight I bought a Hard Rock Cafe Budapest T-shirt and a few other essentials. I had my coat with me and it was cold so that was good.

On the later flight to Copenhagen I struggled to remain upbeat but I heard myself explaining to Michael how lost I felt without my stuff, how hard it was to think that it might be gone forever, how much I loved and missed some outfit I’d packed and how embarrassing it felt to consider that in light of the refugee crisis, etc, etc., and on and on and on…

The next day I bought a pair of pants and a couple shirts. I didn’t want to spend travel time shopping for things I already had (or shopping at all) assuming I would eventually get my stuff back.

Four days later when I did get my stuff back and I couldn’t believe how much I’d packed. It was hard to get organized in the mornings. I couldn’t find anything. There were too many choices. I didn’t need it all and I couldn’t efficiently manage it all. It was time wasting – a distraction. It took me too long to get out of the hotel each morning.

Now that I’m home I’m thinking more discriminately about what I possess, my resources, what I need, how I can coordinate it all in service of the one goal I truly need to achieve. Thank you British Airways.

Other than the Sun/Moon opposition present in every full Moon chart, the tightest aspect in this chart is the Venus/Uranus opposition. This is a potentially explosive opposition. Venus in Libra tends to compromise and really wants things to remain civil and nice. But Uranus in Aries needs more freedom – and compromise is never his first choice.

Now may be the time to ask yourself “Should I keep things on an even keel by continuing to try to finesse a situation into something that feels just, fair, and balanced? Or do I risk temporary destabilization by insisting on something freer and fairer? Do I continue to let another lead or do I take the reigns?”

The other possibility inherent in a Venus/Uranus opposition is cultural provocation through an artistic work or idea that challenge societal norms. This is a good time to find supporters who will showcase your work or any work that challenges society without compromising artistic integrity. The establishment of new institutions to showcase ideas and the opportunity to gain access to some elite, progressive scene are opportunities presented by this full Moon.

The Taurus Moon wants practical solutions that may require putting an end to an old way of being.

Mercury at 27 degrees of Scorpio is triggering the August Jupiter and Pluto eclipse points. (Saros Series 1 North). This looks like a delivery of information you need to set in place a better foundation from which to launch a new way of life. It could also indicate communication about sex, death, taxes, or other people’s money (passive income) that sets you free to move forward in a more centered way.

Lastly Pluto in the sign of Capricorn harmoniously aspects and activates this Taurus full Moon in a way that can connect you with what you truly desire.

….”to know a desire, to melt into it, allow it surface, savor it, feel it, and explore it through your imagination. Once you’re empowered by the self-aware knowledge of what you truly want the psyche hardens itself, the eyes narrow to slits, the mind becomes calculating, and you go after it.” (Steven Forrest)

This full Moon highlights the “focused resource management” part of the process involved in getting what you want. It also highlights your ability to be calculating, practical, and stubbornly determined as you create the life your soul longs for.

Here are 12 brief personalizations of the effects of the upcoming Taurus Full Moon for each solar sign…..

Aries – This full Moon challenges you to ground your ideas or leadership potential in something solid, stable, supportive, and concrete.

Taurus – This full Moon challenges you to present an example to the world of how to create a masterpiece of your life given what you have to work with. Taurus is abundance. Most likely you’ve been given much to work with.

Gemini – This full Moon challenges you to receive subtle messages that add elements of enchantment, nature mysticism, and magic to your everyday life.

Cancer – This full Moon challenges you to challenge societal norms, to take the lead in some socially responsible cause, and to gain entry into elite groups that ultimately support a more joyful way of life.

Leo – This Full Moon challenges you professionally to coordinate all available resources and to focus them in a direction that allows for greater achievement and success.

Virgo – This full Moon challenges you to expand and enrich your life through foreign travel, advanced education, or a change in beliefs that allows for a way of life more aligned with your natural self.

Libra – This full Moon challenges you to transform your role in relationships to align with something more loving, relaxed, and natural.

Scorpio – This full Moon challenges you to enchant your relationship in some powerful ways – or to let it go.

Sagittarius – This full Moon challenges you to make connections that enhance and enrich your work life. Effort is required to be more focused and efficient in your day to day operations.

Capricorn – This full Moon challenges you to infuse more joy and relaxation into your life by freeing up your professional associations in some way. It may be time to socialize with clients or professional contacts in ways that feel natural to you.

Aquarius – This full Moon challenges you to find or create a home base that feels aligned with your most natural way of being and the longings of your soul. Consider that it might be some distance from where you are now.

Pisces – This full Moon challenges you to enchant, romanticize, and relax your daily routines. You may feel more powerful as a result.

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