Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes June 7th – 13th

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This week we adjust to Mercury, Venus, and Mars’ transit into new signs. Mercury and Venus are both placed very strongly in their “home” signs.

Mercury in Gemini is now able to express powerfully and directly. You may find yourself being able to say what you mean with greater clarity. The facts are what they are. Wishful thinking falls away as we see objectively what’s in front of us. Information may be easier to disseminate far and wide. The information you need may flow in your direction at the right time. Crystal clear perception is Mercury in Gemini’s gift.

Venus in Taurus is powerfully placed as well. Her gifts are timeless and enduring. Mature love, solid support, fine craftsmanship, and calm, patient, persistence will seem easier to come by. Venus in Taurus attracts solid partners, financial abundance, and sensual pleasures. Her presence soothes and reassures.

Mars, unlike Venus and Mercury, is challenged in the sign of Cancer. This sensitive, vulnerable, soft-hearted sign is an odd placement for a warrior. Here he seems to function best as a protector. Conflict may surround issues related to safety, security, home, family, women, mothers, and the past. Family conflicts may escalate. Emotionally we may feel embattled.

On a mundane note, the United States as a “Cancer” country feels especially conflicted and de-stabilized, vulnerable, and emotionally embattled.

The full Sagittarius Moon is on Friday June 9th at 6:10 AM Pacific time and 9:10 AM Eastern time. Expansive Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and its move into direct motion (after almost five months in retrograde motion) coincides with the culmination of this full Moon.

That’s an extremely powerful statement about hope, optimism, growth, and expansion. What was murky, especially within the realm of relationships, is clarified. We know what needs to be addressed and can move forward.

Depression, mistrust, and maybe emotional inhibition surrounds a relationship issue we must now deal with. Patterns of deception – possibly self-deception – must be unraveled. It may feel like a daunting task. But there is cause for optimism. One way or another chances are good that you’ll succeed.

You may be longing to escape to some distant place that could relieve the pressure. Plans without any prospect of realization will eventually be replaced by something that can. The influence of the upcoming August eclipse will clarify what is possible and what is not. That clarification allows you to focus in a more fertile direction.

And it could feel very uplifting. This summer is a rare moment in time when what was previously impossible for you and totally “out of the question” will no longer be.

Under the influence of this full Moon you may find it easier to convey a courageous, firm, determined style and approach. Excitability and distracting patterns of conflict may arise as your determination registers. These patterns need to be understood and eliminated.

Now is a good time to delve into problems within a sexual relationship. Thoughts of an ideal love, marriage, or family situation may intensify. Writers of love stories find lots of inspiration under this full Moon. Even if you’re not an “official writer” it might be time to write your version of an inspiring love story.

(Always read horoscopes for your Ascendent sign first then Sun and Moon. E-mail me if you can’t remember your ascendent sign).

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Within the realm of relationships there’s been a breakthrough. The old, traditional, socially acceptable structures you’ve tried to cram yourself into when it comes to relationships may not have worked. But there’s a dawning realization. You’re not the “average bear” and you can’t get your cues from how most of the world operates within the realm of relationships. Your an original and the structure of your relationships must not follow any set formula that you’ve seen or recognize as familiar. It must be your own. It must spring from love but other than that it structures itself in its own highly unusual way. To the extent you can let go of an old set beliefs about the “successful progression of a relationship” – the normal nature of a happy union, the role you’ve always envisioned yourself comfortably playing, or the ideal partner for you – you’ve opened the door to something new and potentially deeply satisfying. If you start to compare your relationship (or past relationships) with other relationships you’ve observed, you’ll end up way off course. If you don’t yet feel worthy or strong enough to participate in such a relationship keep exploring your interests and talents. You’ll soon get the message of what a rare and precious specimen you are and how your needs are different.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The impending full Moon urges an emotional transformation that allows you to clarify where a relationship may be headed. It looks very positive to me. Venus in your 1st house intensifies your attractiveness on all levels. If you’ve downsized your expectations in an attempt to minimize some anticipated disappointment, it’s time to reverse that. If there was ever a time to wish for an abundance of everything it’s now. Don’t undermine the flow of universal energy in that direction. It wants you on the same page. It’s time to wish for financial abundance, for the most intense love you’ve ever known, for a revelation of the magnitude of your true worth and value, and for more support than you’ve ever felt in this lifetime – or any lifetime. Of all these wishes it seems like support is the most important. That may entail letting go of a belief that you don’t deserve to be supported or that you shouldn’t expect it. You’ve taken that as far as it can go. You’ve already proven what you can do with no support. There’s nothing left to prove.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini wants to be free to pursue their curiosity wherever it leads whenever they feel like it. Their relationship with commitment is a tenuous one. There is an old belief about how commitment boxes you in, makes you a prisoner, and can ruin your life. (slight exaggeration) A failure to choose, to decide, or to specify is preferred. But Mercury, the ruler of your chart, has just moved over your ascendent bringing into your awareness information from higher realms. It seems you are being called to specialize, to hone in on a specific area of expertise, to focus, and fully commit. Paradoxically that is your path to freedom and something deeply satisfying. Changing your beliefs about commitment is important. If you can accomplish this relationships become easier. Still you’re on a collision course with something powerful involving money, mutual support, shared responsibility, and fairness. The expected crash doesn’t occur until the end of June. Now that you know you can pre-empt it and minimize the impact. If something feels unfair it might be. Communicate. Your sense of clarity is at its peak.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This is the end of a yearly cycle for Cancer. It’s time to clean, clear and make space – on all levels – for the new beginning which officially begins on July 21st. On the mundane level it’s time to get rid of old paperwork, newspapers, magazines, website subscriptions (not this one :)) and stacks of mail you don’t need. On a subtler level it’s time to release old ideas of about your role in relationships, as well as grief carried over from lost friendships, lost pets, and love affairs that weren’t reciprocated. The full Moon is about to dissolve some of this for you. You just need to cooperate. If you can take a break from your usual routine and spend some time alone over the next two weeks that would be a sign of cooperation. Another idea would be to create a ritual that signifies the transformation and release of something old and no longer useful to you. One of my favorite rituals involves breathing your grief into a stone, placing it outside somewhere in nature, and letting the earth take care of it. Symbolically it’s out of your hands. It totally works 🙂

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week is a time when the cause of justice and fairness may rest on your shoulders. Creatively it may be time to put forth lots of effort from behind the scenes to promote the family, a sense of community, and public spirit. It may be time to hold a government or leader’s “feet to the fire” in an effort to protect what provides a home for the soul. Something delicate and easily overwhelmed may be in danger. Something life giving and essential may be lost forever as the result of cold hearts, closed minds, unfair advantages, or a destabilizing imbalance. Self-interest and greed provide a comfortable space for dark, destructive energy. On a personal level your own heart is being targeted as a place that may become chilly enough to house a thriving crop of dark energy. A wake up call is being sent your way. Something spiritually life-threatening may be unfolding on parallel tracks – the personal and the political. It’s your obligation to invite change, to support change, and to release what’s grown past its prime. Anything that feels heart-warming should be embraced like a life-preserver. Warmth, truth, and a re-connection will ensure a very consequential success.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Within the realm of home and family something significant has reached a culmination point and is about to dissolve. In its current form a foundation that was set in stone long ago can be taken no further than it’s already come. Something needs to be released and new possibilities explored. Implied is a change in beliefs about the meaning of family, roots, and the past. There is an indication – (Saturn the notorious heavy-handed task master) – that this will not be easy for you. Beliefs are deeply entrenched in the 4th house. Ancestrally they’ve been passed down through many generations. Still, no excuses. It’s time to say goodbye to something – maybe forever. But a positive relationship to your own sense of self worth may have solidified over the past five months. This changes the equation significantly, opening doors that were previously closed to you. As the nature of your foundations changes your mind opens to some very interesting possibilities within the public realm. In love you’re on a collision course. Once that’s resolved you’re on your way.

Libra (Sep 21 – Oct 21)
Venus’s move into your 8th solar house signifies that it’s time for a transformation of your style and approach to life. Significant is the indication that a fear of opening your mind to facts that would undermine your beliefs limits your ability to connect.There may be a block that prevents the normal flow of conversational give and take. Listening may be difficult. Ideas and opinions you need to hear may be defensively rejected or dismissed. The frustration you feel in relationships may be routed in a fearful, defensive mind. The full Moon falls in your 3rd house of communication. Here you’ve taken an approach as far as it can go. Over the next two weeks if some old reactionary tendency seems to be looking for an exit, help it find the door. Your beliefs need facts to sustain them. They may be starving. This week an unexpected gift may come in the form of information previously unknown to you. If you hear the message an old inspirational belief will be enlivened and a limiting one eliminated. If not you lose.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Just when you were beginning to cave under pressure, Venus and Mars step in to renew your faith and attract what you most desire. Over the next week you may attract someone who has the ability to soothe your urge to overpower and control. Mars in Cancer in your 9th house expands your desire to protect your future, your beliefs, your family, and the soft, tender spots within your heart. But Mars is on a collision course with Pluto. The collision’s not happening this week but its time to prepare to lessen the painful impact. A decision may need to be made. It’s good to play it safe but bad to give up on what you really want. Something or someone extraordinary may be what you crave. Maybe you’ll need to tweak the full blown version of what you passionately desire. But you don’t need to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” If you’re advised to be more realistic, I’d ignore most of that. But do what feels right. It’s possible that an opportunity will come into your life that represents the perfect midpoint between “out of control” and “deeply passionate, expansively transformative, and incredibly alive.” Venus can help you thread the needle in ways that bring you back to life and leave you substantially satisfied. Believing you deserve this is helpful.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week Mars, the planet of self-assertion, has moved into the sign of Cancer and your 8th house. The way you assert yourself within the family structure will undergo, for the next seven weeks, a significant transformation. It’s possible that entire family structures may be undergoing a transformation. Your emotional self may have outgrown your current style and approach to life. Something more effective needs to be implemented. Resistance to change puts your physical health under increasing pressure. The full Moon in your 1st house implies that you’ve taken a particular style approach to life as far as it can go. Uranus is attempting to set you free on creative levels and to restore your passion for life. Cooperating with a major transformation demands a heightened awareness of your beliefs about self-assertion, self-protection, conflict, fighting for what you want, sexual pleasure, and your right to a passionate life. Initially we inherit our beliefs. Gradually we’re able to re-affirm or replace those through the advantage of our own direct life experience. Over the next two weeks is a good time to release the past to better connect with the very personal beliefs that feel true for you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It’s likely that a wake-up call’s been received by your opponents, competitors, or enemies. As you’ve been quietly organizing, diligently preparing, staying focused on your goals, and amassing strength – essentially being yourself – those who initially ignored or underestimated you are beginning to realize the threat you represent. Mars, newly in the sign of Cancer, has moved into your 7th house of relationships. Conflict escalates. Mars has always been a fighter but now he’s paying more attention. He may be registering you as a threat and a force to be reckoned with. You’ve had some time to work in obscurity but not anymore. I would anticipate some strong push-back in the near future. But you have an advantage. You can count on Venus, newly in the sign of steadfast Taurus, to be very supportive of your efforts. Money may flow in your direction. Creative types may assist your cause. Loyalty may be assured. New allies are willing to assist and follow through. You may be mysteriously provided with useful information. Remember to be grateful.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your current challenge involves an honest, integrated, adult response to what you’re receiving from lovers, children, and the chronically self-involved. What you receive may feel lacking in ways that are hurtful – pre-occupation, thoughtlessness, neglect, and cursory responses are insufficient. It’s important to see how you may have contributed to the pattern by accepting what you were afraid to reject. Being hesitant to set limits, tell the truth, express your disappointment, and to ask for more isn’t helpful. You may have given a misleading impression. Granted – adults police themselves and hold themselves to higher standards but sometimes they need to be reminded. Chances are whoever you count on to love you is charming, childlike, lovable, and somewhat naive. They may be unaware of the need to provide what you long for. It’s time for all parties to become more realistic about how love works. Some may need to learn the hard way. You’re the appointed adult in the room and need to tell the truth. Love dies if it isn’t fed.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
You have entered the home stretch of a seven year healing phase. An old “diseased” approach to life and relationships has essentially been cured. You’ve officially entered what I would define as the “regaining your strength” phase. Something that once debilitated you has been rejected. Rest, relaxation, and settling back in to yourself could now be the focus. The improvement may be reflected in a role transition. The role you’ve traditionally played within the realm relationships is over. Others may not be fully registering it yet, but they sense change. Your old approach to the world is dissolving. Best case scenario you’ve decided that being powerless, neglected, or underestimated just doesn’t fit anymore. You may be enforcing a new set of rules through some kind of withdrawal. Now that you’re “almost out of the woods” something needs to be released from a repertoire that has grown stale. It’s time to explore more magical, mysterious methods to powerfully express your “hidden genius.”

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