Full Moon in Libra

(Mosaic Art – Artmonument)

Full Moon event at 21 Degrees of Libra 33′ – April 10th at 11:08 PM PDT & April 11th at 2:08 AM EDT

Libra full Moons heighten our sensitivity to what feels lopsided, conflicted, unfair, unkind, or uncooperative. We may sense that what comes to a head now is the result of a tendency too lean too far in one direction or another.

Libra prefers finessing a situation to a “successful conclusion” – and they’re really good at it. The rest of us might embrace a situation that requires a passionate response – a fight to get what we want, a confrontation, or forceful pushback. One thing is certain for everyone. We’ve taken our current relating style and approach as far as it can go without a significant alteration.

This full Moon chart is a tricky one. A move toward improvement in one direction triggers something undesirable from the opposing direction. A grand square configuration in this full Moon chart involves the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Vesta. It’s a giant trap capable of keeping us locked in and immobilized. Or we could feel like “hamsters running on a treadmill” – expending lots of energy and essentially getting nowhere. One possible solution is to finesse our way around the trap by engaging the higher self.

The lower self is easy to identify. He’s the one that feels unsupported and unsafe. He wants to rush transitions to premature conclusions and to delay uncomfortable decisions for as long as possible. He seeks to alleviate pain quickly no matter what the cause, relying heavily on rational thought and what seems tried and true. He’s happy with steadily progress into a future he recognizes as secure and controllable.

The higher self operates differently. He assumes support will be there when he needs it, that guidance is always accessible, and that the nature of what he experiences gives him clues about what his next right move might be. The higher self is patient, unafraid, and ready to rely on “sensual acuteness” to find an inspired way through dark times.

Higher selves do not need to be in control as much as they need to feel in partnership with forces more powerful than themselves. They are mindful of the need to stay true to themselves and committed to what they value most. They’re energized when universal forces coalesce to create opportunities for full engagement and integration. They’re wise enough to understand when their own small ideas need to accommodate a more massive change that’s deeply soul-satisfying.

Feeling safe, supported, and alert is the higher self’s default position. They’re free to overthrow whatever needs to be overthrown if the signposts indicate it’s necessary. A confident, poised, and patient approach keeps them closely tied to infinite sources of love and support.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Moon midpoint (a point of maximum integration) is “A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat” A serene woman standing on a dock waiting for a sailboat to arrive signifies trust in a partnership with forces she cannot control – in this case the wind, water, and weather. The belief that a boat will arrive and that she’ll be carried to the right destination frees her to express herself in a calm, soothing, balanced way.

The ocean and the sea are prominent in this full Moon chart. Phollus, a minor Centaur planet, holds the highest chart position. He’s placed at the very top in the impressive, anoretic, 29th degree of Sagittarius Currently in retrograde motion, a reconsideration or review broadens his perspective and encourages an update of his current beliefs.

Phollus is capable of creating chaos and confusion for a purpose. Mythically the story goes that a seemingly small, insignificant act unleashes wild urges and uncivilized behavior that’s previously been contained. Dark energy explodes in all directions with wide ranging implications. Attempts to keep the lid on by soothing ruffled feathers, strategizing in advance, keeping our opinion to ourselves, or simply pretending everything is ok, might fail while instigating a long needed transformation.

Phollus is the bridge between Orcas and Saturn. Orcas mediates conflicting urges at the deepest levels of our being. He promotes rationale thought as well as “sonar consciousness” and clairaudience. He encourages strenuous effort and sensory acuteness. He balances flexibility with a commitment to the “soul’s vows, oaths, and promises.” He clears the way for for healing negative self-images, sea life, and the oceans. He promotes balance at progressively deeper levels of existence.

The Galactic core continues to assert a strong guiding influence through Saturn’s 27th degree of Sagittarius. Exactly squaring Venus in Pisces, boundaries dissolve giving the G.C.a chance to telegraph more clearly its message from other dimensions. My sense is that the rational mind is not wired in ways that allows it hear what the Galactic core broadcasts – but your soul gets it. Pay attention to longings that continue to tap you on the shoulder despite your pattern of reflexively dismissing them.

Pay attention to your dreams as well – especially the really strange ones. The galactic core speaks from realms that are alien and more highly refined. Notice synchronous events and re-occurring themes.

My personal experience under this full Moon has been interesting.

I’ve been receiving e-mails from an organization with the same basic message and theme for seven years. I’ve never responded to them or their offers – never actually read through an entire message from them. I’ve thought sometimes of others who might be interested, and that it would be nice if I forwarded the information. But I’ve never been inspired enough to do that.

A couple times over the past seven years I’ve pulled up their “managing your e-mails” page with the intention of unsubscribing – but I couldn’t bring myself to actually click that box. I’m attached to them in some weird way and oddly intrigued by the geographic location of their operation.

As I contemplate more frequently overthrowing my current status quo, and with the current pile-up of planets in retrograde motion, I recognize that the content of these e-mails contain what feels like some guiding direction. The scheme they outline is beginning to feel pretty flawless in terms of what might actually nourish my soul and further challenge my potential.

My lower self is suspicious, though, and happy to go back to dismissing it all as insignificant. I’m under no pressure to come up with a plan at this time but constructing my future by taking cues from an unlikely source is beginning to feel like an adventure I might want to explore.

Lastly this full Moon chart’s “prenatal eclipse” at 8 degrees of Pisces (Feb. 26, 2017) gives it some broader context. The Sabian symbol for that eclipse is “A Jockey” signaling the tendency to “go for broke” in situations where the whole of your capacity can be tested. It’s not often that a confluence of events allows you to demonstrate what you’re capable of. This new Moon seems to have the makings of that kind of opportunity.

This is not the time to hold back, to take a few incremental steps, or to play it safe. That would be your lower self’s preference. She’s trapped in a grand square, so baby steps might feel better than nothing at all. Your soul craves an exciting partnership with more expansive possibilities – and, under a Libra full Moon, she’s fully capable of finessing that into existence.


  1. Lisa:

    Your description of the higher and lower selves was really quite beautiful and such a good reminder. Acknowledging the lower and aspiring to and cultivating the higher opens pathways to so many more possibilities! Thanks for your writing.

    • Admin:

      Thanks for reading what I write Lisa ….and thanks for your kind, supportive comments. Much appreciated 🙂 Holly

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