The Virgo Full Moon

(Mosaic Art – Shayla Maddox)

I remember being a child in Chicago, announcing to my father and grandparents that I would be going to Paris someday – Paris France, not Paris Illinois. Pretty highfalutin ambition coming from a four year old, die-hard, Bozo’s Circus fan. They all laughed. But I was being serious and was confused by that response. Not too confused, though, to know that I would never mention it to them again.

There’s a special genius that can be found in your earliest dreams. Kids with Sagittarian Moons, for example, know from an early age that finding their true home – the environment that supports their highest potential – is not likely to be found close to their place of birth. The search for “home” feels adventurous. It takes them far away and into some very foreign places.

Before cultural expectations, family pressures, and higher levels of sophistication begin to shape and distort early dreams, it’s all pretty simple. We’re good at knowing instinctively what kind of experiences will support our highest potential and can be pretty matter-of-fact about stating that openly.

After we become more sophisticated (and confused), getting back on track generally involves a search and recovery effort. The current massive infusion of Pisces energy not only makes that easier – it pretty much makes it unavoidable.

Memories are stored in the 12th house of a chart. If you look at this Full Moon chart, you’ll notice that the 12th house is the most crowded one. It’s full of watery Pisces planets and placements that present the illusion of being contained within one segment of the chart. They’re not. The 12th house, especially under this full Moon, is leaking like a sieve.

Spilling over into our everyday lives are distant memories, old secrets, forgotten dreams, and glimpses of the magnitude of our true potential. Old structures, patterns, and assumptions are dissolving. New channels are opening and new connections are being made.

In some sense we’re opening our eyes – like the symbol “fledglings in a nest, high in a tree.” There is a dawning realization that we can fly. Our survival depends on figuring out how to do that. Relatively speaking, living life in a nest that was built for us and assuming that would go on forever was easy. Therein lies the current problem and opportunity.

The Moon itself is a symbol of change. It moves quickly – every other day and a half – from one sign to the next. Cycles end, karmic debts are paid off, delusions are invalidated, secrets are revealed. In light of new information, current life patterns can feel outdated. Expanding perspectives highlight what’s over and no longer needed. Your life as it’s currently constructed may become increasingly difficult to sustain.

As old motivations and life patterns loose steam, empty space invites fear – but also the chance to remember and recognize something authentic, enduring, and more aligned with who you are.

In looking at this Full Moon chart, it’s clear that Saturn (self-discipline, hard work, focus) strikes Mercury (communication, thoughts, and mind-set) at a harshly stimulating angle. This angle is the tightest aspect in the chart (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) and therefore powerfully influential.

It’s time to get serious about some fundamental change. It’s time to commit to what was always possible but “conveniently” obscured. It’s time to do some hard work guided by a steady, consistent focus. Saturn’s impending change into retrograde motion implies that the nature of the work ahead involves an undoing. Not doing something you’re used to doing kick-starts the process.

Saturn now occupies the 27th degree of Sagittarius. This is the “galactic core” degree symbolizing heightened psychic sensitivity and an unimpeded flow of timeless truths and powerfully mysterious energies. Our understanding of invisible connections intensifies under strong galactic core influences. Strange and powerful sensations threaten to blow the lid off comfortable delusions. You may feel the strain of attempting to contain your life within boundaries that are dissolving.

What we believe about the nature of relationships and connectedness is in flux. There is the suggestion that our beliefs, at least in part, conflict with the eternal message of the galactic core.

Venus, now retrograding in the sign of Aries, implies that at the most fundamental levels, we may need to undo the nature of the relationship we have with ourselves. This is a challenge – obviously. Juno, the marriage and commitment asteroid, harshly aspects Venus. Giving up the nature of a role we’ve previously committed to can be difficult.

An internal (and external) sea change is underway. As old delusions fall away, the Virgo full Moon illuminates the fact that our mission and potential is different from, or far exceeds, what we previously assumed. We need to become responsible for what we’re prone to ignore. The issue of personal mastery is highlighted.

Virgo delivers a message that it’s time to get ahold of yourself. You may sense that you no longer have the luxury of entertaining every distraction – including all your various and changing moods. Self-dicipline is required to maintain a concentrated focus on a pivotal personal re-organization. Setting higher standards for yourself may be part of the emerging picture.

It’s time to acknowledge your true mission, even if it wildly differs from what you’ve always assumed. A new plan of action may be required. Rearranging your schedule, attending to practical details, enlisting more efficient methods, advancing your skills, and developing higher levels of competency move you in the right direction.

Under a Virgo Full Moon is the perfect time to get serious AND more imaginative about achieving what you sense is all about you – and less about the compromised, sophisticated version of you.

The galactic core keeps relevant information and experience flowing in your direction. It’s a balancing act to remain receptive and flexible as you maintain a focused, self-disciplined approach.

Music seems to be the key to resetting your natural rhythm and maintaining your balance. If you would like to be astrologically matched with a composer who resonates with your soul’s highest potential and rhythm, I’d be happy to offer a suggestion. Send me an e-mail.

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