New Moon at 7 Degrees Aries Mar. 27, 2017

(Mosaic Artist – Elaine Goodwin)

(New Moon at 7 Degrees of Aries 37′ – March 27th, 2017 at 7:57 PM PDT & 10:57 PM EDT)

My first committed relationship was with a partner who was maddeningly and often embarrassingly eccentric. He had a hard time cooperating with anything that remotely resembled normal. Before the age of cell phones, I remember having to battle for things like having a telephone in our home. It was insane and exhausting. He rarely slept when everyone else was sleeping. He was oddly wired and unapologetically brilliant. His M.O. was to rebel against things that most of us consider essential – like predictability, structure, and common sense.

After a few false starts, he became a fairly successful in the financial world thanks to a small, flexible firm that agreed to take him on despite his aversion to commonplace standards. He had a sixth sense about investments that worked fairly well for him and those he served.

His clients were an odd assortment of monied misfits. Not surprisingly he aspired to be more like them in every way. For me that was a frightening prospect. Some were semi-homeless millionaires too opposed to normalcy to be anything but disruptive to friends and family. Some were lonely geniuses and disheveled inventors with an abundance of passive income from acquired patents and one time best sellers. One was a nobel prize winning recluse with a crazy wife I could easily imagine myself becoming. Another a retired libertarian professor who vehemently argued that getting rid of fire departments was a good idea.

In an effort to achieve some semblance of balance, I incrementally became the crazed defender of all things safe, secure, traditional, and “normal.” I became his extreme opposite in hopes of pulling us both back from the brink.

How could I have allowed myself to be set this far off course? The answer could be found, as it always is, in the nature of the relationship I had with myself.

As an Aquarian my life energy was that of an outsider – someone who serves her purpose through not belonging and finding creative ways to maximize her uniqueness. It was a difficult role for me to accommodate as a girl child of the fifties.

My family was traditional. My repertoire of coping skills was limited. I had a rocky relationship with the part of myself that was different and outside the mainstream. Early on I chose a traditional career and a traditional role in life. I delegated the role of the consummate outsider to a partner, then resented him for agreeing to play it to the hilt.

Relationships were difficult until I found a way to reconcile with an essential part of who I was. The fact that I was exhausted and disheartened helped. As a result, a necessary unraveling became easier to achieve. To others it appeared I was veering wildly off course as I took action to reject the roles I’d previously agreed to. In reality I was finally coming around to getting back on track.

In the world of astrology we say “there is no other.” A difficult or dissatisfying relationship is always a reflection of a complicated, unsettled relationship with a part of yourself. An astrology chart clearly maps out the specifics. For myself the Sun in Aquarius opposes Pluto in Leo. That’s a major tug-of-war between needing to be an outsider and wanting to be admired within traditional circles.

This New Moon in Aries encourages us to take some action to release past patterns based on evading and avoiding, shape-shifting, and holding close to the comforting delusion that a fiery, rebellious reversal might never be necessary.

In some area of life we may now be standing on the edge of a risky choice. Do we courageously and directly take on more of a leadership role? Do we say “enough” of something that smacks of injustice or cruelty? Do we say what we have to say forcefully and unapologetically? Do we vehemently protest and follow through with something creative? Do we change the rules of the game even when old patterns dictate that we simply follow along? If given a choice between protecting another or ourselves do we choose us? Do we commit to using our talents and resources to transform the nature of relationships into something we can actually sustain?

A new and different kind of action is required under this new Moon.

The two most important Sabian symbols in any New Moon chart are those of the Sun and Moon.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at eight degrees of Aries is “A Large Hat with Streamers Flying, Facing East.” This symbolizes the winds of change and being ready to meet a new challenge. An offer may come from the east or someone associated with the east. There is a warning to guard against focusing on superficial indicators to the point of missing something substantially important.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at eight degrees of Libra is “A Blazing Fireplace in a Deserted Home.” This is an indication of guardianship and matters of the heart. A tenacious clinging to hope or an indomitable will to survive. Decisions associated with this degree tend to be made with the heart rather than the head. There may no longer be the need to do something we’ve always done.

A Mercury/Venus conjunction suggests mental breakthroughs, enlightened thoughts, verbal challenges, and courageous, rebellious actions designed to free ourselves from confining conditions and out-dated beliefs about relationships.

The closest aspect in this New Moon Chart (other than the Sun/Moon conjunction) is the Jupiter/Pluto square. Jupiter is retrograding through the sign of Libra as we come to some understanding of how we back ourselves into a corner with old relationship patterns. Something is becomes increasingly intolerable forcing risky action or a confrontation we’ve previously avoided. A rebalancing of the power structures may be necessary.

Uranus and Pluto have been clashing with one another for the past seven years as we experienced the chaotic breakdown of stable structures and long-standing patterns of organization – both deep within and in the world at large. The stress has been extreme and intense. But it’s almost over. We may feel destabilized but in many ways we’ve been set free to create something better. There’s now room for something more humane.

It seems especially important tonight, at this first new Moon of the year, that we take some meaningful (maybe ritualistic) action symbolizing the initiation of a new order.

“…..Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers, now seems to be the right time to plant your own garden and decorate your own soul…” author unknown

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