Thursday’s Cancer Full Moon

(Mosaic – Artist?)

(Full Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer on Thursday, Jan. 12th at 3:34 AM PST & 6:34 AM EST)

Early Thursday morning there is a full Moon in Cancer at 22 degrees. This full Moon is part of a complicated chart involving a cardinal grand cross and a massive pile up of Pisces planets, asteroids, and theoretical points in the elusive solar 12th house. A coalescence of Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces symbolism as well as Sun, Moon, and Chironic energies seem to embody the essence of whatever is culminating in the cosmos and in your life.

I can’t entirely wrap my head around this chart. I think Pisces feels that’s in my best interest – and probably yours as well. So I’ll feel my way through and rely on Bob Dylan for assistance. 🙂

A Cancer full Moon is a powerful symbol of feelings, sensitivity, nurturance, and the urge to seek out comfort and security.

A Capricorn Sun symbolizes integrity. Under this influence, the self is organized as a cohesive whole with every aspect of the personality harnessed to advance integration and the achievement of a central goal.

Chiron in Pisces represents a mystical “rainbow bridge” that heals as it magically connects mysteriously elusive power with a desire for solid accomplishment. The result may be a masterpiece.

At some point on our way to achieving what we want to achieve, a magical process takes hold. As hard as we try to understand – or maybe to take full credit for the masterpiece that manifests – the best we can do is to congratulate ourselves for exhibiting the courage to push ahead when we weren’t entirely confident of what the final outcome might be. The rest leaves us scratching our head. Maybe it was the “hand of fate” or the work of the gods, or the right timing, or the blessings of Jupiter, or luck. Or maybe we’ll never know.

But somehow the right ingredients all entered into the mix and it feels right to take credit for that.

Embedded within this very challenging and vague full Moon chart are three central images – “The Meeting of a Literary Society,” “A Soldier Receiving Two Awards for Bravery in Combat,” and “A Man Bringing Down the New Law From Sinai.”

The “literary society” generally refers to an opportunity to clarify and express our feelings, attitudes and beliefs through analysis, group feedback, and possibly the use of a great piece of literature for frame of reference.

“Two awards for bravery” symbolizes courage and possibly a personal acknowledgement, pat on the back, or reward for past expressions of courage. The “two” is significant. Possibly there were two personal acts of courage. Possibly the courageous act involved a partner or two people. Possibly we’ve split something into two parts to make it work – or fused them together.

“The new laws from Sinai” symbolize revelation and the transcendental experience that brings insight and awareness of a higher authority. Spiritual and ethical rules of conduct are highlighted. Mystical experience or “spiritual quickening” is implied.

An excerpt from Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize winning “Chronicles” seems to embody all three images in a scene that might reflect what you’re currently experiencing… or about to experience.

“Late that night we began cutting “Ring Them Bells” There was one line in the song that I was trying to fix, but never did…the last line…”breaking down the the distance between right and wrong.” The line fit but it didn’t verify what I felt. Right or wrong, like it fits in the Wanda Jackson song, or right from wrong like the Billie Tate song, that makes sense, but not right and wrong. The concept didn’t exist in my subconscious mind. I’d always been confused about that kind of stuff, didn’t see any moral ideal played out there. The concept of being morally right or morally wrong seems to be wired to the wrong frequency. Things that aren’t in the script happen everyday. If someone steals leather and then makes shoes for the poor, it might be a moral act but it’s not legally right so it’s wrong. That stuff troubled me, the legal and moral aspect of things. There are good deeds and bad deeds. A good person can do bad things and a bad person can do a good thing. But I never did get to fix the line.

On this (particular) take it’s outright natural sound with little experimentation. I felt I could have done it unaccompanied. That aside, (Dan)Lanois captured the essence of it on this, put the magic into its heartbeat and pulse…” He definitely captured the moment. He might have captured the whole era. He did the right thing – came up with an accurate dynamic version. Anybody can hear it. The song sustains itself from beginning to end – Lanois brought out all its keen harmonic sense. In this Dan was more than a sound man. He was like a doctor with scientific principles.” I asked him once “Danny are you a doctor?” “Yeah, but not of medicine.” he smiled.

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