Taurus Full Moon Today

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(Taurus Full Moon Monday, Nov. 14th, 2016 at 5:52 AM PST & 8:52 AM EST)

Taurus can re-stabilize us when important sources of strength and predictability are suddenly and unceremoniously removed. In this unpredictable climate, Taurus energy can feel like a life raft.

The “Taurus strategy” for healing is an ancient, earthy, natural one. It involves finding and immersing yourself in a rhythm while allowing your whole being to be consumed by it. It involves simplification and a resistance to putting your mind in charge of your life.

Taurus symbolizes the flesh and blood body. His opposing sign, Scorpio, symbolizes passion, instinctual fear, and the tendency for obsessions and compulsions to overwhelm sensation while rendering the body (and your “internal compass”) essentially empty and useless.

Over the course of the past couple weeks you may have felt evicted from your body through a type of shock and trauma that numbs sensation, leaving you feeling groundless. A computer overwhelmed by too many open pathways needs to be shut down and reset. It is possible, under a Taurus Moon, to be temporarily shut down and reset.

When I think of the power of Taurus, I think back to the year 2002 when my cat and I got in the car, left everything we knew, and drove to California. It wasn’t entirely voluntary – more like the best of several bad options – somewhat exciting, but mostly traumatic in too many ways to count. The old foundations were crumbling and my mind, at that time, could easily turn into run-away train – and often did.

Physically I was numb. It seemed both a blessing and a curse. I was too emotionally stunned and focused to feel much. That seemed simplified things. Brigitte Irene (my cat), my car, a structured plan, and my rigid timetable, comprised the new, makeshift foundation of my life.

When the dust settled I had a job, a nice place to live, and all the basic necessities of life. I was exhausted and depleted though, occasionally haunted by ghosts from the past and missing some parts of my old life. But basically I was resigned to the fact that this was a new chapter and I couldn’t look back.

I was drinking lots of coffee to keep myself running on nervous energy – the only kind of energy I had. My over-stimulated mind distracted me from feeling what my next right move might be. I wasn’t sleeping well. But in hindsight, what I did next, was brilliant – through little fault of my own, of course.

The universe landed me in Santa Rosa, a town about 30 miles outside of San Francisco. In the middle of Santa
Rosa is Howarth Park, 152 acres of serene beauty and wilderness in the middle of the city. There is a 2.1 mile loop of dirt paths around Spring lake that felt miles removed from civilization. After my initial experimental walk around the loop once, I was hooked. That year it became part of my “almost daily” routine to walk around the spring lake loop twice. Within a week I felt that I was beginning to gradually move back into my body and back into myself. howarth-park-1

More rapid change came when I put on headphones and walked in time to the beat of Native American Drum rhythms. The combination of the music, the beautiful natural surroundings, and the rhythmic physical movement was hypnotic magic – a powerful type of healing that transcended anything I had previously experienced. I think that was most responsible for settling and re-stabilizing my life and my future.

That’s Taurus.

One more personal anecdote.

This full Moon at 22 degrees of Taurus impacted me strongly. The past week and a half has felt incredibly frustrating. On several occasions I wanted to lash out but was kept in check by conflicting energies that forced me into a cosmic bind. Alternately I wanted to scream, strangle someone, or just cry. Internally it was all very dramatic.

The cosmic bind I was in, in astrological terms, is known as a grand cross or grand square. The full Moon and opposing Sun directly challenged my natal Mercury/Pluto opposition.

Oppositions signify the need to maintain a balance between opposing energies. With a Mercury/Pluto opposition, the struggle involves maintaining balance between an objective, non-biased, clarifying use of the facts and the control of personal passions that can distort, mislead, and destroy.

When in balance a Mercury/Pluto opposition is a gift. There is an innate ability to access hidden information and to communicate it in ways that heal and transform. When thrown off balance, as a I was by this full Moon, the following can happen:

I took on a writing project, the scope of which turned out to be too deep, too broad, and too personal, for me to master. I worked long hours for days (Pluto is relentless) trying to say what I meant. I researched American history spanning a time period of 270 years, trying to identify the pivotal events that fit into relevant astrologic cycles – something that would further clarify the rise of Donald Trump, specific timing, and prospects for the future. My motivation was to help – to try to make things clearer for those who were struggling.

But I got sidetracked and overwhelmed reading and reminding myself of the darker aspects of U.S history. History involving European settlers relationships with Native Americans was hard for me to read. One painful historical fact after another began to crush my objectivity and original intent.

My pen morphed into a poison pen. I became obsessed (sort of) with wanting to write something vindictive and hurtful. Totally off course, I imagined it would have felt good to be in a fight with one of the founding fathers – the arrogant, demeaning, James Monroe, for example. I imagined him standing in front of me and the painfully incisive one-liners I would deliver to crush him.

Meanwhile the hours dragged on and I had nothing that came close to being worthy of publication. I wasted the whole week and most of the weekend. I ended up, Sunday night, trying to pick a fight with my loving, patient, mostly ignored, partner Michael because he didn’t seem overly excited about packing up and moving overseas. He didn’t take the bait. I gave up.

He found an old Sandra Bullock movie for he and I to watch while holding hands.

That’s Taurus too.

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