Sagittarius New Moon Tuesday

(Mosaic Art – Lynne Chinn)

(New Moon at 7 Degrees Sagittarius 43′ Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016 at 4:18 AM PST & 7:18 AM EST)

This New Moon squares the Nodes. The question is being asked “will you go forward, backward, or stick with the current dissatisfaction you feel.” It’s a turning point – a challenge thrown in your direction to do something more about your circumstances, even if doing something comes at a cost. There is an adventure waiting that requires more faith in yourself. It has the makings of an opportunity to fulfill thus-far unfulfilled potential.

The current risk involved appears to be waiting too long to take action. Or refusing to acknowledge the reality of something you would rather not face until you’ve completely crystallized into patterns that become very hard to break.

Saturn disagrees with the old maxim “it’s never too late.” Father time teaches, often through deep regret, that there comes a time when it actually is too late.

The south node in Pisces represents wishful thinking, deception, pretending, giving up, and a distorted, misguided, faith in the inherent value of self-sacrifice, suffering, and delay. The south node symbolizes what it is we need to move away from. But it also symbolizes the artistic, healing, intuitive, talents we have accumulated through past lives. Best case scenario we figure out how to adapt those to fuel ourselves in the direction of the North Node.

The North Node represents something we need to move toward. Currently in the sign of Virgo in the 6th house, practicality seems important as well as a willingness to accept responsibility for the type of life we’re creating. We need to take some practical steps to improve our chances of fulfilling our dreams and potential. We need to break bad habits with consistent, focused effort, and accurate, ongoing measurement of progress. Communicating honestly about our desire to accept responsibility for our choices is important.

We need work and a way of life that is meaningful and soul-infused. But there are no formulas we can follow that will guarantee success. We have to make it up as we go along. The process has to be a reflection of our unique, unconstrained self.

The tightest aspect in a chart – the one closest to an exact configuration – is the one with dominant influence. In this case, as in all new Moon charts, the tightest aspect is between the Sun and the Moon. There is no daylight between them. They are fused together – heart and soul, masculine and feminine, strength and sensitivity, thought and action – in the fiery, independent, freedom-seeking, sign of Sagittarius.

For a brief period we might feel – or get a glimpse of – the difference between a soul-infused life and a fragmented existence that continually needs justification.

Juno, traditionally the commitment (marriage) asteroid, lies just 12 minutes of arc away from the Sun/Moon conjunction emphasizing commitment. Sagittarius is most comfortably committed to his own independence, his right to create a life of adventure, to fulfill his potential, and to continuously cultivate, through direct life experience, a deep faith in himself and his intuition. An archetypal symbol for Sagittarius is the committed bachelor.

This New Moon is aspected harshly by Neptune, the planet of uncertainty, confusion, and intuitive knowing. We’re living through tenuous times when old forms of security dissolve leaving us vulnerable and open. It is not necessary to feel our way through the dark with no guidance, though. Our guides are easily accessed now and our “Council of Ancestors” – those family members who have passed on but remain alive through our own DNA – are especially adept at breaking though patterns and habits that betray our highest potential. (The Pallas/ Pluto midpoint is 4 degrees 37′ of Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for that degree and sign is “the Council of Ancestors.”)

Venus and Uranus align at an almost exact (within 24 minutes of arc) 90 degree angle to one another. Venus in Capricorn represents the business side of relationships (money). And Uranus represents disruptive action that frees by throwing a stable situation into chaos. Venus and Uranus are in conflict. Venus wants to avoid disruption and Uranus wants to avoid crystallization.

Interestingly Venus is “out of bounds” – a technical astrological term for a planet that moves beyond it’s normal path in the sky – beyond the organizing principle of the Sun, and past the realm where all the usual cosmic rules apply – above or below the tropic of Cancer or Capricorn.

A list of descriptors for those with out-of-bounds planets include unrestrained, extreme, independent, wild, awkward, privileged, and magnified. Vulnerability is a characteristic as well considering that moving beyond any organizing principle diminishes security.

With an OOB (out of bounds) planet you’re out on your own within the realm that the OOB planet represents. The boundaries are gone. To give you an idea of how that might express in human terms, Bjork was born with an OOB Venus. Yoko Ono, Albert Einstein, and Freddie Mercury had OOB Moons.

Under this new Moon a dynamic exists where the normal “rules of engagement” especially within the confines of your mindset, are altered or “out the window.” Add to that Uranus’s conflicting connection with Venus, and you have the potential for destabilized relationship situations replacing a stale status quo. (Jupiter in the relationship sign of Libra rules this New Moon). Feeling vulnerable can be a symptom of a more serious consideration of foundational change. Your mind is wandering possibly into “what if” or “maybe this is actually do-able” territory.

Adding to the wild nature of this new Moon chart is the fact that Mercury (our normal thought process) is also out of bounds – even further OOB than Venus. “A prisoner of the mind” is now on the loose. The teenager has stolen the keys to the car and gets a taste of the freedom of an open road leading him (his mind) into uncharted territory.

The political is personal now. Donald Trump, about to become leader of the free world, is re-organizing, opening new doors and closing old ones, flexing his muscles, coming to terms with the massive new powers he has to control outcomes. He’s undermining the sacred, dismissing tradition, and, from a certain perspective, beginning to reshape the world into an image and likeness of himself. Personally I find that horrifying. But I realize some find it refreshing and somewhat of a relief.

To some degree the same is happening in our own life. The rules are no longer the rules we’ve lived by for so long. We’re “out there” vulnerable, unconstrained, discovering new levels of freedom, the vastness of our own potential, and the requirement that we remake our lives into our own soul-infused image.

Mars in Aquarius in the 11th house encourages us to take some unusual, maybe unprecedented action to recapture the dreams, hopes, and wishes we originally had for ourselves and the world. Our path is distinctive and inwardly guided. As the rules and organizing principles dissolve, we have no other choice.

Take it from someone with an OOB Sagittarius Moon. Faith in yourself and the freedom that faith provides is what allows you, when all familiar sources of security are removed, to land on your feet in a better place. You don’t have to settle, suffer, or pretend. This Sag Moon will show you another way and the initial practical steps you can take.

Find a copy of the new Moon chart below.

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