Scorpio New Moon

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Scorpio New Moon – Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 10:38 AM Pacific Time & 1:38 PM Eastern Time

The following description of the Scorpio New Moon was published on Wednesday as the preface to this week’s horoscopes. I’m re-publishing it along with some additional thoughts that will hopefully be clarifying.

The Scorpio season has arrived. This week we feel the influence of the impending Scorpio new Moon scheduled for Sunday, October 30th. This new Moon is a black Moon – a term for the second new Moon of the month. A black Moon is a somewhat unusual occurrence. The second full Moon in a month is referred to as a blue Moon. But Black is Scorpio’s color and it is Halloween, so the spookiness is enhanced.

Scorpio is known for its affinity to darkness, shadows, and the underworld. When I think of Scorpio, the picture that comes to mind for me is the earth after a nuclear explosion – irradiated lifelessness, illuminated skeletons, charred buildings, scorched earth devastation, and eery silence. On that happy note, oddly, the scene never feels definitively hopeless to me. It’s terrifying for sure – a reminder of the power of the destructive urge that exists within human beings. It’s a possibility, especially when Mars, Pluto, and Scorpio are emphasized.

Hollowed-out emptiness creates a vacuum in my mind that searches for evidence of something tiny or microscopic that has somehow managed to survive. I’m convinced it’s there. The challenge is to find it, then to protect and nurture it into something able to regenerate life.

In a nutshell that’s the essence of Scorpio. Through destruction and loss, something vital is exposed out of which a potential new beginning becomes possible. Without Scorpio, there is no hope. Scorpio (death and loss) precedes Sagittarius (hope).

The opportunity always present within Scorpio is the creation of an “empty” environment out of which new potential can emerge. First an expression of the destructive urge must come into play in ways that expose and burn away what has become toxic and lifeless.

Scorpio is a water sign – the essential ingredient for life. The New Moon trines Neptune in Pisces (a virtual tsunami) encouraging a flow of nutrients to whatever imaginative new beginning has now become a realistic possibity. Interestingly Phollus, the centaur planet designated to potentiate and enhance the effects of what has been set in motion, is harmonizing with Ceres, the goddess of cultivation, nurturance, feeding, and protection.

This new Moon seems to ensure that within some personal emptiness you will discover a tiny green shoot emerging through the dirt. It has the potential to turn a once personal wasteland into a thriving habitat for life.

Practical action that requires a measure of heroic bravery seems necessary. What needs to be done is most likely something you’re afraid to do – but you’re doing it anyway.

There is a “chickens coming home to roost” flavor to this new Moon. I see the chickens as mostly good chickens, but not exclusively. This new Moon seems to be triggering a span of time (August 31st – September 11, 2013) when there was the desire to “plumb the depths” of a personal issue that needed to be resolved. Strategies may have centered around a refusal to accept anything at face value, leaving no stone left unturned, prying into something that was “none of your business” in search of an advantage – maybe an ally or alibi – something that could give you more control over an impending real or imagined threat, or shield you against the defenseless you feared.

I try to resist speaking in political terms but there are a few examples that seem relevant. In September of 2013 President Obama appointed James Comey, the current FBI director, to his position. It’s thought that Obama chose him because he was a man in favor of unfettered surveillance and the protection of powerful banks and bankers.

In September of 2013 the National Archives and Records Administration clarifies that personal email can only be used in “emergency situations” and that emails from personal accounts should be captured and managed in accordance with agency record-keeping practices.

During that first week in September 2013 Donald Trump contributed 25,000 dollars to the campaign of the Florida attorney who was considering joining a lawsuit against Trump University. Four days after receiving the contribution she nixed the idea of suing for fraud citing insufficient ground.

So it might be interesting to remember what was happening for you in September of 2013 and how that connects with now – this new Moon, and the coalescence of some “yet-to-be-well-defined” new beginning.

For myself, as I look through old emails from sptember of 2013, it seems I was involved in everything i could think of to improve my physical health through psychological/spiritual methods. One e-mail describes my deep clearing sessions with intuitive healer Anna Holden, another my Jungian psychotherapy sessions, another my position on a waiting list for a three week, no talking, non-stop meditation course in the California desert. One detailed my healing sessions with a Shaman, her stones, her rattles, and other earthy techniques. The last a critique of a hot Yoga teacher (I mean hot as in the temperature of the room :)) who seemed especially inspiring to me. One could conclude that I was leaving no stone unturned in my quest for better health. Incidentally but unrelated was an e-mail from a Scorpio/astrologer friend trying to suss out the specifics of her son’s new girlfriend.

Under this new Moon I feel healthy and energetic… as though a concentrated, “throw the kitchen sink at your messed-up self” strategy was definitely worth it. The good chickens seems to be coming home to roost. I suspect that’s the experience for most reading this post.

But if its not – and even if it is – now is a great time to convene with your “council of ancestors” – those wise, dead relatives from the past, who will forever live within your DNA. They will guide in ways that are very specific and helpful. Their accumulated wisdom is powerful beyond your own. Regular meditation sessions with them will keep you on track to achieve your life purpose.

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