Aries Full Moon Today

(Mosaic Art – Sophie Robins)

The Full Moon at 23 Degrees of Aries October 15th, 9:23 PM Pacific time and October 16th, 12:23 AM Eastern time.

This Full Moon may have you feeling as though you’re repeating something, revisiting an old experience or sticking point, returning, in a circular pattern, to a place you’ve been before and maybe hoped to never be again. You may have changed in may ways, experienced significant successes, redefined yourself, learned new skills, had some therapy, and told yourself that you’d moved beyond something that might have actually been left unresolved.

There’s been a few indications that you may have been too anxious to close the book on something that needed more attention. Maybe you engaged in denial or magical thinking about how an old painful experience would simply resolve itself over time. Most likely you skipped some steps in the healing process and Saturn, as he’s prone to do, is giving you another chance to “right the ship” – this time without skipping any steps.

So it’s back to where you started when you initially encountered something that had the power to destroy a part of you. In some sense, in some area of life, you’ve been hobbling around ever since. It’s not a normal, healthy way to live, but you’ve may have normalized it in some distorted way, grown to tolerate it, convinced yourself that you deserve nothing better, and arranged your life in a way that kept you at a safe distance from a repeat encounter.

Time to back up the bus and acknowledge that you were limited by something in the past that was most likely unfair. You didn’t deserve it and now’s your chance to break free. Reinforcing higher standards for yourself, hiring a lawyer or an expert, demanding relentless self-discipline, and a renewed commitment to follow through on a strategy that would be more effective is what’s needed. Most importantly it’s time to demonstrate courage and a willingness to fight back. Doing the thing you’re most afraid to do has the potential to re-align your life with your soul’s purpose.

A full Moon in Aries challenges you to connect with emotional courage, to consider that it might be time to end the unsatisfactory relationship you have with your home and family, to defend your principles, and to close the gap between what you profess to be and the way you live your life. What you’re moving away from is apprehensiveness, defensiveness, fear of failure, and most importantly, the belief that you don’t deserve something better.

This full Moon is connected to a time in the fall of 2012 when a decision or commitment was made. Then you may have started off on the right track You may have taken the initiative or plunged into something that required an unwavering believe in yourself. Maybe you set goals that seemed challenging but doable. Maybe you were in touch with what your soul craved and were on the verge of living your life in a more fulfilling way.

But somewhere along the way you lost your nerve, convinced yourself that some “doomed to fail” plan would work, or that the passage of time would magically land all the pieces in the right place. Maybe you committed to something that you intended to be time limited, but somehow ended up keeping it afloat way past the expiration date. Maybe you had one foot out the door believing you could straddle the fence when it came to taking a significant personal risk. Or maybe you didn’t work hard enough for long enough to fulfill your commitment to yourself.

An example of the repetitive nature of cycles on a global scale was a court decision in Moscow in October of 2012 that freed one of three members of the all girl Pussy Riot punk band. (Sometimes astrology is crazy literal). The three were initially convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for hooliganism and protesting in a cathedral.

Pussy riot was known for staging unauthorized, provocative, guerrilla performances in unusual public places, which were made into music videos and posted on the Internet. Themes they highlighted included support for feminism, LGBT rights, and opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom the group considered to be a dictator.

The trial and sentence attracted considerable criticism, particularly from the West. The case was adopted by human-rights groups, including Amnesty International, which designated the women “prisoners of conscience.” The remaining two prisoners were eventually released after serving 21 months in prison.

Prisoners of conscience may be a particularly apt way to describe the conditions under which you may have been living for awhile. An old, possibly degrading experience changed the nature of your consciousness in ways that altered and weakened your belief in yourself.

It’s likely under this full Moon that you will be reminded of those old experiences. Highlighted will be the outcome of a pattern that was initiated when you decided to make yourself smaller, silent, more convenient for others, and less useful to yourself while pretending the change was not significant. This Aries Moon encourages you, in the most courageous and effective ways, to stand up and fight back. The universe is doing it’s part to free you. Your inner anarchist can do the rest.

A change in your appearance – the clothes you wear, the way you carry yourself, the confidence you exude, your hair, the way you walk, your tone of your voice, the impressions you give – can serve to announce that you’ve changed. A change in appearance jumpstarts a new and freer approach to your life. If you can act in your own best interest while making some noise about justice and fairness – a message many may not want to hear – that would align harmoniously with this impending Aries Full Moon.

“He’s become his death
The spark of the riots
That’s the way he’s blessed
To stay alive
It never leads to an end
It’s never getting quiet
If it’s unfair, my friend
Make up your mind”

“I Can’t Breathe” -Pussy Riot – (Keeping the Memory of Eric Garner Alive)


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