Virgo Eclipse Brief

(Ilona Fried – Mosaic Artist)

Family visiting this week but granddaughter taking a nap – worn out from morning at the beach. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to briefly give my eclipse interpretation for each solar sign.

I’ll preface it by saying that Neptune opposes this eclipse – generally a relationship adjustment involving loss or a compromise that feels like a difficult loss. Saturn squares the eclipse point (9 degrees of Virgo) a challenge to take some new kind of action you’re not totally familiar or comfortable with. Virgo of course is the ability to adapt – in this case for the purpose of balancing interests, protecting our most cherished beliefs, demonstrating wisdom, and feeling inspired by the the magnanimous approach we’re able to take while under quite a bit of pressure.

Aries – A recalibrating of the extent to which you take into consideration the emotional toll your current responsibilities may be taking. Adjustments and adaptations you’d prefer not to make may need to be considered. Beliefs and accumulated wisdom about pacing yourself for the long term may need to be considered.

Taurus – Long term dreams and goals may be sidelined as you take more than your share of responsibility for love affairs, children, and the creation of celebrations that meet your specifications. It may be time to adapt to the challenge to allowing others to contribute, to let children grow up, and to see where another’s ideas in love, if allowed to experiment, may take you. There is wisdom in adjusting and adapting to a different way of being though it may be a challenge.

Gemini – The meticulous arrangement of your foundations may be an obsession or somewhat overwhelming under a Virgo eclipse. A recalibration of your overall life direction and how your efforts to create the perfect “home base” may be in order. What is it that you’re actually aiming for? What are your foundational beliefs about what makes a home a home? Time to act in new ways, to compromise, adapt, as you hold onto what is essential.

Cancer – Are you demonstrating your fundamental beliefs and accumulated wisdom through your communication style? Or are you putting some distance between you and others through what you say and how you say it? Are you being truthful or perfectly constructing a way to seem believable? Time to adapt to the truth, to another’s opinion, or a challenge to your traditional way of thinking. Time to recalibrate how aligned your words and true beliefs actually are.

Leo – Time for a recalibration. How much support do you need? What do you owe others? Is the balance of power skewed? Are you betraying yourself? What exactly are your beliefs about what’s fair and how do you demonstrate that efficiently – accepting personal responsibility, taking timely action to pay your debts (in whatever form) and expecting others to do the same? Time for a new kind of action, adaptation, and maybe a different approach to financial relationships.

Virgo – Your physical health and the role you play within the realm of relationships may need to be recalibrated in some way. If you have been slacking or procrastinating in bringing more balance into your life it may be time. What is it you believe about over-indulgence, over-work, over-confidence, too much of anything? What are some words of wisdom you might give to another in your situation? Take your own advice. Take some new kind of action.

Libra – Time to clarify your beliefs about endings. Is it time to end an overly-responsible approach, an old work association, ineffective strategies, and bad habits? When, according to your beliefs, is it time to say goodbye? Will you survive and thrive when your life and responsibilities are lighter? Will you gracefully move on? Imagine letting go with no guilt and profound gratitude.

Scorpio – This may be a time when actualizing your dreams requires an adaptation to current circumstances. You may be challenged to recalibrate for more efficient navigation through roadblocks and heavy responsibility. You can and should be relentless when it comes to actualizing the dreams you have for yourself. Where there’s a will there is a way and Scorpio’s an expert when it comes to impressing their will on the world – despite losses and set backs. Think of yourself as officially back in the game.

Sagittarius – A “lone wolf” when it comes to your career and achieving your goals, now may be a time when you need to adapt to a more inclusive, social outreach approach. What are your beliefs about how you can best present yourself to the world? What is your philosophy of life and how can you more efficiently be the change you want to see in the world? Most likely the answer lies within a professional adaptation you’d be more comfortable not making.

Capricorn – An expert when it comes to carefully executing a plan for the future, now you may need to adapt your routine to accommodate the loss of something you had counted on. Or, as prospects for your future brighten, you may need to adapt your mindset to exclude the diminished expectations you developed over the past couple years. Time to imagine a future that’s bigger and bolder – not just for yourself but for humanity. Your skills are well-suited to create a different kind of future.

Aquarius – Control issues and power struggles may be complicated. Adaptation to another’s limitations or more powerful influence may feel somewhat depleting. Not betraying yourself while accommodating others is a “tight rope” maneuver. Accumulated wisdom must be acted upon despite the risk. There is a lot to consider and reminding yourself of how competent you are in promoting delicate psychological balances is helpful.

Pisces – Pisces beliefs about their long range “relationship mission” and the need to take a couple steps back in order to move forward may be highlighted under this Solar Eclipse. Adapting to others may tax your strength. Avoiding pettiness, being the bigger person, telling the truth, balancing needs and detaching from outcomes may be necessary. Think big in terms of what is possible within the realm of relationships that have always felt limited.

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