Libra New Moon

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Libra represents the others in our life – the ones who mirror back to us the qualities we must integrate within ourselves if we are to become whole, complete, and free to choose the kind of future and partners we want.

The Libra house (7th) often represents our blind spot. Early on we may define ourselves in a lopsided way, acknowledging only half of ourselves – the part we approve of and feel comfortable with – while unconsciously delegating the rest to another (or others). Your life partner, those you work with, friends, enemies, or groups may “complete you.” But it becomes very complicated when we delegate to others the responsibility to express for us identity traits we need to develop and express for ourself.

For example, it is our responsibility to find a healthy way to transform the guilt we might feel about wanting to be noticed, famous, and “center-stage” into something we can confidently express. Maybe we start by acknowledging this desire. Later we decide to take a chance on auditioning for a small part in a play that eventually evolves into bigger roles. Or maybe we work hard to excel at something and fame follows.

If instead we decide to punt and delegate this attribute to a partner, pretending we’re fine blending into the background – what we end up with is a partner who demands to be the center of attention – always. They’ll express the trait and over express it – or express it in a very distorted way.

If we speak in terms of delegating a portion of a national identity onto a group or an individual, its possible to end up with someone like Donald Trump as a candidate for president. He’s not an accident. He’s a distorted vehicle expressing what we refuse to acknowledge about our national identity and original story. Sometimes frightening nightmares bring our attention to something deep within that’s been buried and previously inaccessible.

Donald Trump is defined as an outlier, a dangerous nut, someone antithetical to everything the U.S. as a country perceives itself to be. But a brief look at his birth chart shows his Sun activating and exposing the U.S. (Sibley) chart’s Mars in the 7th (Libra) house. His Sun in Gemini sits on top of the U.S. Mars in Gemini in the 7th (Libra) house. As a nation, this is our blind side. Trump’s Sun is capable of highlighting and exposing what we safely store in the deepest recesses of our mind and heart. We delegate Mars to to him and to anyone willing to play the part of a duplicitous aggressor.

If Trump’s been delegated to carry and expose a dark, disowned shadow identity – as his 12th house Pluto in Leo may indicate – he’ll express a version of Mars in Gemini that’s deeply distorted. He can do that because we won’t own it. It’s like something free-floating in the ethers that he grasps onto.

The dark expression of Mars in Gemini is typically preaching one thing and practicing another – liberty and justice for all, except for some, for example. There may be a heavy reliance on the perception of strength rather than anything substantial – not being “as good as your word,” prone to brute force, and maybe lying to create the desired perception. There is a tendency to be concerned only with the here and now, winning the argument or the war, exploiting the moment, failing to take the future and the whole into consideration. Thinking is childish and scattered. Wisdom is undeveloped because the approach to life skims the surface. Reflection and analysis are not valued. There is no rudder to guide tho ship. A deep schism splits the foundation. Separateness, isolation, emptiness, and the inability to pursue self-determination (control over one’s life) results.

If we want to diminish the influence of Donald Trump, we have to acknowledge the part of him that is the dark underbelly of our national identity. At its core is injustice, violence, and separateness. The bright light of our national story is the right to self-determination. Insist as Hillary Clinton does, that we are the only indispensable nation in the world – stronger, smarter, and therefore entitled – exacerbates the problem and widens the schism.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about to conjunct the U.S. Ascendent. It’s time to own our shadow and express the kind of wisdom that reveals we can learn from past experience and past mistakes. It’s time to be honest with ourselves, to say we’re sorry, make amends, and align with the potential of our whole national story. It’s time to acknowledge and to absorb our original story, and to forgive.

At the moment Trump’s Gemini Sun squares Chiron in Pisces. It’s possible for him to play a healing role if he’s perceived as a wake-up call – the terrifying nightmare that reveals what’s hidden beneath the surface. His detractors see him as appalling – the monster they don’t want want to be associated with in any form. His supporters see in him as an indiscriminate destroyer of the status quo – someone that could target the “source” of what they sense limits their freedom. That’s an inside job requiring reflection and a softening. Instinct rather than insight seems to underlie both reactions. But the new Moon and Jupiter in Libra could change that.

At the time of this new Moon, Venus trines Neptune. Broadly speaking what has kept a relationship (or a blind spot) from dissolving is being removed. Some relationships, in their current form, will end. Saturn squares the nodes challenging us to choose to accept responsibility for integrating ourselves into higher forms of completeness (North Node in Virgo). We continue to have the option of blinding ourselves and delegating – refusing to integrate and learn from the past. (South Node in Pisces).

The new Moon offers the opportunity for us to see ourselves reflected in others – for better or worse. It has the potential to manifest a bridge over the divide. It may set the nature of relationships on new footing. The cure for the current unsettling political reality is rooted in very personal and courageous willingness to face the truth. It’s about owning and reconciling with the past to create a substantial sense of peace within. Forgiveness is key.





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