Today’s Aquarius Full Moon

(Mosaic Textile Art – Kaffe Fassett)

Famed astrologer Steven Forrest relates the essence of Aquarius with several universal archetypes; the Genius, the Scientist, the Truth Sayer, the Exile, the Humanitarian, and the Revolutionary. Without Aquarius there would be no progress. The world would be trapped in a stale, deadening status quo with little hope of moving toward anything more life enhancing. Those who benefitted would be complacent sleep-walkers. Those disadvantaged would be chronically hopeless. Nothing would progress in a more humane direction without Aquarius- ever.

When, in our own small world, we feel the urge to break through a dull, dissatisfying status quo, Aquarius, and its ruling planet Uranus (co-ruler Saturn) are typically activated. This Aquarius full Moon would certainly qualify as a powerful activator.

It is likely now that you’re dissatisfied and undernourished by something you might have spent years creating. Now you may find yourself stoically putting one foot in front of the other, trying to tolerate something that’s becoming increasingly intolerable. It’s a stale status quo that is, on some level, comforting and predictable, but also dangerous to your continued existence on many levels.

An Aquarius full Moon – any Moon – speaks specifically to your soul level of existence. Your soul craves a revolutionary change, however inconvenient or risky that might be. A retreat or surrender destines you to repeat yourself in ways that require very little creative engagement – the ultimate source of joy.

Some have already shaken things up. Some are still contemplating it. Some continue to be frightened and in denial but underneath that they’re feeling the unsustainable, threatening nature of whatever structures they’ve set in place.

Saturn in Sagittarius highlights the “Truth Sayer” nature of Aquarius. It’s time to tell yourself the truth about your life. From your soul’s point of view, whatever you’re requiring of yourself to sustain what you’re sustaining is is probably unjust, oppressive, exploitative, and inhumane. How long will you turn the other way before you stage an effective protest? The best protests use highly creative tactics to change the course of events. Violence is the language of the unheard. It’s time to hear what your soul is telegraphing even though the implications of really listening could be profound.

An exile is someone who is banished or voluntarily leaves his home and country for a prolonged period of time. Revolutionary writers and artists are famous for finding their creativity enhanced, as well as discovering talents they never knew they had, when their surroundings became more alienating than familiar. The famous Lebanese exile/playwright Wajdi Mouawad said “Exile shatters you even as it saves you.”

I initiated a major protest against my own status quo in 1997. That year was the beginning of a two year period of major personal upheaval and unrest. Interestingly on August 18th of 1997 there was a full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees. (That’s the exact degree of this current full Moon.) Then Jupiter and Uranus were both transiting through the sign of Aquarius. Alone that’s would have been highly activating enough, but a full Moon in Aquarius on top of it was, for me, the last straw. So it was hard then to continue ignoring the need to shatter what I had created to save my soul – though at the time I didn’t think of it in those terms.

I am an Aquarian, primed to recognize and respond to influences that enhance the source of my life energy. That added extra fuel to the potential wild fire that was being ignited. Long story short over the subsequent two year period after that Aquarian full Moon, I quit my job, ended my 21 year marriage, left my home and family, married a man who was culturally foreign to me, moved to the country of Kuwait for two years, came back to the U.S. through Salt Lake City, returned to my home in the midwest, divorced my second husband, stayed for less than a year in the midwest before moving to California where I’d never been and knew no one, before finally settling down, fully awakened and alive, but admittedly shattered and totally exhausted. In summary, my life has basically been a series of fortunate relationships, love-filled commitments, and amazing connections ever since.

It would be easy to judge my actions through a negative lens and many did. But as an Aquarian, under additional powerful Aquarian influences, I was somewhat immune to all of that. More insight into the Aquarian way of being is that under the Uranian influence rejection and disapproval don’t really register in ways you might expect. I was on a mission to save myself and disapproval just seemed inconsequential and, to be honest, ignorant. To this day, the overwhelming feeling I experience whenever I tell this part of my story, is one of pride.

It’s a good thing to save your soul in protest of the alternative. But it’s a choice – a really difficult one usually. As transiting Saturn squares the transiting nodes in this full Moon chart, this period of time for everyone offers a pivotal choice. For you it may be a time to consider it carefully.

If the difficult choice has already been made it’s time, during the upcoming Virgo season, to attend dispassionately, efficiently, and effectively to the details of structuring something new with constant attention to the needs of your soul. Don’t look back – Aquarius doesn’t need to. It’s progress and a future full of hope that matters most. Listening and responding to the urgings of your soul is always a good idea even when its expressing, as it now is, as a wild, revolutionary, exiled, genius, bearer of the unvarnished truth.
Aquarian Full Moon

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